Marketing Plan On Frasers Hill In Pahang Point out Tourism Essay

Malaysia is a country in South-East Asia, situated on a peninsula of the Asian stocks a boundary with Thailand. In order to diversify the economy and make Malaysia's overall economy less reliant on exports the government has forced to increase tourism in Malaysia. Malaysia is becoming third largest source of income from forex, ¹ and accounted for 7% of Malaysia's market by 2005. ² As of 2009, Malaysia rates 9th among the very best most visited countries on the planet, after Germany.

There are several exotic islands in Malaysia; some have been voted the most amazing on the planet. The hawaiian islands in Malaysia are

Labuan, Langkawi, Pangkor, Penang Island, the traditional western 1 / 2 of Penang, which is heavily industrialised, Redang Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Country wide Area, Perhentian Islands, Kapas Island, Lang Tengah Island and Sipadan

Beside tropical islands, Malaysia has several countrywide parks and aspect reserves. The national parks and mother nature reserves are

Bako National Recreation area, Sarawak - famed for its wildlife, especially bearded pigs and proboscis monkeys, Batang Ai National Playground, Sarawak, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Gunung Gading National Area, Sarawak, Lambir Hillsides National Park, Sarawak, Niah Caves National Recreation area, Sarawak, Loagan Bunut Country wide Area, Sarawak, Kinabalu National Recreation area, Sabah - home of 4100 metre peak Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara Country wide Playground - the self-proclaimed World's Oldest Rainforest, spanning Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu, Endau Rompin National Area, Johor.

Source: Place of interest of Fraser's Hill (http://malaysiabudgethotel. com/destinations/pahang/fraser-hill. html)

Executive Summary

Fraser's Hill

Its name derives from Louis James Fraser, a solitary Scottish pioneer, who setup a tin ore trading post in the 1980s³. Later it was turned into one of the tourist attractions in Malaysia.


Fraser's Hill includes seven peaks and is located at the altitudes between 1, 220 and 1, 525 meters above sea level. Year round heat are between 17C - 25C. The holiday resort can be found 64. 6 kilometers from the administrative centre city, Kuala Lumpur.

At the base of the steep ascent, at an altitude of only 800m, is The Gap, in which a colonial slumber house remains open. Then winding 8km sole track highway up through the Gap is wide open in alternate directions each hour; the drive takes thirty minutes.

Some visitors choose to walk up, spotting birds and enjoying the visible fall in temp4. A new alternative highway was exposed in 2001, but from time to time this is shut down due to landslides5.

Place of interest


The first golf course in Malaysia is produced on Fraser's Hill in 1925. The 9-gap course was built on former tin mines. Then 18-gap course was added at Jeriau, abot 3km from the main town in the 1970s.

Source: Fraser's Hill Golf (ttp://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Data file:Fraser's_Hill_Golf_Course. JPG)

Bird watching

Bird enjoying at Fraser's Hill is a noteworthy centre. The hill has over 270 varieties of local and migratory bird flocking here together. Each year the Annual International Bird Race is organised in the second weekend of June, structured by the Fraser's Hill Development Corporation in cooperation with WWF-Malaysia and the Malaysian Dynamics Society.

Participants throughout the world converging on the hill place in a team competition. They need to identify and record the highest range of species of birds stated in the official list of guidelines.

Other Place of interest

In Fraser's Hill, there are a lot more host to interest such as Clock Tower, Jeriau Waterfalls, hiking at Hemmant Trail, Bishop's Trail, and Pine Tree Path and Rugby.

Situation Analysis

Fraser's Hill is becoming popular and growing in the 60s and 70s, and now it has slowly but surely it achieving maturity and moving toward the decrease stage. Fraser's Hill seem not been well identified by the locals and foreign tourist lately.

The introduction of the holiday and occupancy rates of hotels and resorts have drop in recent years. The travel and leisure industry players have helped bring this issue to the federal government.

Source: product life pattern: Fraser's Hill (http://www. quickmba. com/marketing/product/lifecycle/)

To analyze the environment of Fraser's Hill, let use the SWOT analysis to investigate.

SWOT analysis


Fraser's Hill has its beauty from it. It encircling by inexperienced, forest, cool and fresh air. It offers people "satisfaction" and also its cool and invigorating weather over summer and winter.

Since Fraser's Hill was founded by Birtish, it has been built up with some British design of chalets and hotels. Therefore this will improve the British isles image in Fraser's Hill which may bring people an image of 'little Britain' as an interest for tourist to visit this place. This could let the people who had been to Britain get the feel and folks who never gone to Britain to obtain the feel of how Britain is.


This may be the best reason to get more site visitors then it could gain its market show. The natural greenery, forest walks, oxygen and exotic rose landscape is the main attraction for tourism. You will find potential to popularise Fraser's Hill as more and more people are aware of staying near to nature.


The major problem is the street condition to Fraser's Hill only single track road. Even though new keep track of has been built but it had not been usable credited to landslide has deter local and overseas tourist to visit Fraser's Hill.

To overcome this issue, the road should be rebuilt or altered to become two track highways which allow more traffic go up to the hill and come down of the hill.

Other weakness is that there are not many activities happening in Fraser's Hill. The neighborhood and foreign visitor especially younger technology find Fraser's Hill have become boring no excitement whatsoever.


As the drop of the Fraser's Hill interest, this could result to deter the introduction of Fraser's Hill to be an attraction host to interest. This cause the holiday introduction rate has dropped, accommodation sector in Fraser's Hill has working low. That is mainly due to lack of critical mass for Fraser's Hill, which ahs caused the travel and leisure industry players including the hotel and holiday resort operates struggling to operate at economical or lasting level. This causes a few of the restaurant and hawker providers in Fraser's Hill operate their business on weekend and college or public getaways only as this is not cost-effective and profitable to sustain the business during weekdays low season cycles.

Furthermore, site enquiries also discovered that the majority of them run the businesses on part-time basis and this might lead to limited source and variety of fine kitchen offer at Fraser's Hill.

Objective Setting

Company Mission

Fraser's Hill development objective is to bring back the appeal of the hotel to local and international tourist. It is designed to fill up the vacancy of accommodation sector in Fraser's Hill. This could allow the travel and leisure industry to use at cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Marketing Objectives

Specific objectives - to recreate the interest and popularisation of Fraser's Hill and also to popularise the International Bird Competition organised every second week of June every year. This Fraser's Hill International Bird Race is truly a fun event where human participants and nature addicts, from Malaysia and international, will outdo each other to eyesight, identify and record the most volume of bird species within a set timeframe and location in this cool highlands.

Achievable - As Fraser's Hill currently loss it attractiveness and attraction, so that it would want some campaign to bring the knowing of this hill holiday resort to local and overseas tourist. It could be achievable to promote it attraction in Travel and leisure Malaysia Mother board and also through the MATA rational.

Time - Fraser's Hill has lost it level of popularity for sometime, there for it would need some time to recuperate and accepted as one of the attraction by the neighborhood and foreign traveler. It would take one or two years for it to develop.

Strategy Development

Choice of development technique to analyse Fraser's Hill are using Ansoff Matrix.

Source: Ansoff Matrix (www. tutor2u. net/business/strategy/ansoff_matrix. htm)

Below are strategy development ideas to attain Fraser's Hill quest.

Market Penetration

By applying market penetration, modifying the image of Fraser's Hill could bring some fresh changes and fascination to the vacationer. This might not divert to different route or market but make it more interesting and keep maintaining its score beauty.

Market Development

Market development are use to enter new market. Fraser's Hill has its market; they are simply focus on to company saturday and sunday, family gathering, seasonality tourism holidays, institution and industrial holidays. It could also attract those younger generation who like activities, like hill climbing, climbing, jungle trekking, and bird watching and get to know types of nature.

Based of these two strategies, Fraser's Hill not only maintain and keeping the existing customers but also able to attract younger generation to come over to visit, who are actually willing to spend time with the individuals for relax and recreation. The also create awareness of the younger technology to get nearer to nature.

Marketing Mix

Now, we would use tactic to make them work. We can have a short term plan to advise or create consciousness to new market especially about the change we are now. We can create recognition by doing advertising campaign or advertorial in most popular local papers, travel magazines to see changes we'd made or what exactly are our visitors attractions again. In the mean time we can have some campaign like free breakfast for 2 times stay etc.

The tactical applications are


Fraser's Hill is something that is profitable. It is a tourist interest place for foreigners as well as local people and weekday long-stay visitor. This could be the proposed plan for Malaysia Second Home Programme.


The price is varies according to accommodation provided by different tenants. Using a discussion ending up in those tenants not to charger higher price as compare to Genting Highland or especially to Cameron Highland who is our competition.


Fraser's Hill is located at an extremely ideal place with cool weather throughout the year. It really is between 1, 220 and 1, 525 meters above sea level and all year round conditions are between 17C - 25C. As Malaysia is a hot all year round country, therefore is a benefit for holiday to chill at the hill resort.


Create some promotion activities such program with accommodation and jungle activities organisation in for an organization and jungle trekking for person. Such as accommodation offer stay of 3 days and nights inclusive free breakfast time or accommodation package stay including activities and meals.

Fraser's Hill could use strategic alliance with bus company to truly have a direct carry from big city such as Kuala Lumpur to go to Fraser's Hill, this could save plenty of trouble for folks who would to go to Fraser's Hill with no transport. It might also work very well to foreigners who come to visit Fraser's Hill. This could save the vacationer hassle to consider transportation arrangement


People play an essential role in the travel and leisure sector especial Fraser's Hill. Expertise with understanding of Fraser's Hill is crucial as it might be the main source of information sent to the traveler.

Local people moving into the surround area are important as well. They might provide the background and development of Fraser's Hill as they see it develop from the first age.

As people who work in the hotel or recreation park will need to gain product and service understanding of Fraser's Hill bordering area as they might need to recommend to the travelers the interest, activities and position of each attraction.


In order to provide a good customer service, the folks of the organisation should learn but and yes it is important to have an successful and effective order process and process. An intranet should be installed so that the relevant departments are able to access to it and response to whatever inquiry or problem which could encounter.

Service feature are important to boost Fraser's Hill as a travel and leisure attraction. Investment to increase the infrastructures, internet connection, telecommunication and interactive home elevators Fraser's Hill have to be accurate and educational.

Accessibility of information and location of Fraser's Hill have to be easily accessible. Map and visiting would be a very great help to assist the tourist to attain their destination with no trouble.

Physical evidence

Physical research is important as Fraser's Hill is some sort of service to your customer. Hence web page design, the ambience has to hold its tagline, aims and eyesight i. e. to be always a little Britain. The total ambience has to carry English image, design and slogan. The website should always make it tagline like ''McDonald I'm lovin it''. This will likely project a full image of what Fraser's hill is to all or any customers.

Fraser's Hill bordering areas should be obviously noticeable and appealing to the visitor as this might be a first impression to the holiday. Tree and turf need to be cut if it has become obstacle to the beauty of Fraser's Hill.

Appearance of personnel employed in Fraser's Hill need to be as helpful, friendly, easy going, clean and fresh cosmetic appearance, excellent customer service and excellent communication skills. It will bring an outstanding image of Fraser's Hill to the traveler.

Leaflet and brochure information of Fraser's Hill are effectively printed at actual time (latest information) and genuine map with clear instruction or information so tourist could make reference to it easily.

Fraser's Hill would have to invest to create a good website to present it place where visitor can simply get information without the inconvenience. Information are keep up as of yet with it current the weather and heat range can be easily found.

Action and implementation


The above marketing strategy and practices need to turn into action programs. Regardless of how good is the strategy or methods been set, it would not maintain place if we do not have to appropriate people to make it happen. It will not help by any means. Hence research on information about Fraser's Hill have to be updated. Latest picture of Fraser's Hill should be upgrade so it looks attractive and feel great when the visitor consider it.

For employees who work in the hotel or hotel, training is require, a clear perspective and objective need to see all employees to allow them to carryout their job well and bring excellent service to travellers.

Some plan have to be outsourced because Fraser's Hill may insufficient expertise onto it field such are marketing, advertisements, and training. By outsourcing, it would evidence the efficiency and success of promoting Fraser's Hill to regain it glory and well know to local and overseas tourist.

Advertisement need to plan in advance according to it budget. As Fraser's Hill aren't doing so well now it would need to advertise it within it budget. Fraser's Hill will not choose to advertise on the multimedia as it is a very expensive cost to market. There are other options for it in promoting. It could advertise with local travel companies, leaflet, website, and hospitality, Travel and leisure Board Malaysia, MAS Airlines, Air Asia, and sponsoring of golfing tournament.

By this mean of advertising, it can help Fraser's Hill to market and reach out to people about any of it location and fascination.


Implementation of marketing plan includes three activities

Allocating responsibilities and responsibility

Once a specific plan has in place, then your next steps is to allocate the responsibilities and responsibility. As for Fraser's Hill;

Advertisement - is the responsibility of computer marketing visitors to draw up an appropriate idea to bring the communication to the visitor.

Training - is the duty of it human resources people to coach the employees with the latest information about the encompassing area and attraction place.

Operations - Daily job to keep up Fraser's Hill operations would be studied care by it Operations Manager to make certain that every area are cover and operate effectively.

Communication - Public relations are incredibly important. Therefore, communication with the general public, multimedia and journalist is vital as it'll bring a great effect on Fraser's Hill re-launch it present as an appeal to the people.

Scheduling of marketing activities

Below is the Gantt graph for Fraser's Hill job schedule 2010/11.

This project will take 7 months for this preliminary planning. Research for improvement will take place for one and half month from Sept to mid-October 2010. Then follow by the strategy planning that may take place for just one and half month from Oct to mid-November 2010. The marketing will start by the end of October to end of November 2010. Then the advertising will be operating for longer period from Dec 2010 until February 2011. This will takes three months to market Fraser's Hill. Then training will be held for two weeks from Feb 2011 till March 2011.

This would give a proper view and time management on how the project will be able to execute successfully which prevent any wastage cost.

Gantt chart - Fraser's Hill Project Schedule 2010/11

Setting the marketing budget

As Fraser's Hills havent been doing well, there the money movement will be very thing. The method of budget will be percentage of computer sales (as the sales physique are unavailable), the other choices will be based on historical budgetary records. It might be estimate the cover this advertisements would roughly £15, 000.

Monitoring and Control

Once the marketing plan starts off to be executed, the next task of management is to screen and control how are you affected.


This is to check that everything is certainly going corresponding to plan and relating to time placed as with the Gantt chart. As this can be an ongoing project, the key performance indication will be evaluating to check how far the progress of the plan is.


Control means taking corrective activities as early as possible if things aren't going according to plan.

After all these advertisement planning, implementation and training, we have to monitor the improvement, and control from time to time. So that, the initial stage of the program would not go far away from the targets.

There are few option of control can be down such as benchmarking, balanced-scorecard, the marketing audit, profitability control and sales control. The best method of control is the benchmarking method.


This is the procedure of evaluating the Fraser's Hill products and services and techniques to the people of competitors such as Cameron Highlands to find ways to boost quality and performance.



SOSTAC is summarizing the primary steps of strategy marketing by Paul R. Smith (1990).

Situation Research is looking at analysing where we are now using SWOT evaluation, PEST analysis, Marketing Blend or Competitive Position.

Objective is looking at where you want to go using Ashridge Objective model, 5P's model or SMART.

Strategy is looking at how we going to make it happen using market segmentation or setting.

Tactics is looking at some information on the strategy using Tools communication.

Actions are considering implementation putting the plan to work using Action plan, RACI model, CSF or KPIs.

Control is keep track of progress through calculating, monitoring, reviewing, updating and changing using compare performance management or balance scorecard.

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