Measurement of sensations: protection and care, Criteria for...

Measuring sensations: protection and care

An untouched environment becomes important for the sphere of natural and landscape tourism associated with sensations. For natural pleasure, virgin natural spaces with amazing species are significant and significant. Important landscapes in which the natural development of nature becomes obvious, visual (for example, meandering rivers, not much developed forests), noiseless areas. The landscape and the aesthetic experience caused by the landscape look, however, damage the cumbersome infrastructure, such as its wide roads, large parking lots, vast areas of ski runs and power lines. To preserve the untouched environment, appropriate measures should be taken to preserve and modernize the habitat of animals and plant species, as well as protect cultural attractions. Appropriate rational natural and landscape management can be implemented, for example, by creating parks

Biosphere reserves or recognition of areas and using the concept of landscape development.

Criteria for assessing such a measurement of sensations as protection and care

1.8. The proposal is implemented in a landscape environment that preserves its integrity and unharmed, without large-scale shocks and interference in nature.

Examples: amazing views, lack of significant infrastructure, peace, silence, loneliness, environmental safety, cleanliness.

1.9. There are measures to protect the culture and landscape.

Example: the district is in the national, cantonal or

municipal protected areas (DLD-objects, parks, biosphere reserves, UNESCO-sites that are world heritage).

1.10. There are measures to preserve, care and strengthen the culture and landscape.

Example: the restoration of architectural structures of special value, the construction of dry stone walls, the care of chestnut alleys, the maintenance in the order of old mul-trops, the decommissioning of abandoned infrastructure (mine elevators, ski lifts), restoration measures.

Sphere of sensations: authenticity and originality

General Description . Authentic offers have a close connection with natural, landscape and cultural values, as well as with the actual realities of the locality or region. They emphasize the uniqueness and the individual character of the locality or region.

Authentic proposals are aimed at close contact with the local population and claim to infiltrate social education, social scenes or staging models to be included in the real social attitudes of the visited areas.

The offer has special offer items. This includes developing and marketing a typical-regional product and services.

Measuring sensations: regional and local identity

Sentiment proposals are characterized by a strong regional linkage, so they are integrated into the existing cultural and historical features of the region.

For example, there is a close connection with the culture and history of the region, since the inhabitants of this region for centuries lived mainly on income from the sale of chestnuts.

Walking along ancient irrigation systems allows visitors, as well as people in ancient times, to solve problems (and sometimes still) lack of water and create and maintain the functioning of water pipes in difficult conditions (for example, steep slopes, dangerous natural phenomenon). Bathing in a wooden trough on the mountainside is a direct demonstration of the connection with the natural environment. Especially when the bath is supplemented with an extract of herbs that are accurately collected from surrounding meadows in the neighborhood.

A multi-day hike along ancient trails with a mule, with an overnight stay in historic buildings makes the history of transport of ancient trade routes for guests lively and full of feelings and emotions. Authentic landscape is characterized by the fact that traditional forms of use are reflected in the cultural landscape or in general it has experienced the impact of activities to a minimum.

Thus, this landscape should still preserve this incomparable and unique character. As far as the practice of certain traditions really is an integral part of a lively folk culture, the authenticity of this proposal is so much increased. From this one should distinguish paid public rituals, ceremonies or rituals, crafts that satisfy the needs and tastes of the outside public, they have appropriately changed the original culture.

To evaluate the proposal as an authentic one, one must look at the tourist backstage and make it possible for the visitors to have a normal life and daily routine of the visited region.

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