Operation Management Record For Alton Towers


In my are accountable to CEO I will explain the importance of operational management and exactly how environmental factors impact the procedures management then various functional strategies. Explaining the structure of the Alton towers and the particular strategic importance of functional management are in addition capacity planning, inventory planning and quality control planning.

1. 1. Procedures management

Operations constitutes an substance role in every case by business enterprise, covering a wide chain of actions, not entirely creating, merely complete steps in the overall resource/value chains. This let in procurement, stocktaking's, adeptness's, logistics, and statistical circulation. Businesses management constitutes the management of the resourcefulness's, techniques, and systems of rules accustomed translate suggestions signal into end product to create vendee rate. These courses of study specializes in trading operations guidelines and methods utilised through systems contending internationally although besides allowing a solid ecumenical masterminding direction ground.

1. 2. Main target of this leisure business

As it is clear from the research study the main focus of the business enterprise is to provide there customer the spectacular surrounding, ancient legacy, fun and journey of the imagination which suits all ages and tastes. It really is clear out of this statement is that there main concentrate of operation is the customer satisfaction and using this method achieve the Alton tower tactical goals and objective of revenue maximization and be market leader in theme park business.

To attract visitors Alton tower new attractions like Oblivion, the Nemesis, Ugland and Energizer. Beside the ride and physical leisure for its customers it contain eateries like restaurants, retailers where visitors can purchase there desired product of the choice. Rather than shopping and eating Alton tower do plan and perform exhibition and event to catch the attention of more visitors. Alton tower do flourish in obtaining there desired concentrate on as shown above in the event study there have been over three million visitor in 1998 beside of interest how Alton tower can gain this in providing their customer quality of services in lower price as Alton tower was charging Nineteen pound of the access which is not merely entrance fee like other theme area do but this price include use of most rides for unrestricted times. They do provide discount rates discount to elder or aged customers and prepared parties.

For the purpose of offering the high quality of services to its customers Alton tower maintain team of 1800 personnel who are accomplishing their obligations like operating rides caterers, cleaning and shop supervisors and security purposes.

Security office are one and only by the life-sustaining servicing running a business sector alike these, Alton Towers could move forward itself for a safe recreation area to go to along focusing on it is safe record all around the yrs, and whatsoever safe certifications they have received. They could build safe, the burkha feature for whatever future rides, and promote these information.

Alton tower has spent 20 million on these new trips to be able maintain appeal of the area between individuals which is part of its ten time development program me. Due to size of the park as it is on 800 acres it isn't possible for visitors to visit the whole park in a single look at therefore they take step to create the hotel in the park in which they offer comfort services to visitors where they can stay at night by pay the attractive price which is another step of attaining its strategic target. Alton vary its cost accordingly in top, off peak, week days and week ends times where there was hurry of visitors.

Alton tower can asses that how well they concentrate on their operations effectively by giving questionnaires to visitor and take a look at the amount of their satisfaction and there thoughts regarding how it can improve its services.

1. 3. Environmental Factor Effecting Procedures Management

The type of environment within which, the procedure functions. The main element environmental factors for operations managers are:

*Volume-refers to the number of times that an operation has to deliver a service or product.

The mixture of specialization, standardization and high quantity and high amount also usually opens up the likelihood of using technology to execute the task

*Variation-describe the routine of the volume needs. If there a wide range of peaks and troughs in demand the situation is reported to be one of high variation

*Variety-is the word applied to the number of different types of service or product demanded. High variety environment s require different products on a consistent basis, whereas low variety demands look for the same end result for most of the time

There are several environmental factors that have an effect on the business procedure in an market. They are categorized into inner and external factors. The inner factors are those which pertains to organization inside environment that may be under the control of the organization like its culture leadership and manufacturing processes. On the other hand the external factors includes interpersonal environment, political, rivals, specialists, rules and rules issued by the regulating specialists like accountancy standard table etc.

Environmental issues in the case

The 1st issue that create environmental issue occur in 1924 when its operation was bought by Alton tower then it was under the hold of army over war. War destruction totally destroy the park once we know about the after and during war side-effect on the neighborhood environment it was in poor condition when it handed over to Alton tower again for refurbishment it cause major effect to environment. As there is absolutely no way to mitigate the affect of such event as it come up such event are uncontrollable of organisation, as its apparent during war period its impossible to safeguard any area and property. Which means one action is to regulate such events is hands of authorities and their relationship with other countries.

2nd impact was made by the technological time as installing new trips in park beside of customer and visitor interest has environmental issue as well like reasonable pollution, cutting trees and machinery waste material pollution to environment. It could be mitigated by looking to protect my natural resources like by rather than destroying they can be move those to alternative places which will overcome the entire impact to least level. Using such technology which was closer to sound reduction and produce least waste.

Finally, as Alton tower has spent potential amount of money for new ride. Generally rides was indoor and few that are outside is due to its limitation to hide them as this will cost the Alton tower major cost on the other hands it will damage the natural things as well. It could have social concern as well as the visitor arrived there to captivate themselves with naturalistic environment. Another weather concern as the recreation area is shut between November and February. This factor is also out off control of Alton tower as it is weather that prevent the visitor to come there a proven way it to set-up as much indoor facilities that protect visitors from the tightness of weather as this task will cause substantial investment as well agree the visitor to come which will happen only by huge marketing coverage and attractive deals like reduction in price which I think is not cost benefit strategy for Alton tower as this will increase its cost but decrease in profitability. But most in house concerts can be organised there to appeal to the visitor to come and amuse themselves from it.

Task 2

2. 1. Various operation strategies

At the mind of businesses is the thought of change (output). Inputs are purchased, and the procedures process changes them into outputs. Operations strategies in bare:

Operation implies travelling matters finished. Procedure management comprises significant because it's causative interacting administration resourcefulness. Businesses are an day-after-day action. Strategy constitutes course to accomplish organisation long-run targets. Procedure strategies are referred on correcting of seeks for businesses by whole procedure. There's accented relationship betwixt procedures and functions.

There are all of the time hazards of dispute 'tween operations and functions. Because commercializing objectives to fulfill clients demands and expect operations to offer variety, intensity, swiftness and higher quality service. This can direct to lessen effective servicing till an contingent operation strategy is designed to conciliate and associated on additional jobs by supervision. All procedure activities it is strategically focus on also equally functional targets. E. g. Commercializing functions strategically goal aspirant selecting cost, advancement etc and operational side indicates daily strategies inward providing service. Functions strategies let in supervision setup strategy, localization strategy, man source strategy, marketing strategy, hence all functions of organization has businesses responsibility in addition to evenly long-run.

2. 2. Evaluate and analyse the operation strategies adopted by the business.

I am going to evaluate the functional strategies of Alton tower under next headings.

Product and services

Process and technology

Capacity and facility

Human resource


Product and services

Under this operation strategy I believe Alto tower are providing the design there services corresponding to need and understanding of the taste of visitors so they may be fully fulfil the need of the users of those services. Alton tower has installed new rides in playground like Oblivion, The Nemesis, Runway mine teach and haunted house etc. They are the merchandise that meet the international standards and provide its user experience and enjoyment they are prepared to obtain from it. Alton tower has spent 20 million which is part of ten 12 months program in which they are planning to launch new products and services because of their users. You will find few age and height limitation for visitors which similarly is at best interest of an individual but if we view it from the user point of view a few of them was not satisfied with this discrimination. Not merely ride if we take a look at other services like outlets amusement parks, live entertainment and exhibitions these are all land in the services that Alton Tower are providing to its Visitors to amuse them and meet the expectations. Therefore I believe Alton tower are completely energetic in its product and services operational strategy.

Process and technology

Alton tower was offering there customer Professional services in each section like ride operators, caterers, cleaner, shop assistant, supervisors and security personnel's. Professional and trained operator was managing the rides such as the swiftness and safety precautions for the guests. Therefore visitors consider themselves to be safe when they using the ride as the feel they may be under safe hands. Services like catering and shop guidance providing to seniors visitor who was simply struggling to take ride can entertain themselves from the services that meet up with the highest level of quality their priority was customised to visitor need. In each process Alton tower are using the latest technology in offering these services.

Capacity and facility

In 1998 Alton tower entertained over three million of the guests and they're likely to increase this annual volume of visitor per yr for this purpose they installed new rides as described before to entice more guests toward Alton tower. As explained in case review during east loan company holiday the visitor reaches to 40000 and through summer months this limit preserve to 30000. Alton tower has very much area which is still left for exploring that can be utilise for further activities. There fore Alton tower do move this operation management strategy of capacity and center in order to support the capacity they have develop market and shop exhibition hall where they can aid the guests.

Human resource

In order to fulfil this strategy purpose Alton tower recurit1800 staff members and more as needed during the peak time. As their is limited explanations of human resource policy in case research however Alton tower need to provide training for operating new trip installed in the area before its starting and they need to have policy to treat each employee similarly and paid standard for like paying them on hourly basis or regular basis. Clubs should be maintain to support each different areas of theme park and process should be assign to them and proper supervision held to them so that they are accomplishing their tasks consequently. Extra and post job benefit strategies should be launched so that employees consider there future safe and offer highest level of quality in their work.


In this business the product quality is extremely important as ride need regular maintenance because it raise health insurance and safety issues. It really is Obvious from the truth that Alton tower in retaining quality in each business services.

2. 3. Proper importance of functions management

Each and every decision and strategy execution was imposed from proper level in every business. Therefore it is vital at proper level to learn whether there strategy was successful at functional level and it is the procedure management responsibility to firmly implement instruction to achieve the desired targets. Operation management deal your day to day activities of the business enterprise therefore record on regular bases to tactical level the level of completion on the website strategy in case there are any problem arise at functional level that need consideration.

Task 3:

3. 1. Factors affecting the look of product and services and advantage gained from good design

Operations professionals have to consider factors like the nature of demand, the amount of vertical integration, versatility, amount of automation, and quality level and amount of customer contact while making process design

Nature of Demand:

Organization need to create products or design the assistance corresponding the expectation of the clients. Schedule have to be made in order to produce product and services promptly by take in to consideration the seasonality, progress in tendency and demand of customers.

Influence of demand patterns -

The demand structure of the product and services are varying due to pursuing factors affect like seasonal factors. For instance demand for snow cream climb during summer season and air conditioning etc.

Influence of price level -

Mostly customers demand more products at cheaper price, because they are price sensitive this will influence on the design of product and services.

Degree of vertical integration:

Vertical integration is level in which determine the degree of product and services can produced internally. There are two types of integration:

Forward integration is expansion of organization product to different chains and different markets.

Backward integration business tries to extend backward to source of supply.


Organizations have to be flexible in order to increase or maintain their market share. To be able to meet the flex demand of the customer's business have to be flexible in its functions. Flexibility can be broadly grouped into: Product/service Overall flexibility and Volume Flexibility etc.

Degree of automation:

Despite the price factor of applying the automation operation management should concentrate on the automation for their production functions. This will reduce the labor cost and speed up the process of creation. How ever the level of quality demand by the clients also impact after the cost factors.

Benefit of good design

Below are 5 tips to remember in order to determine the usefulness and potential success of any design. It can be designed to specific design professions, even projects and used as a checklist.

Benefit of good design includes:

It should meet the desired targets.

It meets the desired quality specifications.

Customer is content with the quality of service.

Automation improve the handling time and decrease the labor cost.

Customer is content with the price of the product and services.

3. 2. Discuss design of Alton tower:

Facilities Available at Alton Towers Vacation resort:

Through out the recreation area 8 cash machines are installed that can be used by the clients for withdrawals of cash.

Gift Shops.

Push chair employ the service of at Visitor Services.

Wheelchairs take into service for disabled friends, available from Visitor Services.

Lockers at Guest Services.

First Help is between the Towers Restaurant and Sky drive Station.

Toilets are expediently located in a multiplicity of spaces all the way through the park.

Restaurants, pubs and cafs are as well situated through the area.

3. 3. Work measurement

Work measurement can be involved with the relationship between models of outcome and reference time. It offers the factor that converts units to time and vice versa.

According to Jack Greene view in enough time review and work dimension.

Work way of measuring is the location to start, for just about any organization where people or machines contribute to output, customer service, or cost.

Work measurement also provides tools to control your business better

- calculate actual capacity the operation can produce

- develop standard cost models for products and services

- justify equipment and automation acquisition

- meet up with the Sarbanes Oxley Act for financial knowledge of costs

- adjudicate disagreements about workload, assignments

- evaluate variance to find problems

- calculate potential reap the benefits of changes beforehand

According to Institute of management services:

Work way of measuring is the procedure of establishing the time that a given activity would take when performed by a professional staff member working at a defined degree of performance.

There are a number of ways that work may be measured and a number of techniques have been recognized. The fundamental practice, irrespective of the particular way of measuring technique being utilized, includes three phases;

an analysis phase where the job is sectioned off into suitable, independent components, normally known as elements;

a measurement phase where the exact measurement technique is used to establish the time necessary to complete each factor of work;

a synthesis period in which the several elemental times are added, as well as appropriate allowances to construct the standard time for the entire job.

Task 4:

4. 1. Capacity planning

In the case after the three million tourists in 1998 Alton tower got plan too increased this convenience of this goal it had spent 20 million for extension of park, because of this it installed new trip to get the new visitors and to be able to handle the increased level of visitor it designed enchanting hotel where visitor can stay day and night during there visit and increased the number of outlets and recruit additional personnel to serve the visitor in useful way.

For capacity planning demand need to be forecasted ahead to be able to analyse that demand meet up with the capacity of the company product and services. Demand can be changed into capacity by inserting time need. Or following method of capacity planning may be used to support the demand. Level capacity plan: in which capacity remains same you won't change with the change popular. Chase demand plan: in this expand the capacity with the upsurge in volume of demand through increase the shift and no of staff to handle this. Manage demand: demand will be were able to deal with the capacity.

In Alton tower case they have adopted chase demand arrange for capacity planning as the increase the number of trips and shops and to handle the volume of demand they recruit the addition personnel to satisfy the demand or volume of visitor.

4. 2. Inventory planning Method

Economic order Amount (EOQ)

The economical order number is the number of units a company should order in an order to reduce the price tag on inventory. Costs include cost of storage, cost of possessing and cost of scarcity. Benefit of EOQ is ongoing overview of the inventory system it help to estimate the reorder level which help the business to know what to order and just how many time and who often to reorder to minimize the expense of inventory.

Just in Time (JIT)

Just with time is producing goods in required demand, in necessary variety and in necessary Quality require by the customer. By doing this many business improve there returning on investments. Cost includes Provide regular training to personnel and establishing the policy in order that they become flexible. Good thing about using JIT it decrease the operating cost, increased performance through put, higher quality, upgraded delivery and upsurge in flexibility.

Enterprise learning resource planning (ERP)

ERP provides business the control and visibility in operation to maximize the profitability also to fulfill the customer demand. ERP provides the business to control there operation with dynamic forecast using method based development. Benefits totally predicated on forecasting and inventory planning, easy to use, system is flexible, easy to comprehend, quick and reduce cost of operation.

4. 3. Techniques for project management and quality control

The traditional Approach

In traditional approach it identifies the step that will be completed. It offers five steps:

Initial stage

Planning and design stage

Production stage

Monitoring stage

Completion stage

Critical Chain Job Management (CCPM)

It is the method of planning that mainly focuses on resources like physical and real human need to continue the project. Once the resources is final than job are plane and managed to ensure that resources that had planned are prepared when critical string starts and subordination other resources in the critical string.


It is information that describes the justification for establishing and continuing a prince2 job. It provides the explanation for the project. An outline business circumstance should be in the task. PRINCE2 provide a method for business project in a plainly clear framework. PRINCE2 describe activities to immediate people and activities in a job, how to design and supervise the task, and how to proceed if the job needs to be adjusted if it does not develop as designed.

Quality Control Approaches

Total quality management

This method is beyond the quality assurance under this process business can be involved by creating the product quality culture in the organization in which each employee knows quality demand to satisfied their customer. In this method every employee attempt to satisfy the customer placing him at the heart of development process.

Quality circles

These are sets of employees who work on similar activity or area of responsibility and straighten out solutions for the problems to increase the quality of work. This team was brain by the administrator and supervisors which also increase the staff morale.


In this technique organization find out the leading rival in the market who are undertaking at perfect level within development and service areas, to be able to benchmark its procedure so that to stay level with the competition.

5. 1. Just in time:

The first the most suitable strategy of Toyota is merely in time inventory. It means manufacture automobiles simply when you have the order from consumer at real time. Toyota Company establishes just with time inventory idea and gives gain to its well known clients by giving excellence automobiles. The main good thing about just in time is help to run the Toyota company's manufacturing functions most easily and without squandering the raw materials by estimating that what's required, when is necessary and exactly how much amount is required in order to finish the given task. Basically, the main attitude behind just in time plan of Toyota is taking away wastes; decrease waste material and unreasonable requirements leading to improved end result.

Kanban System:

The Toyota Kanban system is one of the handled developed inside the Toyota production system (just how we make things). The Toyota creation system is exclusive and unmatched. The thinking after it and way of execution has been perfected after long years of ensure that you mistakes. The bottom line is additionally it is a framework of construction based on the attitude of whole removal of throw away that requests highest in rationality in the manner we create equipments. And it can be called as Toyota style production program or Toyota creation structure. Only once the Toyota creation system in its totality is acceptably conducted, will there be an efficient deployment of Kanban structure.

Jidoka system:

The term Jidoka shows up under total development system of Toyota and it can be talked about as an individual aptitude and automation with a individuals stroke. The term Jidoka captivating its roots forms Sakichi Toyoda the inventor of Toyota Group. The major good thing about Jidoka that brilliance must be fabricated in the developing procedure. And major purpose of Jidoka technology in Toyota production procedure is the fact that device is automatically end when the building is finished. In addition, it has a purpose that device brilliance or equipment problem happens, these devices automatically discovers the issue at its own and ceases, and it can stop imperfect products from produced. And for this reason simply those products are carried to next procedure which is gratifying the criteria to copy into next procedure and excellence of creating products of Toyota enlarges with the passage of time without harming the material.

What are processing operations?

A manufacturer is an individual, an venture, or a body that produces something. As a result, a produces process is a company or a seed where goods and goods are prepared. Raw materials are used to produce these goods and are then twisted into complete goods prepared to be sold. A manufacture is an extremely significant factor in the selling treatment because without them, the merchandise we require, utilize and enjoy would not be present.

What are service businesses?

Service Industries include those industries that do not generate goods, but offer convinced services. The peculiarity of the industries is the fact that frequently the utilization of the service occurs although it is in the era. Typically, this segment comprises hospitality, publicity, banking, insurance, consultancy, logistics, etc.

Compare and Contrast the Production industry with Service industry:

Manufacturing and service business is frequently altering. Fundamentally, in manufacturing business you can determine the demonstration of the merchandise. The demonstration could be calculate because they build efficient utilization of the product in physical form, and on the other hand in service industry its little tough to look for the performance of your respective service, because one subject is that it's intangible and it can't be computed, but once possible view to measure the performance of service business by captivating the opinions by company's reliable consumers. Productivity is more simply assessed in manufacturing as compared to service. Services businesses concerned more and through connection with customers rather than in developing operations. Quality standards are easy to create in processing whereas operating industry once quality is challenging to judge. Manufacturing procedures can increase or decrease the finished goods record levels in react to modify consumer demand pattern while service procedures cannot increase or reduce the customer demand models. Services can also consist of support operations that are also shaped and stocker rather than developing operations. Online actions are completed in services operations which meets to consumer somewhat than in making operations.


The goal of the report satisfy need for procedures management and I have experienced the role of operational management in essential in any group operational management is responsible for implementing the strategic orders and their implementations. I build up the understanding the key factors affecting the product design and strategic importance of procedure management. I build my understanding of different planning techniques for capacity, inventory and quality control. They have enabled me to set goals and take the activities that will lead to best and desired destination.

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