Overall Layout Of The Mall Tourism Essay

Since the firms are becoming more consumer powered due to increasing completion retailing became some sort of science. The location of the store, its offerings and customer service are parts that should be considered and examined in retailing. Not long ago department stores began to develop in different areas not only in the U. A. E. but round the world. In Dubai, which of the quickest economically growing city there are several department stores a few of them are productive and more aren't. Because of this growing desire for retailing marketing students are required to develop a knowledge of how an efficient retail environment appears and feels. Also, they are required to develop an analytical capability to compare different retail surroundings in their efficiency and success.

Earlier this semester we performed a field visit to three department stores in Dubai; Mirdif city centre, Celebration city and Dubai shopping mall. We were necessary to evaluate each one of the malls on a set of criteria that are essential in retailing. These criteria included car parking efficiency, car convenience, shop assortment, design of the shopping mall, empty areas and many others. After assessing each mall we had to compare the three of these and show the advantages and disadvantages of every one of them. In this paper I am presenting the assessments of each shopping center predicated on the criteria given. This field trip helped us connect what we learned in theory using what happens in reality. Also, possessing a colleague walking around with me at night in the shopping center helped me discuss a few of the observations.

Car accessibility towards the mall:-

This criterion discusses how easy it is perfect for the shoppers to reach the mall, the number of routes available and the difficulty of the routes. It is one of the requirements that people take into consideration when visiting malls. Some department stores are located in areas where there are several detours while others are located near major high ways with clear signals showing the location of the mall. If the mall was well located and attaining it was easy then more shoppers will come in. if the mall was terribly located then customers will decide to go to a more convenient mall.

Dubai mall can be accessed through Sheikh zayed highway and business bay. The indicators on sheikh zayed highway are useful enough showing the positioning of the shopping center. In addition there are several routes and bridges that provide direct access to the shopping center parking tons. Also, there a metro stop near Burj Khalifa for better access to the mall. Additionally, there is a big number of parking places, several bus stops around the shopping mall and there can be an area where the shopper can take a taxi.

Festival city can be accessed through four routes from Alramoul Bridge, from business bay, emirates street, and Algarhoud bridge. The business enterprise bay road is filled with traffic lights which is a bit inconvenient. However, festival city offers its own streets near the centre which provides easier usage of the center and from it.

Car car parking efficiency:-

This criterion evaluates the efficiency of the auto parking places. It considers the amount of parking spots, the easiness where people area and the easiness where people navigate through the auto parking area. Also, it considers the parking services wanted to customers. This is an important criterion in retailing because if buyers cannot find a auto parking they may choose to look another shopping center. Mirdif city middle have scored 8, festival city scored 9 and Dubai shopping center obtained 7.

There will be more than 7000 parking spots in Mirdif city middle. These spaces can be found at different levels P1, P2 and P3. Each car parking area has an usage of the mall itself. The car parking areas were created in way to supply the shoppers easy access to and from the shopping mall. Unlike Festival city and Dubai mall the parking areas are not distinguished by titles instead each is called P1, P2 or P3. Like the other department stores these areas provide access to various areas of the shopping center. P1 provides access to the western portion of the shopping center, P2 provides usage of the southern and eastern section, P3 provides access to the northern portion of the mall.

Dubai mall includes several thousand auto parking places on different levels to contain as many shoppers. The main areas are movie theater parking, fashion auto parking and grand car parking with parking spots on different levels. To create it easier for the customers to park their car there's a valet parking and a plank that shows the number of parking places available. Also, there is a machine that provides the shopper with a cards that presents where he/she parked. Festival city has valet parking but not electronic digital boards and electronic credit cards, instead they have a sensor at each auto parking. Furthermore, each auto parking area offers a color the grand area is red, fashion is blue, and movie theater is inexperienced. In these car parking areas each auto parking area has a number, as an example all the autos that park in the middle have number 42 parking places. Also, each auto parking area provides access to a different part of the shopping mall the grand car parking provides usage of the grand atrium and the souk atrium, fashion parking provides faster access to the fountain, and cinema parking provides direct access to the theatre. A major drawback in the design of the car parking area in Dubai shopping mall is the indications, the positioning of the leave and the location of parking spaces. If the shopper is driving through the car parking area in Dubai mall whether this shopper is exiting the shopping mall or looking for a auto parking, this shopper goes through a maze. The shopper can easily see an empty car parking space on the opposite side however the shopper has to proceed through several turns to reach the spot

Festival city has large parking spaces outside and inside the mall. The auto parking areas beyond your mall provide the shoppers with easier access to and from the shopping center. Similar to Dubai mall the parking areas are distinguished spice, silk and silver. Every one of those parking areas provides usage of different sections of the mall. The spice area provides usage of the northern section, precious metal area provides usage of the middle section and the silk area provides usage of the southern section. There are out door parking areas for usage of Ikea and Hyper panda. Every one of them has another color spice is red, silk is blue and silver is gold. Each parking space has a sensor that converts red whenever a car is parked and the ones sensors are located above the auto parking spaces in order that they are visible. Dubai shopping mall uses electronic planks showing the available spaces instead of detectors. Also, much like Dubai mall valet car parking is offered by the main access to the mall. Unlike Dubai mall, there the car parking is not hard to get around and the leave is easily found. Also, parking places are come to easily without going through a maze.

Efficiency of in house pedestrian areas:-

This criteria can be explained as the amount of customers in the mall and exactly how easy it is good for those shoppers to walk around in the mall. When the pedestrian areas were designed to be huge and the shopping mall itself had attractive offerings, it will have a much better efficiency. Mirdif city centre and Dubai shopping mall had a rating of 8, and festival city got a credit score of 6.

In Mirdif city middle the pedestrian areas were large and easy to understand. In addition there weren't several kiosks positioned in the middle of those areas expect for a tiny area near Carrefour but it will most likely not disturb traffic. In addition, in some of the areas kiosks and booths for different companies were located under the escalators were no pedestrians will walk and these kiosks are obvious. However, there weren't several consumers at the mall, maybe because of the time of the visit or since it was recently exposed. In comparison with Dubai shopping center and Festival city we can observe that there are several offerings in both of these malls that attract purchasers more than Mirdif city center.

Unlike Mirdif city centre, the primary pedestrian areas in Festival city were slim and filled up with kiosks in the middle of the areas which compresses traffic into one narrow area specially on weekends and that is not effective. Other pedestrian areas that were hard to locate didn't include any kiosks and there weren't any people there. The inner design of the mall was unique of others I went to and it seemed good however the slim pedestrian areas and what sort of pedestrian areas were deigned makes the shopper believe that the shopping center is too big and in truth it isn't. Even though, on the weekends the mall is filled up with shoppers since it has several caffeine shops located on the canal. At the time of the visit, a few were shopping and were relaxing in the espresso shops. Dubai shopping center also faces an enormous traffic flow, but the pedestrian areas a wide, so that that's not of the problem to them.

Similar to Mirdif city middle, Dubai mall acquired huge pedestrian areas, wider that those in Mirdif city center. There weren't several kiosks in these areas but some coffee shops possessed their outdoor area there which creates traffic for the restaurant and does not disturb traffic because the pedestrian are is very wide. The interior design of the shopping center did not have a specific theme and the shopping center contained several changes and areas gives the shopper the sensation that it's huge. Also, the shopping mall has got several tourist attraction sites including the fountain and the aquarium. Even at the time I visited the mall that was at 2:00 pm most of the buyers were concentrated for the reason that area. Also, it was nearly lunch time, therefore the food judge was packed and there weren't any places for me and my partner to sit.

Overall structure of the mall:-

This criteria discusses the general selling point of the shopping mall, how it appears from the outside and the inside. Well designed department stores look more appealing and can attract more shoppers. For this requirements, Mirdif city center have scored 9, Dubai mall scored 8, and festival city have scored 7.

Mirdif city middle was designed similar to a rectangle where every shop is noticeable and reachable making travelling in this shopping mall comfortable although it is big. From the within the mall got smart colors and sufficient lamps which brings about the colour. There can be an area in front of the key gate were hand trees and shrubs are planted in the centre with small fountains in a few parts. I assume that this provides an atmosphere of comfort to the shopper. Furthermore, the mall stands out compared to the other institutions in the region because of its size and design.

On the other palm, Dubai mall was created similarly to Mirdif city middle but the way the areas are divided and because the shopping center is huge, normally it takes shoppers a whole day to walk around the shopping center. Similar to Mirdif city centre, there were excellent colors inside the shopping mall and the way it is lighted demonstrates those colors and gives the shopper a good sense. There were other areas that possessed different designs like the aquarium area that got a ceiling with shiny dots that looks like stars. Also, there is an area near Galleria Lafayette were the area appears like an alley in a Western country. In addition, there is a separate entity that uses the shopping mall called souk al bahar which has a unique design that reflects the traditional Arabian souk. I feel that the purchasers enjoy those different designs.

When looking at Festival city to Dubai mall and Mirdif city middle, it has a different design and interior design. Festival city was different, this mall had a style but I couldn't identify it, most probably it was related to the Arab culture or history. Unlike the earlier mentioned malls, that one was inefficiently designed, the shopping center isn't too large but the amount of the pedestrian areas and the positioning of others makes the shopper believe that it is large. Inside, dark colors dominate the pedestrian areas and the lighting gives lighting to these colors however the colors will vary than the other department stores. Inside the section where IKEA and Hyper panda can be found the interior design differs as it is a lot brighter with dazzling colors.

Empty places/ vacuum areas within the mall:-

This criteria identifies the places that are hardly accessible by the purchasers or covered areas that the customers cannot find. If the shopping mall contained several vacuum areas then its design is inefficient and the retailers in those areas are terribly located. Regardless of whether these retailers are vacation spot stores it won't be easy for the shoppers to reach them. For this requirements Mirdif city centre scored 9, Dubai shopping mall obtained 8, and festival city scored 7.

Mirdif city center was proficiently designed and I did so not locate several empty or vacuum areas inside the shopping center expect for one within an area reverse to fitness first in which a spa and a health centre were located. Those two are maybe destination stores because they are the only ones available but they should have made them more noticeable to the consumers. There weren't several shoppers in the shopping center at that time I visited therefore i could identify some areas as being vacuum or not. However, all the shops were obvious and the majority of them can be reached. Most of the shoppers where sitting in coffee retailers probably because the time of the visit was early on in the morning.

In Dubai shopping mall there have been several shoppers in a few areas and in others there weren't any although some of these were big. The silver souk is an empty area due to its location, the shop is positioned in the middle of other retailers that sell garments and its not notable. Another area was on the right of Galleria Laffayette, in this area a few of the shops on one side were open up on the primary pedestrian area but on the other hand there are shops that no one notices. The area was empty except for some coffee shops that viewed the entire world cup game. In addition, there weren't any consumers in souk al bahar though it had an appealing look. As I noticed from the number of visits to Dubai shopping center shoppers go to the fountain, the caffeine shops beside the fountain, the aquarium and the food court. This is where all the traffic was located.

In festival city there were two areas that were completely isolated and in another of them the fashion store Kelvin Klein was located. Whether or not Kelvin Klein is a destination store these areas are hard found. There were several turns that lead to different almost concealed areas in the shopping center but some of which were not completely dead. Also, there is an area that is seen via a bridge on the canal where some cafes like orchestra can be found. In this field the cafes are full especially on weekends but there are shops that sell rugs and they are always empty. I am compared to that area several times at differing times of your day and those retailers are always bare. Even on weekends all the consumers are in the canal, the meals judge or the movie theater.

Shop assortments:-

This criteria discusses the amount of shops offered by the shopping mall and the various kinds of retailers. Basically, the bigger the assortment the greater shoppers the shopping center will draw in. A trend that is noticeable in the majority of the shopping malls is that of them contain several clothing stores. Mirdif city center and Dubai mall obtained 8, and Festival city have scored 9.

Like most of the malls, Mirdif city center had a broad range of clothing stores in addition to other stores that sold electric appliances, jewelry and confectionaries. Unfortunately, in a few areas the retailers were not planned, in a single area there have been several clothing stores on both sides and suddenly there was an optics store in the middle. Also, Patchi which is a confectionary store was positioned in the center of an area were the electro-mechanical appliances outlets were located. Also, Jewelry stores were located at different locations in the shopping center. At exactly the same time, there were some well organized areas; there is a location where there have been several kids clothing stores located. The other two malls were more arranged probable because they have existed for a bit longer.

Dubai mall was more prepared that Mirdif city center but probably because Mirdif city centre was recently opened up. The matter that drew my attention was the area where Armani is situated, the luxury stores are in a single area situated in two stories. There have been some discrepancies; some areas had different kinds of stores all in a single place. The shop assortment in Dubai mall is more than needed; I believe they stuffed the shopping center with these retailers while they would have used parts of the shopping mall for different purposes. What sort of shops are prepared in this shopping center makes it easier for the customers to look but I had fashioned the feeling that the shopping mall owners just wanted to fill the mall with shops. From my viewpoint, there is an unnecessary wide assortment of shops in Dubai mall, Festivity city and Mirdif city centre had an identical collection but a much reduced number of shops.

Similar to the shop organization in Dubai shopping mall is Festival city were the retailers are well-organized. Also, there's a wide assortment of stores like clothing, jewelry and confectionary. The place where IKEA is located was a different part of the mall, the outlets were located almost everywhere with out a particular company. The shop collection in Festivity city was much like Mirdif city center but more planned.

Security and safe practices for customers:-

This is an important criterion for shopper since every shopper must feel safe and protected while shopping. Although robbery is not a common event in the department stores in Dubai, certain functions by the teens who go to the mall have to be operated. Also, there are undercover intellect personnel to control these serves and protect the customers. These personnel are located in every mall in Dubai and their amount is determined by the quantity of traffic in a mall. For example, on weekends you discover a number of these personnel travelling in Dubai mall, mall of the Emirates and others.

In Mirdif city centre and Dubai mall there have been several security users at different locations. However, in festival city I didn't notice several security guards but there have been security cameras exactly like Dubai mall. Furthermore, each shop has got a theft detector at the access in the event someone determines to grab which doesn't happen often. Also, atlanta divorce attorneys mall in the U. A. E. specially the congested ones like Dubai mall there are undercover police officers who ensure that the consumers are safe. In addition, our instructor prepared us never to talk notes while walking in the mall since it may raise suspicion. Regarding emergencies I am uncertain about the arrangements at Merdif city centre and Festival city. However, in Dubai mall when the aquarium broke and began leaking they covered the problem effectively and proficiently, that they had a particular team to fix the aquarium.

Prayer room:-

Since we reside in a Islamic country several Muslims visit shopping malls. Each mall must have a number of prayer rooms located at convenient places for the consumers. Although this isn't a criterion for almost all of the customers to consider when going to malls it needs to be mentioned. Dubai mall obtained 9, festival city scored 8 and Mirdif city centre have scored 7. The prayer rooms are almost the same in the majority of the stores, there is a place for wodou' and sometimes there is a toilet, and there's a rack where in fact the shoes are placed. The difference is within the amount of these rooms and their locations.

In Mirdif city centre there was one prayer room positioned in the second floor near E-max. On the contrary, in Festivity city there have been five prayer rooms located at different places in the mall which is better. One is positioned in Ikea, another near Hyper panda, one in the southern oval judge and another in the north oval courtroom. In such a mall the prayer rooms can be found at different convenient locations. The purchasers can get access to a prayer room at different places in the mall.

Similar to festival city, Dubai mall got prayer rooms located at each floor. In addition, the prayer rooms are individual for women and men at each level. The difference between Dubai mall and festival city is usually that the prayer rooms' locations were more scattered than in festival city. Also, it is simpler to discover the prayer rooms in Dubai mall than in festival city.

Directions within the mall:-

This criterion evaluates the effectiveness of the way the mall supplies the customers with proper directions. It includes the signs in different regions of the mall, mal tutorials and location map boards. Mirdif city middle and Dubai mall scored 8, while festival city obtained 7.

Mirdif city center has a simple design, within my visit I came across my way easily and the signs were efficient as a result of reliable design. Also, the mall guide contains a simple map with the positioning of each store and entity in the mall. Furthermore there have been location map boards with simple maps at different places. Furthermore, there have been information tables at different locations.

On the other side, Dubai mall was too large and the signs or symptoms were not useful enough to lead the shopper to where he/she wishes to go. For example, if a shopper wants to go to the fountain from the other end of the mall on the second level he/she have to require guidelines because the indications can be deceptive. However, the mall guide is simple and the labels of the different sections of the mall written on the actual map for easier guidelines. However, the audience must discover by his own that each square on the map symbolizes a shop, as an example square amount f5 in the lower ground level identifies Aptic mobile. In addition to the several information tables at different places in the mall, Dubai mall is quite reliable in conditions of providing directions.

Un thankfully, in festival city the symptoms are not very reliable and can be deceptive probably as a result of strange design of the mall which makes consumers lose their way easily. Also the mall guide is a little confusing, there are not many information desks and on weekends they are simply always congested.


This criterion discusses the quantity, location and the option of toilets at the malls. Mirdif city centre have scored 8, Dubai mall scored 9, and Festival city obtained 7.

The toilets were located at the entrances to the mall in Mirdif city center, aside from the toilets in the food courts. You can find 7 toilets on the first level one of these is in the north food court. In the bottom level there are 6 toilets at the entrances only. None of the toilets were found in the pedestrian areas but the locations aren't effective enough. Overall, there are several toilets and they are easily located.

In Dubai mall there are several washrooms on each level in convenient locations. You will discover toilets in the meals courts and pedestrian areas. In festival city, the toilets are few and hard to locate but they are found at convenient locations like the food courtroom and the key pedestrian area. In the three malls the toilets were clean and well taken care of.

Customer service/information counters:-

Usually, when shopper go to a mall they have got concerns or questions about guidelines, offers, retailers and services in the shopping mall. That is why it is important that a shopping center comes with an enough number of the tables with clerks who are trained to deal with customers. Dubai shopping center have scored 9, Mirdif city middle obtained 8, and festival city have scored 7.

In Mirdif city middle there have been information counters at different locations. The clerks there are friendly and provide customers with full information about any inquiries even on the telephone. When I attained the shopping center I went to the information desk to require the directions to Starbucks. AS I asked for guidelines she revealed me the exact location. There is a man asking about a present voucher and the clerk was very efficient when providing him with information.

In Dubai shopping mall you'll find so many information tables at different locations more than Mirdif city center. It is much like Mirdif city in a sense that they offer people who have the same information whether it's about guidelines or gift idea vouchers. The info desks are located at vital areas, there are two close to the ice rink, one not too much from the aquarium and one near the cinemas. Other information tables can be found at the grand atrium, star atrium and other locations. The ground floor has the largest quantity of information desks.

Unlike Dubai shopping center and Mirdif city middle, Festival city didn't have as many information desks, I believe they have got two only. The information desk on the first level near Paris gallery is always packed and the other the first is on the far side of the shopping center near Ikea. Similar to the other two department stores the clerks are friendly and provide customers with all information needed.

Entertainment offer:-

This criterion measures the quantity and uniqueness of the entertainment offerings at the malls. This is an important criterion for the majority of the families who want to visit the shopping mall. The more entertainment the shopping center offers the more customers it gets. Dubai shopping mall has the best offers that is why it is always crowded. Dubai mall have scored 9, Dubai shopping center obtained 9, Mirdif city center and festival city obtained 8.

Mirdif city center possessed different entertainment offers but it was different from the other malls and didn't offer something unique like the fountain in Dubai mall or momento in Festival city. Within this mall they had play areas only, Magic Planet, Play country and an area called aqua play in the north food court docket. Also, there's a theatre in the first floor. Play nation possessed different offerings from the other department stores. However, these offerings are better suited for children.

Dubai mall has entertainment offerings suited for both people and children. There's a huge aquarium, Ice rink, Sega Republic, underwater zoo kidzania and reel cinema. What differentiates this shopping mall from the other malls is the huge aquarium and kidzania. People can go to the aquarium watching different sorts of seafood from the exterior for free or they pay fees to view these fish swimming around them in a tunnel. In kidzania, children have their own world, they ask the child what he/she wants to work then supply the child fake money to buy daily needs with it exactly like an adult. That is one unique offering that almost all of the family members like. There is certainly little or nothing special about the ice rink except that Dubai shopping mall is the only real shopping center with an ice rink inside. It is better than Mirdif city middle due to different and unique offerings that are fitted to men and women and children.

In festival city there aren't many entertainment offerings, there may be momento, boat trip on the canal, a family entertainment center and a movie theater. Set alongside the other malls, it is best than Mirdif city middle since it has momento for adults but not as good as Dubai shopping center and Mirdif city centre in the entertainment for kids.


The ATM machines are very important to be found in malls since people utilize them to attract cash. They have to be located at different areas and near essential ones such as food courts. Mirdif city middle and Dubai shopping center had a report of 8, festival city experienced a credit score of 7.

In Mirdif city there are 10 ATM machines available at the entrances to the shopping mall. In the first level there are 10 ATM machines as well at each entrance. Since the north food court and the play areas can be found near the entrances the ATM machines are near those areas and the positioning of the ATMs is shown in the shopping mall guide. Also, there are branches for just two bankers, Abu Dhabi loan provider and Emirates Dubai lender. Festival city has several ATM machines in several areas inside the mall.

In Dubai mall there have been several ATM machines as well in different areas but their locations were not shown in the shopping center guide. Those that I could see will be the ATM near Reel cinema and those found in the parking plenty entrances to the shopping mall. These machines belonged to many finance institutions such as HSBC and Dubai Islamic Bank or investment company.

In festival city, the machines were located in several areas near Ikea and Hyper panda and nearby the food court. The location of the ATM machines was shown in the mall guide map for easier directions. Like the other two malls they belonged to different banks. The difference between this mall and the others is the fewer variety of ATM machines nonetheless they were easily located.

Food courts:-

This is another criterion for young families to consider when visiting a shopping mall. They consider the amount of food courts offered by a shopping mall and all of the restaurants it offers. Usually, after a long day of shopping or running after the kids parent or guardian are too exhausted to go home to make. Also, going out to eat is known as engaging since it is different than home. That is why each mall needs to have lots and variety of restaurants and cuisines for its shoppers. Dubai shopping center have scored 9, festival city and Mirdif city middle scored 8 for this criteria.

Mirdif city middle offers a variety of assortment as it pertains to food for its shoppers. You will find two food courts each one with different restaurants. The north food courtroom has the Chinese language palace, Pizza Hut, KFC and several others that provide fast food, Chinese and Arabian food. The other southern food court has Panda, Taco Bell, Somo and other restaurants. The thing is that both are located using one aspect of the mall, north and south, so what if a family group wants restraints which exist in both. Apart from the meals courts there are restaurants located at some entry to the mall like Tony Romas that is located at the key access. Unlike Festival city and Dubai shopping mall, Mirdif city middle does not have an outdoor eating area but has almost the same variety of restaurants.

Dubai shopping center has a multitude of restaurants located at the food courts and different regions of the mall. There's a food courtroom in the lower walk out and a large one in the second level unlike Mirdif city center that has the two courts on one level. Both courts have outdoor areas so that individuals can enjoy the weather in the wintertime. The food judge in the low ground level is situated near celebrity atrium and the one in the next level is situated near Reel theatre. Other restaurants can be found in different areas of the shopping mall especially in the lower ground level where people can take a seat in the restaurant to consume or smoke shisha and revel in the fountain.

In festival city the food courts are located in the first level. These courts offer a variety of restaurants from different countries with a patio area comparable to Dubai mall. What's different in this mall is that the majority of the restaurants are located on one level except for some restaurants nearby the canal. The food courts offer fast food from restaurants like Windeys, Hardees, and KFC. Other kinds include Aracian, Chinese and Indian. One major disadvantage in Festival city would be that the pedestrian area in front of the restaurants is very narrow and gets crowded easily.

Coffee shops:-

Coffee shops have become the place where people like to spend their time drinking drinks and socializing. Each shopping mall has lots of coffee shops at different locations to entice the shoppers. For this criterion Mirdif city middle have scored 9, Dubai shopping mall have scored 8 and festival city obtained 7.

In Mirdif city middle there was almost a coffee shop at every spot. Folks can shop and drink caffeine at anytime everywhere. Also, there was a book shop called borders with a coffee shop included for the shop tourists. Each coffee shop got the same offering however, not similar decors. Much like Dubai shopping mall there are several coffee outlets. However, in Mirdif city middle none of the coffee shops offered shisha and all were just like Starbucks.

Since Dubai mall is large it offers several coffee shops at different locations. Some of the coffee shops contained in Dubai shopping center are Armani restaurant, cafe blanc, cafe Havana and many others. These restaurant do not vary by their offerings they vary by the atmospheric sense they offer. Armani coffee shop is positioned in front of Armani store in the center of an area filled up with fashion stores. This gives the shopper with a lavish sense, and Caribou espresso is a place for teenagers to socialize. Not forgetting the coffee retailers before the fountain which can be an area where people can enjoy the view.

In festival city, I did so not notice several espresso shops but most of them were situated in entry of the canal so that folks can benefit from the view while sipping coffee. There are a few coffee shops which have a specific theme like Orchestra gives the visitor a classic feeling and Tanja that appears like a classic Arabian caffeine place. Other caffeine retailers include second glass, Caribu and Costa. Festival city is similar to Dubai mall in a sense that they both have several caffeine retailers with different styles. Mirdif city middle differs than the other two department stores in the locations of these coffee outlets.

Other observations and overall comments:-

Mirdif city center offers the least complicated shopping experience due to its efficient design and its own store assortment. At the same time, it should include a better assortment of coffee shops like espresso shops that sell shisha. Furthermore, large stores like Zara and Paris gallery were situated in places that aren't noticeable. These are vacation spot stores but I think that they should be located at sides or any other place where they could be observed. Another comment is the location of patchi, it is found in an area where electronic home appliances stores exist. Also, Daiso should be relocated and put in entrance of Carrefour because the outlets there sell similar equipment.

Dubai mall offers a unique and an remarkable experience as a result of unique offerings they have including the dance fountain and the aquarium. Also, these offerings aim for visitors as well who come to reside an Arabian experience within an Arabian atmosphere in souk al bahar. I went to souk al bahar twice and noticed that there are only vacationers roaming around the place and sometimes it is bare. However, these offerings aren't helping in getting the customers to the stores in the shopping center. A lot of the traffic movement was focused at the fountain, in the meals courts and the aquarium. Compared to the traffic circulation a few where visiting the stores and shopping. Also, the mall is too big and the consumers don't have the time to visit all the stores. Although, there weren't several buyers in Mirdif city center at the time I seen the mall was designed proficiently with a good enough store assortment rather than much entertainment except for children. Quite simply, people can shop easily at Mirdif city centre when comparing it to Dubai shopping mall. I have listened to people say let us go to Dubai mall to start to see the aquarium and sit down in a coffee shop nearby the fountain then we will shop in an inferior mall.

The worst miscalculation in Festival city is the design of the shopping center. Due to this the shopper feels that the mall is big since it requires some a chance to walk in the shopping center. Another impact is the invisible alleys in the mall that are hard to locate. I think that Happening city has a point over Mirdif city center and Dubai mall, the meals courts, momento and the movie theater are all situated in one level alone which provides purchasers with easier usage of the meals courts and the cinema.

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