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Payment by bank transfer

When issuing customers who live in a hotel by bank transfer (Account to company ), the clerk Front desk is required to check whether the service fee is transferred to the hotel account or is there guarantee their receipt in the near future. The employee of the Front desk must also check the list of services provided to customers by bank transfer on the terms of the contract or letter of guarantee. The amounts on the accounts of these customers must go directly to the non-cash accounts of the organizations where they were located. In the computer program there is a corresponding section. If customers have invoices for additional paid services provided by the hotel that are not included in this list, you must receive payment for them in cash or by credit card and issue the necessary accounts, which have already been mentioned.

Payment by Vouchers

Another type of payment in the hotel is the payment by vouchers (Voucher). It is less common than cash and credit card settlement, and is a kind of cashless settlement. Voucher - a document that establishes the right of a tourist to the services included in the tour and confirms the fact of their provision. The voucher must include:

• the name of the travel agency that issued it;

• the state license number of the travel agency for the right to carry out tourist activities (for domestic tourism organizations);

• the address of the travel agency and the rest of its most complete requisites;

• voucher number and date of issue;

• the name of the organization for which the voucher is intended (hotel, boarding house, holiday home, other travel agency, etc.);

• Surname of the client or clients;

• number of clients;

• a detailed list of paid services that must be provided to a given client within a specific time frame;

• phones and addresses of travel agency partners (Figure 42).

The voucher must be signed by the responsible person and stamped

Enterprise. It is usually issued in triplicate: one remains in the organization that issued the voucher; second issue -

Voucher Template

Pic . 42 Sample voucher

the client; the third is for the host organization.

Foreign and domestic travel agencies conclude with the hotel agreements for the service of tourists and business people. The payment document for the customer is a voucher. Customers buy a voucher in the travel agency, i.e. already in advance pay for accommodation and some additional paid services (usually breakfast and transfer). The hotel or other accommodation facility receives payment for services rendered from travel agencies through bank transfers. The cashier of the reception service issues vouchers along with other documents and invoices to the payment part of the hotel for further processing. In the computer program, the cashier makes appropriate notes for services rendered by the hotel that are not included in the list of paid voucher services, the cashier takes payment in cash or by credit card ( Mr. _____________, your accommodation and breakfasts are paid by the voucher.) Can I ask you for a credit card for payment for additional services? ).

Express Check-out Service or Express Check-out

The express statement system was developed and implemented by Bill Marriott, Jr.. This system is very convenient for frequent business travelers in hotels. This method is used only when paying by credit cards and in United States conditions it is used only in high-class hotels where there is a high degree of trust both from the clients to the reception staff and vice versa, as this procedure does not require the immediate presence of a resident. Form for quick statement can be taken at Reception during registration or at any other time during your stay. Reception Express Check-out is possible only if you have a pre-authorization check. Guests receive their ready accounts in the evening (before leaving the next morning). Some hotels use technologies that allow customers to check the accuracy of the account via interactive television in their room. If the bills are accurate and the guests agree with all charges for the services rendered by the hotel, they fill out the form or, in other words, the express payment agreement, sign one hundred and pass to Reception upon departure. This procedure can save a lot of time and avoid possible delays during check-out. In Fig. 43 shows a sample of the form of the express-payment agreement.

Sometimes in hotels there is a need to return money to customers. The cashier makes a refund in the following cases:

• guest refusal from the number within one hour from the moment of settlement, if the client did not use the number;

• due to early departure from the hotel, when the payment for the room was made for a longer period of stay;

• when changing the form of payment from cash to bank transfer;

• in special cases in consultation with the hotel management;

• in case of transferring a client from a previously paid room to a room of a different category (lower cost);

• When you add another guest (guests) to the paid room.

In the last two cases, the price difference is paid.

This procedure is accompanied by execution of the client's receipt in receipt of an unused advance with mandatory identification of the guest's signature on the receipt with a signature in the passport or other document proving the identity. The receipt must also contain the client's passport data (Figure 44).

Subsequently, she will be transferred to the accounting department together with the cash report. Accordingly, the amount of revenue will be less by the specified amount.

Express Payment Agreement Template

Fig. 43. Sample Express Payment Agreement

A sample of a receipt for a refund ​​

Puc. 44. Sample receipt for a refund

There are times when a client refuses to pay for a particular service. If the clerk of the reception service can not independently resolve the problem, he should contact the head of the unit. The head, in turn, on the basis of his powers, experience, appropriate instructions, must find the correct solution to this problem. To each case it is necessary to approach individually, proceeding from the developed situation. In case of misunderstanding with payment, it is necessary to take the guest away from the general queue, to solve the problem without further publicity.

The Check Out Procedure procedure should not take more than eight minutes to complete. At the conclusion of the statement, the guest should be reminded of the need to collect his passport, thank him for choosing your hotel, invite the guest to come again ( We will be very glad to see you again at our hotel! "), To thank and encourage the guest who filled in card - feedback on the quality of service at the hotel (where provided), wish a happy journey.

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