Sales channels of hotel services - Marketing of a hotel company

Sales channels of hotel services

Recently, the hotel business has undergone major changes, caused by increasingly complex requirements of consumers, the development of information technology and the globalization of information resources, as well as increasing competition in domestic and international markets.

In: -> these conditions, the requirements to the management of hotel enterprises, the use of advanced Western experience, including the management of the distribution and distribution sphere, on which the efficiency of the activities of enterprises directly depends, are substantially increased.


Hotel Best Western Vega Hotel & amp; Convention Center, as the deputy general director for sales and marketing Alexander Polyakov, being surrounded by four powerful competitors, builds his sales on the basis of the western brand. In addition, the hotel is constantly working on the quality of service, daily studying the feedback and wishes of the guests, which they leave in the questionnaires. As a result, the service level does not jump depending on the season and the hotel loading, and when the customer's satisfaction is constantly growing, selling the product is much easier.

This example shows that any hotel company needs to know its current and potential customers, i.e. to whom hotel products and services (hereinafter products) are sold, should represent how the hotel products are sold, and also know how the path goes, but to which the consumer gets directly to the hotel. In other words, in order for the hotel company to enter a new qualitative level in the sale of hotel products, it is necessary to clearly represent the entire process of their sales, which is carried out through distribution channels.

Sales channels of the hotel product move the consumer to the place of supply (consumption) of the product, while distribution channels move the hotel products from the place of their production to the potential consumer. These movements are carried out in space and time.

Therefore, the sales channel can be called the direction of action of the hotel company in relation to a potential client, the result of which is the purchase by the client of the hotel product. In the consumer language, the marketing channel is understood as one or another method by which the hotel company allows a client to book or immediately acquire a pomeranian or a set of services offered by the hotel. With the increase in sales channels, the hospitality industry is expanding its reach to potential customers, which increases its profitability. Each distribution channel contributes to both attracting new customers, and works with regular customers who provide the hotel company with significant revenue.

The existing channels for the sale of hotel enterprises provide for three main methods of marketing products:

direct - the hotel company directly sells its products to the consumer;

Indirect - product marketing, organized through independent intermediaries;

combined - marketing of products is carried out through an organization with the total capital of the manufacturer and independent firm.

Previously, the hotel company compiles a list of alternative sales channels, and then compares them to a number of factors and chooses the most suitable for the given market.

Below are the main sales channels that are used by hotel companies and hotel chains:

1) direct sales through your own booking center ( call-center , reservation department) performed by the department or by a remote booking center (sales office). With the network structure, you can add a central chain reservation system ( CRS ) to this channel, often integrated with hotel management systems ( PMS ) for the centralization of hotel chain sales in real time;

2) GDS - global distribution systems {Amadeus, Saber, Worldspan , Galileo ), bringing together thousands of hotels around the world. This includes the websites they own ( Travelocity, Expedia , etc.). This is one of the oldest and established channels, aimed at working with travel agencies and individual clients;

a sufficient number of hotel companies selling rooms via the Internet;

4) own booking portal. The hotel site in modern conditions can have not only an information component, but also be a dedicated direct sales channel;

5) classic travel agencies, websites and CRS travel agencies , which facilitate the loading of hotel enterprises.

The above systems will be discussed in more detail in paragraph 7.6.

Proper management of existing distribution and marketing channels allows the hotel company to strategically plan its business, responsive to market changes. The increase in these channels contributes to attracting more customers and the hotel has the opportunity to choose those groups of consumers that can provide it with the maximum income. In other words, with effective management of sales channels, a hotel company can work in conditions when it is not the client who chooses the enterprise, but when the hotel stops to choose the most profitable consumers.

However, when choosing intermediaries, the hotel company should keep in mind that increasing the number of intermediaries increases the cost of selling its products, to some extent, the control over consumers is lost, as intermediaries may receive distorted information about the consumer markets they control.


Therefore, before choosing a hotel intermediary company, it is expedient for him to form a sales strategy or have a sales plan coordinated with the overall marketing strategy of the enterprise.

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