Scubadiving in India

Life's biggest experience is to explore the unfamiliar and discover the undiscovered vacation spot on this entire world. Adventure lovers set out into the untamed and face the challenges as they come. More than half of the earth is covered in drinking water and the life within the sea continues to be undiscovered and unexplored. The adventure seekers that love normal water also adore the activity of scuba. The pleasures of floating in the deep blue seas or the excitement of diving under the sea are unparallel joys.

Scuba Diving is a start of discovering a whole new world of the underwater. Even in the annals there have been circumstances where man shows curiosity about the life span existing in the sea. A very famous Indian epic Ramayan has a reference to the same. There are many imaginary creatures that are inspired by the creatures residing inside the sea.

Scuba diving for example originates from Europeans who in essence were taken in by the long coastline of India and the white sandy beaches. Snorkelling too is a superb sport which is another breakthrough of the whites. The Indians too have started out discovering the buzz associated with these drinking water sports.

The Indian coastlines multiply over greater than a thousand kilometres. The Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal all surround India from three different directions. Hence it isn't surprising to learn that the united states comprises of some of the most beautiful beach locations of the world. The other more attractive reasons for having the Indian coastlines and beaches is the mangroves, backwater, cliff peninsulas, Cluster of islands and the spotlight- the marine life. There are many diving sites open to the tourists and many still stay unexplored.

The waves reaching the rocks and the splashing of the same on the coral reefs is one of the most stunning and fascinating experience. The waters in the lagoons rinse away the white sands with water splashing on the shores and are dotted with palm trees. That is purely a eyesight of untouched mother nature and the one which shouldn't be missed.

The underwater is completely different than what one view on land. Everything filter systems through the blue color of the ocean. It is colourful and lively. It really is untamed and variously structured forming patterns which can be interesting to see. Corals in the ocean are the most attractive part associated with an underwater dive. These are of many kinds, colours and forms. There are thousands of them living right under the ocean! They range between small hydroids to high sea lovers, from languidly waving sea anemones to jellyfish.

India has gained acceptance as a scuba-diving and snorkelling vacation spot of the world. Certain places in the Indian subcontinent are well worth visiting if an example may be a lover of scuba and other athletics.


In Andaman and Nicobar islands is one of the very most popular water sports activities adventure hotspot. That is one of the extremely few inhabited islands of this union territory. The place is scarcely populated and hence it still has the natural allure. The white sandy beaches tucked with hand groves over the shore and dotted with coral reefs, this place is one of the most popular destinations. Vacationers throng this place during trips, mainly foreigners who love doing their own thing. Although prior permission is required to come here, each goes through ordeal to experience the richness of the ocean.

Havelock is basically inhabited by Bengali's who resolved here ages ago. It is propagate in an section of 100 sq km and is placed 54 km from Port Blair which may be accessible through street, sea and even air.

Havelock has a great many other water related activities occurring like there may be Radha Nagar beach on Havelock which has been voted as the best beach in Asia by Time Journal. Havelock island is also a place to indulge in backpacking, sportfishing, kayaking and sailing.


The other most popular scuba vacation spot in India is Lakshadweep. It is not as favored by tourists but it offers slowly began becoming known because of its pristine beauty and untamed character. Scuba diving is a great experience here when the colourful corals, the exotic fishes, the bluish-greenish sea bed and the crystal clear water all over the place.

Netrani islands

Netrani Islands are located off shoreline of Karnataka. It is located near the Arabian Sea Precisely situated 10 nauticle a long way from the temple town of Murudeshwara. This place is another favourite for scuba and snorkelling. The waters are crystal clear and so are perfect for diving. The awareness range here is between 15-20 metres.

Here one will discover a variety of sea real life institutions of Barracuda, Snappers, Jacks, Indian Banner fish, Red tooth lead to seafood, large shark- like Cobia, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Groupers, Puffer seafood, Napoleon Wrasse.


Goa also has several beaches but for scuba diving it isn't so muc preferred. It really is more known for its drinking water sport activities.

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