The Business Management Of Skylark Hotel Travel and leisure Essay

The brainstorming process took about a week. After careful thought and factor, we decided to venture into the hotel business. You will find many reasons for this. Firstly, we sensed that the demand for hotels in Singapore will be high as Singapore is a flourishing tourism industry. Furthermore, many incidents in Singapore like the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the approaching Youth Olympic Video games ensure that there will be countless vacationers flocking to the little red dot. Also, we pointed out that few people venture into the hotel business despite its popular. Thus we chosen using the hotel as our main business.

We also have created a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts to further boost our business. This assists as a platform for our customers to know more about our business and also provides as a communication program between our business and respected customers. By doing this, we can obtain feedback from our respected customers and set up a positive relationship with them.

Our Profile

Business Name: Skylark hotel

Business Location: Stadium Boulevard, 52 Stadium Road (397724)

hotel location macro. PNG

Business Objectives: Skylark's aim is to take care of all friends as prestigious people of the hotel, by using dedicated staff to focus on the guests' needs and needs throughout their stay. The security and satisfaction in our friends is our key responsibility.

Mission Assertion: To supply traditional hospitality by offering exclusive service and facilities for your comfort.

Vision Statement:

To provide great encounters to each valued guest that strolls through Skylark's entrance doors by building a reliable and long lasting relationship with our prestigious guests through an activity of ongoing improvement in our service.


Sincerity To determine and maintain a level of trust with this guests.

Keenness To show a determination to learn from our mistakes and reflect upon the guests' opinions.

Youthful To permit the employees to bring their passion to work and also have fun.

Loyalty Devotion and full determination in providing our appreciated guests

Accountability To consider ownership and responsibility in all the tasks that are being allocated

Respect To acquire a simple courtesy level between colleague, subordinate and top ranking managers.

Kind To be polite and courteous to every single guest that walks through the Skylark's doors.

Smart Goals

We are looking to welcome at least 1000 guests within the first six months of our established beginning, thus making expected hotel income of $500, 000.

To achieve full occupancy through the Holiday durations.

To be known as an friendly to the environment hotel by the finish of the 1st 12 months operation

To be highlighted in the hotel business mag by the next year of our operation

To be awarded the 'Excellent Service Prize' by another year of the operation


All hotel room rates are subject to change without notice. Payment may be produced by cash or bank cards such as MasterCard, Visa or American express cards.

We are focused on minimising the impact of your operations on the surroundings.

We are prepared to comply with the majority of the laws and regulations in relation to saving the surroundings.

We will fast our friends and employees to take part or lead in the protection of our environment.

We will ensure that the products supplied by our suppliers is environmentally-friendly.

Monitoring the performance of hotel and employees will take place every 6 months so that we can review what we have achieved or failed and improve onto it accordingly.

We will not be held liable for any damage or harm to any valuables.

We will never be held responsible for any crashes or injuries to your guests throughout their stay in our hotel


If the reservation created by a potential guest has been established by the hotel, the guest is guaranteed a accommodation. Though we can not give a promise to satisfy our friends' demand, we will attempt our best to satisfy any demands made relating to room amount or location. All reservations must be produced at least 3 times prior to your arrival date.

All reservations will demand an advanced first deposit equalling the price tag on residing in the requested room for every day.

All cancellations of reservations have to be made your day following reservation. If it's cancellation is manufactured any later, debris by the friends will be forfeited.

Our check-in time is anytime after 12 noon.

Our checkout time is 12 noon. A later checkout demand of $150 will be incurred to rooms that check out after 12 noon.

Hotel guests will be accountable for any damages found in their room after they check out.

Rules and Regulation

The hotel is certified to only accommodate properly registered guests. Guests are to present their valid Identification cards or passport for verification.

Smoking is prohibited in the hotel rooms.

Be suggested to keep your valuables in your room safe which is situated in your cupboard.

On the basis of a confirmed arranging the hotel is to reserve the room for the guest up to 6:00 PM only, unless the scheduling stipulates in any other case.

Guests should not move furniture, or hinder the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management.

No playing of any kind or unlawful tendencies is allowed in the hotel.

Employees are to wear their homogeneous smartly in the hotel premises at all time.


Decision making model

Ratings from 1 to 5 shows which business works with the requirements the best.

Business venture

Type of business

Knowledge of

the field

Practicality to

be applied

in Singapore





Retail shop












Hotel management






Investment centre






Sports complex






Definition of criteria:

Knowledge of the field How familiar we have been with different types of businesses.

Practicality to be applied in Singapore How effective is it to set up such an enterprise in Singapore.

Maintenance Charge The expenses that'll be incurred in future in order to keep the facilities and section of the business under appropriate and acceptable conditions.

Uniqueness The type of business we choose must be few in amount in Singapore

Thus, we have chosen to endeavor into hotel management as almost all of us provide an extensive knowledge about the field and furthermore, it is can be employed in the Singapore context. Additionally, additionally it is reasonably unique as few people endeavor into this type of business.

Location of business




Amount of Space

Landmarks available in the location



Marina Bay







Harbour Front














Holland Road







Stadium Boulevard







Definition of requirements:

Competitiveness the existence of opponents who are in similar businesses may affect our profits

Landmarks available in the location the presence of well-known places of interest located near to the hotel.

Amount of space how large is the space in this area.

Accessibility how convenient the positioning of our hotel is. Which means that it needs to be near an MRT stop and bus-stop. Also, it must be easy to get at by cars

Rental the cost of using the piece of land

Thus, Stadium Boulevard has been chosen as the location accessible as there can be an option of bus and MRT close by. There's also hardly any hotels for the reason that area and the amount of space to make our hotel is significantly large. Furthermore, the local rental payment is relatively cheaper when compared with the rest of the locations.

Name of Hotel




Number of votes
































Definition of conditions:

Uniqueness how different our hotel name is really as compared to other names. This means that the name chosen need to be distinctive and it is not really a duplicate of other businesses.

Meaningful choosing a name that includes a special so this means tagged along with it and is able to represent the eyesight and mission of our own hotel.

Number of votes how many of our group associates favoured the name of the hotel

We have chosen Skylark as the hotel name because it is considered to be unique. Furthermore, it is considered as meaningful as the task sky represents the positioning of the business enterprise which is surrounded naturally. Also, it has triumphed in one of the highest numbers of votes by our group members.

Fundamentals of planning

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is performed by top management where long-term goals are founded and available resources are identified. The owner, standard manager, assistant basic manager and citizen manager will hook up monthly to review the hotel's improvement and check if the long-term goals are possible. They'll also be in charge of the changing or preserving the overall direction of the hotel and they will look into ways to handle the highly competitive hotel industry.

Tactical planning

Tactical planning will be done by the professionals under the control of the most notable management. They will be responsible for putting into action the policies made by the top professionals. Also, they are in charge of the managers under their ability. Also, in Skylark hotel, these professionals will act as middlemen between first-line management and the very best management. This means that these professionals have to mention the problems the first-line professionals face to the most notable management if they cannot solve it.

Operational planning

The professionals in this section are known as first-line professionals. They are accountable for carrying out daily responsibilities and motivating employees. They are also responsible to solve problems with respect to the employees.

Organisational Environment

Internal Stakeholders

The internal stakeholders in our company include 150 employees from a variety of races and years and genders, an owner, in addition to a panel of directors.

External Stakeholders

The external stakeholders of the hotel consists of the task and standard environment.

Task Environment


The most important of most is our esteemed customers, both local and foreigners which will help enhance our business as they are the key sources of the income. Without the presence of the clients, it will then be impossible for us to make any income. Our targeted demographic are family members. Thus, this points out why we many facilities which allow them to bond alongside one another as a family group. Quality of Services


Good Food (Buffet)

Attractive Rates - Discount and offer

Environment - Quiet and welcoming colour shades, furniture and employees


As for food and beverages, our main provider is Pines Catering. External suppliers are also required to provide raw materials for our engineering and furniture. For development, our supplier is Pluspoint Top Global while for fixtures; our company is Aceman Reconstruction and Trading.


As for our main competition, they are the nearby hotels that happen to be Hotel World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands and Fragrance Hotel Admiral which may negatively have an effect on our earnings.

Our main competitor is Resort World Sentosa. Besides providing accommodation, they offer numerous vacation packages for the friends. An illustration is the 3D2N Ultimate Fun Package deal where they get moves to Universal Studios Singapore and the as complimentary refreshments when they first arrived at the hotel. Marina Bay Sands is also another opponent of the hotel. Aside from the common amenities for the friends, Marina Bay Sands also provide golf course for his or her customers.

Thus, the packages that our rivals promote aggressively will indirectly influence us as this will certainly reduce the number of guests inside our hotel. Our hotel may resort to developing similar or even better packages to get more customers.


By developing a close romance with the multimedia, our hotel can secure identification faster. Joining pushes together with travel firms, our business will prosper as it can help our hotel to gain reputation. Other stakeholders included the eye groups, the federal government, lenders and unions.

General Environment

The standard environment comprises many external forces which are largely beyond the control of our hotel.

Economic forces

General economic movements happening world-wide make a difference our hotel's profits credited to a better or weaker dollars value. Thus, we need to ensure our hotel should demand sensible rates to customers in order to maintain our competitiveness even during a recession. This allows us to draw in more customers.

Socio ethnical forces

As Singapore is a multicultural country, our hotel would have to respect and be mindful of the various routines and deep-seated beliefs of the different races and religions.

Technological forces

Our hotel has pertained technology by adapting to the advancements of technology insurance agencies our personal website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts. The website allows our customers to reserve hotel rooms online, view special offers available and browse the amenities provided at the comfort of their house. In addition, they could provide us with opinions on the website and our hotel can improve on our weaknesses and improvement.

International forces

As the world has just suffered with an economy crisis, this will cause a decrease in the numbers of guests in the hotel. However, Singapore has politics stability, meaning you will see no riots or protests to deter the vacationers from getting into Singapore.

Political-legal forces

As the law holds up certain guidelines and laws to avoid inappropriate serves in hotel such as prostitution and playing. In addition, regulations assists our hotel to uphold order to ensure an enjoyable stay for the guests.

Organisation Structure

Task and roles

General Manager

The duties of an over-all manager include handling other professionals and the hotel staff, budgeting cost and cross-referring to genuine budget, handling hotel projects, managing hotel emergencies and public relations with the multimedia. This means that a general manager usually oversees most or all of the firm's marketing and sales functions and the day-to-day businesses of the business enterprise. The general director is also accountable for leading the tactical planning functions of the hotel.

Assistant Standard Manager

An assistant general manager aids the overall manager in his decisions such as business agendas. He also facilitates the general manager in doing the paperwork which is not so important and he is tasked with reporting all problems in the hotel to the overall manager. However, they can solve these problems if he is able to and in so doing, allowing the hotel to run smoothly.

Resident manager

The main job of the resident administrator is to react to any problems or emergencies in the hotel while overlooking the day-to-day businesses of the hotel. They stay in the hotel and are on call 24 hours a day. However, they only benefit a certain time frame each day although they are on call during the day.

House-keeping manager

Basically, the house-keeping supervisor supervises work activities of cleaning workers to ensure clean and attractive rooms in the hotel. The house-keeping manager also assigns duties, examine work, and investigate claims regarding housekeeping and takes corrective action as required. He's also required to acquire housekeeping resources and equipment, educate new employees, and recommend dismissals.

Front Office Manager

Front office professionals are sensible making the friends' stay at the hotel as enjoyable as possible. This means to ensure that the guests are treated courteously and make sure all the complaints and problems of the guests are resolved as quickly as possible. They are also handed the responsibility of reservations, checking the position of the rooms and ensure that guests' special question are carried out. There is also the power to change the charges submitted on the customer's costs.

Telecom operator

Hotel telecom providers are required to transfer foreign or outside phone calls to the appropriate visitor room. He also has to answer or transfer all incoming cell phone calls. He is in charge of informing the friends about the latest information on visitor services and also processes and executes the wake-up calling to the guests. He also helps to inform the friends about the latest incidents and happenings at the hotel.

Chief engineer

The key engineer is accountable for keeping the performance of the maintenance or engineering division in the hotel. He also offers to ensure that the hotel is at working order and fix any problems related to the composition of the hotel. He or she has to maintain the external surfaces of the building, the car recreation area and check the furniture in the guest rooms and take corrective steps if anything is wrong with the furniture. He must be able to respond to emergencies, even after working hours. Most importantly, he will need to have the troubleshooting potential to be able to solve any problem in the hotel on the spot.

Chief of security

Chief of security is responsible for overseeing the safe practices of the hotel each day, especially in the evening. He may likewise have other duties such as travelling the hotel property to ensure that everyone is safe. He is also tasked with responding to guest. The principle of security must have the ability to solve problems quickly and respond to disaster situations effectively.

Human resources manager

The human reference manager is in charge of the administrative function of the hotel. This implies to recruit, interview or work with new employees in to the organisation relating to the strategic plan made by top executives. They are also responsible for all areas related to employees such as providing them uniforms and providing them with employee benefits. Recruiting managers are tasked with providing training for the new employees to enhance the employee skills and increase customer satisfaction. In today's contemporary society, human resources managers lead the hotel by recommending and changing policies after consultation with top executives.

Food and drink manager

The food and drink manager is in charge of overseeing, with the chef, the purchasing of all the ingredients necessary to complement the items on the menu. It could require training new employees and monitoring the staff in the dining area to see if they're following a hotel style of service. Sometimes, the meals and beverage supervisor can also be called up to solve concerns with the guests unhappy with the food. Additionally it is very important to keep the morale in the food and beverage section.

Sales director

The sales director is responsible for maximising the occupancy of the hotel. He also works with the general administrator with regards to operational issues. The sales director will need to have excellent communication skills as he is in charge of negotiating with suppliers to supply the goods the hotel needs at a minimal price and he needs it to establish rapport with clients or suppliers.


The hotel controller's job is to survey financial information timely and effectively. He is also responsible for financial forecasting, both short-term and long-term. He handles the accounting and financial staff and he may be required to train new employees.

This organisational chart is done in accordance to useful departmentalisation. This organisation adopts a broad period of control. It is because the Resident Supervisor alone is in-charge of three departments. In these departments, the very best supervisors or professionals will have another range of subordinates. The company has a decentralisation of authority. In each sector of the company, they may have their own professionals that are in charge of them. The employees do not have to get endorsement from the General Manager or anyone from around that status. Instead the employees just have to get approval using their company immediate director or supervisor.

Organisation Culture

Hotel Services:

As the top notch hotel, within the culture, we aim to provide with a giggle. The employees of the hotel is going the extra mile for the customers to be sure they are sensing euphoric. If we are able to provide smiles and go the extra mile, the clients will feel the heat of the hotel and the probability of them coming back would increase.

Integrity - Our employees will need to have integrity so that we are able to establish trust with our guests.

Hotel Maintenance:

The customers' needs and desires should be satisfied. The maintenance service provider is usually to be on standby a day, ready to aid the clients if they request for it. That is to make certain our customers don't need to wait a long time frame or wait till the next day till the maintenance service agency is available. By doing this, they offer maintenance all day long.

Hotel facilities:

The hotel will also consider finding restaurants which can be highly recommended by the foreigners to open up a branch in the hotel. The hotel will provide international food just in case a few of the foreigners who aren't used to the meals in Singapore, they can always get back to the hotel's restaurant to eat the meals old in their country.

Hotel Location Security

The security guards are also to be on patrol a day throughout the hotel with the lobby. That is to avoid anyone from stirring trouble about the hotel or in the hotel. By having such agreements, our hotel can be a popular choice to the foreigners for our top notch security.

Employee Feedback

There is a meeting presented every six months to help improve the quality of the hotel as well as employees benefits. During this appointment, employees are invited and permitted to tone of voice out their feedbacks about their superiors and the benefits they would like to improvement on. As for the employees gain, all employees are given a twenty percent discount off the full total monthly bill when they dine in the hotel. The foodstuffs of the employees are also provided. Breakfast and meal will be provided for those on morning hours shift, meal and meal will be provided for those on afternoon change. The employees who work over-time will acquire one and a half times the basic pay.

Employee Treatment:

All employees are to are accountable to their immediate supervisors or managers for report updates and decision making. However, for key decisions which might affect the company greatly, the Chief Executive Officer can make the final decision. THE PRINCIPLE Executive Officer also offers the to change any decisions made by any supervisor and administrator. For documents which need to be agreed upon or approved, it will require at least two manager's signature and stamp with respect to the situation. This is to avoid any misleading by one manager or supervisor causing the company to produce a wrong decision. At least with two signatures, two managers would have been through the report and discussed to be sure there is absolutely no fault or look at of scam in it.


In our company, each and every one of our staff is look after as a leader.

Leadership style: We'd want to have leaders with the next characteristics


Each employee is usually to be able to be approached easily and can lend a aiding hands when others are in need. Hierarchy is not our main goal in our company. However, basic esteem still needs to be shown. We would like to ensure a friendly and conducive working environment for everyone.


Each supervisor should encourage their fellow colleague, subordinate and employees to do their best in anything that they actually. We encourage inspiration to spread around the working environment. Little deeds should be praised and recognized. This will donate to an optimistic working experience for everyone.


Each worker should figure out how to be forward looking as this will eventually profit the business in lots of ways. This does not only imply to the top professionals but also all employees. Since we've a relatively level hierarchy, this helps us to have the ability to obtain contribution from everyone. When you are forward looking, we are in a position to seize each and every opportunity which come and also, avoid any circumstances that can affect the success in our business. In addition, by being frontward looking, we will also be in a position to stay before our competitors such as Marina Bay Sands.

Reward Power

Our business is using the monetary incentives to control our employees. Which means that employees are given certain incentives for going beyond the decision of duty. The best employee of each department every month will be compensated with a free hotel stay of 3 days and nights 2 evenings. This also acts as a motivation for the employees to shoot for their finest while doing their work.

Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership

We would also prefer to choose the Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Control where the authority style will depend on the employees' readiness. The command styles include revealing, selling, engaging and delegating. However, we could eventually looking to use the management design of delegating where our employees can and happy to do their job. This style entails a low job behavior and a minimal relationship action. However, to do this, we'd use more of selling that involves both high job behavior and a high relationship behavior. Which means that the employees are unable but eager or confident. We would then guide those to ensure they eventually can do their job well.


Our hotel wish to control the quality of service wanted to the guests. We have to provide our exclusive customers with the top-rated of service in order that they will patronize our hotel again. To become top-rated, our hotel has scheduled the work time of the employees so that there will be at least someone open to focus on the needs of the guests.

Feedforward control

Firstly, our hotel will provide our employees with training such as customer support course. This is to ensure our employees include the necessary skills needed. Thus, our hotel can provide our guests with top-rated service to allow them to enjoy their stay in our hotel. In cases like this, we are applying Feedforward control.

Concurrent control

Our hotel can associate Concurrent control, by requesting our guests because of their valuable feedback throughout their stay. When our staffs get the opportunity to meet the guests, we could get their tips and improve from there by incorporating their guidelines.

Feedback control

Lastly, Feedback control is also useful to bring our hotel to a larger height. Prior to the guests leave our hotel, we provides them with a reviews form and get these to rate our service. In addition, they may do that on our hotel's website if they don't have the time to complete the feedback form. By getting their advices, we're able to then focus on our weaknesses and improvement after that.

Our hotel also likes to control the facilities available in our company. We need to make certain that all of your facilities are in tip-top condition for our guests to utilize.

According to Give food to forward control, our hotel will conduct bank checks on the facilities every month to ensure that every equipment is in working order.

Should we acquire any complaints regarding the facilities by the guests, our hotel will send an engineer right down to solve the challenge immediately. If we are unable to achieve this immediately, we try to complete the repairs by three days and nights so our guests have entitlement to use the amenities.

First-line managers can apply operational control insurance firms debrief with their subordinates right before they end their focus on a daily basis. They are able to also discuss about the feedbacks and suggestions made available from the friends.

Tactical control can be included insurance firms conferences fortnightly. The getting together with compromises of the center managers and the first-line managers. During the meetings, they can come up with ways to promote our hotel or even adding in facilities to allow our hotel to soar.

Lastly, proper control is the most essential as it is a gathering where top; midsection and first-line managers meet together. The middle and first-line managers can present their suggestions to the very best managers. The very best managers will decide whether to use their suggestions. In addition, they will review the number of customers patronizing our hotel and the income of the business.

Also, the controlling process is constructive to aid our hotel's success. Firstly, we build our standards by making sure every staff undergoes customer support training. Our hotel seeks to attain a goal of $500000 income in the first six months of our procedure.

We can measure our performance by taking into consideration the amount of guests residing in our hotel and earnings we gained in the first six months.

Comparing our goals with this actual earnings, if we achieved our goal, we will continue with our training and do other programs that are advantageous for our employees. On the other hand, if we didn't attain our goal, we might resort at our publicity and upgrade inside our services.

Future Goals in next 3 years

Earn profit of over $1 million

Extension of new wing so as to handle the vacationer crowds

Collaborate with well-known travel agencies

Be able to offer more appealing discounts and plans than our competitor

To improve and maintain the level of service to the highest level possible

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