The Current Marketing Strategies Of British Airways

From the period 1990 to the current age, the aviation industry has been one of the very most booming industries. Worldwide increase in GDP created a influx throughout the market. The demand to travel resulted in the development of the airline industry. Through the year 2000 the airline industry suffered one of its most tragic stages regarding to the progress of the industry. This happen due mainly to the problems encountered by the planet, for occasion the terrorist attacks on the globe trade centre and the dangerous virus named 'SARS' which stated a great deal of lives in south east Asia. Many travelers reduced their travel and preferred preventing few critical places of the world. Because of this there was a major impact which led to the downfall of the airline industry. The problems in the beginning stared a slowdown in the demand for airlines so that the crisis improved the demand began to decrease in a rapid manner.

British airways completed 90 years of service on 25th August 2009. The foundation of Uk airways could be tracked again from the 19th century. Its first ever journey became popular on 25th august 1919. Since then Uk Airways has seen a great deal of changes and advancements. The first journey managed from London to Paris and it transported only a single passenger and the cargo included magazines, Devonshire cream and grouse. Through the time 1924 many airlines surfaced. Out of these four airlines joint hands and made Imperial Airways limited. They in essence provided services to Paris, Brussels, Basle, Cologne and Zurich. In the year 1930 handful of UK air carry companies joint hands to create British Airways Limited which emerged to be the biggest competitor for Imperial Airways. Due to nationalization by the UK government English Airways and Imperial Airways created British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) in the year 1939.

Domestic and Continental plane tickets were controlled by another airline, British European Airways. In the year 1972 British airways Board that was established in the entire year 1960 merged BOAC and BEA which led to the forming of English Airways in the entire year 1974.

Marketing Strategies of English Airways

Marketing is nothing but a variety of Place, Product, Price and promotion. British Airways have centered their marketing strategies predicated on the marketing combination. They have something strategy, rates strategy, Campaign strategy.

Product Strategy of English Airways
Introduction to product strategy

Product is the primary and the key feature of any sector or an organization. Place, price, promotion comes along with product. Without a product the other three marketing mixes, place, price, campaign cannot be considered.

The main product of English Airways offers air carriers (flights) to the customers who wish to travel. It provides various services that are intangible. These services be a part of the merchandise which is sold by English Airways. United kingdom airways have different kinds of classes for going which are executive class, business category, club school and economy course. The product sold by Uk Airways has been split into different product levels.

The first being the center product just what a customer is purchasing. In the case of British Airways it is the flight tickets that are been purchased by a customer. He purchases them quite simply to meet his need to travel from one destination to the other.

The second is the basic product. Regarding British Airways it's the flight. The clients here book the flights with their destinations based on the timetable provided by English Airways. British airways has an extremely big network and it links UK to all parts of the world. The British isles airways flies to 95 different places in European countries and 60 other areas across the world. It is ranked as one of the busiest airline on earth.

The third is the expected product by the customer. Regarding British Airways it might be the many products such as complimentary dishes, drinks, allocated chairs and onboard entertainment and other services.

British Airways also provides extra services such as various executive classes. United kingdom airways provide precious metal class, silver school and the blue category. They have different varieties of services to fulfill different sorts of needs of their customers.

Pricing strategy of British Airways

Pricing is nothing but a method by which the purchase price or the worthiness of the merchandise is been calculated. It is the amount paid by a customer in order to enjoy the merchandise or service. While establishing the price the organization needs to maintain basic things in mind. These are quality and the price. If the price is higher than the quality, the company would run under losses. And if the purchase price and quality are well balanced then your company would reach its income soon.

British Airways has three different strategies. They can be;

Premium price strategy

In this type of strategy the folks of higher category in the contemporary society are targeted as they are able such kind of cost. The main customers because of this strategy are executive and business category users. They have been given high quality services as they pay a high price.

Medium price strategy

In this kind of rates strategy the medium category of the world is been targeted. Here the grade of services provided is leaner than the top quality price. atlanta divorce attorneys kind of strategy the quality will keep deteriorating but at a minimum level. This strategy is basically found in order to provide competition to many other airlines which supply the same services.

Low price strategy

This strategy is actually used to contend with low cost companies like Raynair. British airways provide low cost fares along with added quality services and its own name. People would obviously prefer British isles airways than the other low shoreline carriers because they are getting English airways at the same cost with their name.

Considering other competitors British airways revised its pricing coverage. The factors determining them are;

-Determining the pricing objectives

-Acting based on the demand

-Cost estimation

-comparing competitors prices and costs

-selection of your pricing method


British airways have provided various offers during celebrations like Christmas. This ticket is generally known as English airways escape solution. Rates have been slashed to a large extent and also people who travel in silver and gold school have been given free upgrades but only 1 way of the trip. Domestic soaring rates have also been slashed.


The attacks on the globe Trade Centre in the entire year 2001 created fear on the list of travelers and since that time the airline industry at a whole faced a huge downfall. Despite all security steps taken in recent time's people travelers cannot regain their self confidence. Because of this there's a slight reduction in travel. However in modern times terrorism has been manipulated scheduled to which flight industry has found in a rapid manner

-Oil prices

Increase of crude petrol prices created an economical downfall credited to that your airline industry was terribly hit. United kingdom airways being truly a part than it faced the issues dude to that they had to increase their fares. The upsurge in fares resulted in people choosing low priced carriers and thus English Airways lost a lot of business.

Volcanic ash

The volcano which erupted in Iceland created lot of disruption in the airspace of UK credited to which 4000 flights were terminated on 15th Apr 2010. Thos continued for almost 3 weeks due to which many airlines encountered huge losses. English airways were one of them.


The crew of British airways seems to go on strikes for everything possible. Lately crew users have resorted to strikes based on salaries and staffing issues. Die to the many plane tickets were cancelled. Low priced carriers took good thing about this and British isles airways started losing its business and the esteem of its brand. People began to prefer other airlines because of the strikes. United kingdom airways is dropping business because of this. The issue is still not been solved.


The different types of marketing strategies utilized by rival airlines are a lot more effective credited to which British isles airways is dropping its valuable customers. Various opponents like emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa are providing travelers with better services than United kingdom airways.

These problems are general in-flight problems faced by the people who are going on British isles airways. These problems are based on the reviews and reviews of the customers

-Passengers visiting have complained about the food which is been offered to them during the journey

-Passengers are complaining about the entertainment provided on the flight

-passengers also have complained about the staff and they say that they don't really seem to be caring and are only professional.

SWOT evaluation

Strengths: English airways have purchased a new fleet of aircrafts which are highly prepared with the latest systems available. Its competition are still on the way to get changing their inventory. British airways have its main durability in its name. The name from it marks its value.

Weakness: The marketing strategies of BA aren't as good as its competitors. The reason behind this is the fact BA is using simple and out-of-date strategies. Whereas its competitors are using strong marketing strategies that are developed by highly skilled market analysts. British airways suffer losses due to variety of strikes each year.

Opportunities: As Uk airways provide various services, it's got the actual to rating customers in the global market. If indeed they do so then globalization can be their power instead of their weakness.

Threats: the risks of British airways are inside as their decision making is poor. For this reason there is loss in business. United kingdom airways have its primary focus on local issues and nationwide issues scheduled to which it does not see global. Thus globalization is been disregarded.

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