The Importance Of Variety For Hospitality Professionals Tourism Essay

The hospitality management is on the basis of management Therefore, hospitality professionals need to learn more knowledge regarding the management. In the modern hospitality management, the professionals need to accept variety as an essential requirement. Modern hospitality has diverse customers and the needs of customers will vary. Because of this, the hotel shouldn't only meet up with the needs of the guests room and board, but also provide a variety of services and facilities to meet up with the various needs of customers so that they are religious and materials satisfaction and enjoyment. In addition, the variety in the hospitality is also reflected in the creation of economical benefits and sociable benefits. The importance of variety in the hospitality can be discussed from three aspects.

Firstly, the nature of hospitality needs the diversity. There are several departments in the hotels, including housekeeping section, marketing department, recruiting, funding and other different departments. Good hospitality management should web page link each team well. Under this circumstances, diversity is rather important. The hotel aims at providing the services to the clients. To be able to offer good service, each team should cooperate with each other. Under this situation, knowing one management knowledge is not enough. Diversity becomes even necessary in the hospitality management. Modern hospitality itself can be an organic and natural integration. The hospitality procedure and management activities need to review the hotel's overall purpose, the entire function and overall performance. (Delman, 2000) At the same time, hospitality management should make the structure of the many elements of the hotel to adapt to the entire needs. The overall objective of the present day hotel is composed by the detailed elements. The modern hotel's overall function is the result of coordination of these elements. The overall effect of today's hotel is produced in their common relations within various elements. Hospitality managers should consider the overall hobbies of the hotel and present full play to the hotel's man, material and financial resources and the role of information. This all needs the diversity knowledge of hospitality management.

Secondly, ethnic difference in the hospitality management also requires the diversity. In the present day hospitality procedure and management, there isn't only reception for local customers, but also a huge variety of receptions for overseas guests. Therefore, modern hospitality management has a foreign-related feature. The hospitality management should be based on different countries and different ethnic group practices. Then hospitality professionals should arrange a variety of services to meet up with the needs of international guests. At the same time, hotel managers and staffs need to implement their own policies on external environment and do the service work well. All of these work needs to be proven on the diversity. At the same time, cultural difference usually has the misunderstanding. To be able to serve international customers well, it's important for hospitality managers to learn the diversity.

Thirdly, diversity is also essential for the system management in the hospitality.

Modern hotel is an independent economical entity, which really is a comprehensive and all natural system. From the machine engineering viewpoint, modern hospitality system management mainly includes system research, evaluation of the hotel, the hotel corporation and management system, hotel program management systems and hotel management control systems and other management content. Many of these management contents are different with each other, but they are all necessary parts for the hospitality management. The hospitality professionals should learn the diversity to adjust to different management settings. Effecting by the diversity, hospitality professionals could learn more management ways and increase the quality of hospitality management.

Explain Hofstede's Cultural Construction, what is it all about. Choose a culture within your business and discuss where the cultural group rates and compare with the Australian ranking.

Cultural construction is submit by Greet Hofstede, who's superintendent of the Netherlands Institute of International Cultural Co-operation, Hofstede and his fellow workers adopted this concept in the study of quantitative research on social factors. In 1980, Hofstede made a survey on 117, 000 IBM staffs in 66 countries, which is dependant on the worthiness of the work. Then Hofstede developed a culture that is dependant on the four frameworks of Western culture, including individualism and collectivism, power distance, doubt avoidance and masculinity / femininity. (Kealey, 2003)

Individualism and collectivism signifies that the partnership between individual and group level. Individualistic culture focuses on individual goals. On the other hand, collectivist culture stresses more on collective goals. In the individualistic culture, people should manage themselves and immediate family. Within the collectivist cultures, people expect their collective within the group to manage them, In exchange for such treatment, they have definite loyalty to domestic communities. For individualism, there isn't the significant between in-group and out-group. But for collectivism, there is significant difference between in-group and out-group.

In the organization or establishment, it usually has the fact that members have less vitality or unequal distribution of power. Electric power distance identifies the acceptance of individuals on this simple fact. Cultural members with strong electric power see the power as cultural basic factions. They emphasize on the required and prescriptive power. In opposite, cultural members with weak power think that the adoption of electricity should be complied with the laws and regulations. They add more importance to professionals and legitimacy.

Uncertainty avoidance denotes that people's uncertainty attitude about the future. (Davis, 2000) The amount of strong uncertainty avoidance culture will have an obvious interpersonal norms and ideas to guide virtually all conditions that the action occurs. However, weaker doubt avoidance culture is not so clear and rigorous with sociable norms and concepts.

Masculinity / femininity means that people's recognition how to send out the social assignments of men and women. Masculine-oriented world has a clear section of gender assignments. The assignments of feminine gender are overlapped. The ethnic associates of masculine modern culture praise the achievements, ambition, material, vitality and perseverance. While cultural people of the feminine population emphasize on the ethnic life of quality, service, nurturing and nurturing future years.

It will choose receptionist business in the hotel to discuss what the ethnical group rates. Different countries have different culture. It'll compare Germany hospitality culture and Australian hospitality culture. In German business, cultural group rate is not very large. But people also needs to learn the German culture in the hospitality management. Germans value personal space, having clear restrictions of work and life. (Judith, 2007) Germans are pleased with their accomplishments and affix more importance on the identities. The research of cross-cultural in Germany finally aspires to examine the acceptable or undesirable communication tactics if investing business in Germany. As the receptionists, they would better service the clients as their culture. For example, the receptionist should call the customers plus their title if they know. Or the receptionists could recommend the food which is pleasant by Germans to customers. The adornment of hotel could be designed according to the colour which Germans like and so on. However, the receptionist must keep in mind what taboos are for Germans. So they don't give the customers room amount 13, or the customers will feel very irritated. (Chinua, 2007)

Australia is a country which includes large human population of immigration. So the ethnic group rate is high. Therefore, as hospitality managers in Australia, they ought to find out more knowledge regarding the cultural aspects. Australia in addition has many travel sites for individuals all over the world. As the receptionists, they must learn the cross-cultural communication with the clients. For example, Australians like residing in the sun sparkle. As a result, receptionist should choose the rooms towards sunlight for customers who result from the Australians. Every year, there are numerous travellers who result from different countries to Australia. As a result, in the busy reason, the hospitality managers could teach the receptionists for some cultural knowledge. Then your receptionists can triumph over the obstacles in the cross-cultural communication.

Consequently, compared with Germany, Australian hospitality business has higher ethnic group rate because more foreigners happen to be Australia every year. To be able to leave a good image the Australian medical center business has to pay more attention on the ethnical group rate.

Explain four strategies professionals can use to address diversity issues at work. Among these should be a technique for monitoring staff performance with an employee diversity combine.

The first strategy is the fact that hospitality professionals can implement SOP for the staffs.

The so-called SOP is brief for Standard Operation Procedure. That is to spell it out a standard format for the typical operating steps and requirements of an event, in order to steer and control the daily work. (Allen, 2004) The substance of SOP is to quantify the details. For the hospitality industry, it will focus on implementation of SOP development and facilities more carefully. The hotel is aimed at providing high-level service to the clients. Then your hospitality managers need to generate SOP to let the staffs adhere to. In this situation, the whole hotel can develop a completed order and then your service quality can be increased. For the diversity, so long as staffs comply with the SOP, the service can also keep unified. Then it can enough time mistakes which are brought on by the diversity effectively.

In another aspect, establishing SOP can achieve the aim of monitoring personnel performance with an employee diversity blend. SOP can be named the benchmarks to keep an eye on and evaluate the staff performance. In the mean time, the staffs can refer the SOP to evaluate their own performance. Hospitality managers could keep an eye on the personnel performance through assessing the staffs' real actions with SOP. Then the staffs can amend the drawbacks in the workplace and make improvement regularly.

The second technique to address the diversity issues is to cope with the cultural difference in the hospitality management. The base of coping with the cultural difference is to find out more about the culture from other countries. Because of this, the hospitality managers should educate the staffs for the cross-cultural communication. Cross-cultural business communication requires not only appropriate dialect, but also calls for the appropriate non-verbal action. (Hampden, 2001) Nonverbal communication refers to the procedure of communication through mailing and getting wordless messages, such as facial expression, tones of tone, gestures, and eyes contact. In addition, it comes with an important effect in the hospitality management. Sometimes it is stronger than verbal communication. However, different gestures have different interpretation. Obviously, different countries have different meanings of nonverbal communication. Sometimes under different track record of culture, even the same gesture or emotion has different so this means for different people. Thus, in a hospitality industry, it is extremely useful to have an understanding about basic nonverbal communicative skills. The hospitality managers should concentrate on this aspect and then the variety could be attended to more effectively.

The third technique to address the variety issues is to adopt IT system in the hospitality management. IT system is conductive to provide the opinions and assist the hotel's decision-making planning. The IT system provides a wide range of information, such as the guest's hometown, gender, occupation, its causes and other information. The IT system could help the hotel to publicize the brand image. Meanwhile, the hotel can offer the revise network service to provide the convenience. At the same time, the hotel can learn the new Internet information. IT system can provide the high efficient and convenient service to the clients. (Shelly, 2009) Under this scenario, the diversity can be handled better with the effect than it system.

The fourth technique to address the diversity issues is to make sure the resource management in the hospitality industry. Modern hospitality tool management has huge coverage. It includes modern hospitality individual source management, financial learning resource management, materials learning resource management and hotel image. These tool managements link with each other. The confidence of reference management could effectively explore the resources and avoid the barriers that your diversity brings in the hospitality management. In short, reference management can treat the variety issues in the hospitality management.

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