The Power Of Destination: Jamaica

To effectively take care of and market vacation spot Jamaica for guests appeal, close attention is necessary as it pertains to the advertising and advertising of the vacation spot likewise the maintenance of the travel and leisure product to catch the attention of visitors.

Promote special occasions that can appeal to visitors throughout the year and enhance the image of the vacation spot overseas.

The Jamaica Holiday Panel can promote special situations like Reggae Summer Festival and Jazz and Blues Concert. These events attract thousands of international tourists from across the world annually. However through this market our music is marketed across the world and has put reggae music atop the charts internationally. This special event has also fascinated artist, companies, promoters and site visitors which improve the number of site visitors entering the country within that given period.

Exploit the advantages of internet technology to advertise Jamaica.

There will vary reasons why people exploit the internet technology to advertise and market a destination or a distinctive product. One of the major advantages is the fact advertising on the internet is cost efficient and it is more conducive to users of the World Wide Web. Millions of individuals are online each day and for that reason they can view advertisements every time they want. Furthermore, it allows for concentrate on marketing which works more effectively on the internet than somewhere else. In the same way, internet marketing permits interaction and opinions from viewers through surveys, accounts, tweets etc. and for that reason this also help overcome obstacles of distance.

Promote a larger consciousness locally of the importance of tourism in the Jamaica current economic climate through the local communication programs.

The Jamaica Tourist Board can assist local house of the significance to become more alert to travel and leisure in the Jamaica current economic climate by releasing a Jamaica tourism awareness program that will not only educate local people about tourism but also inform them about the importance of preserving the surroundings for lasting development. The importance of tourism in the Jamaica market can be helped bring across to local people through other forms of communication programs such as seminars, workshops and ethnic industry events.

Promote Jamaica to Jamaicans

The program that is utilized to promote Jamaica to Jamaicans is named experience Jamaica. Although we have been citizens of the stunning destination Jamaica not so often do we explore the opportunities of experiencing the different aspects of tourism offered throughout vacation spot Jamaica scheduled to cost constrain. However the program is designed with the aim of giving local people such privileges. All destinations and special hotels within the destination is packed at a particular reduce rate and sold to local people allowing them the chance to experience Jamaica affordably.

Achieve a larger integration with Jamaica Vacation and Jamaica Booking Service so that the combined efforts of the firms will have full impact on the marketplace place.

The Jamaica Getaway is the company that is responsible for getting airlift in to the country basically the Jamaica Reservation Service both companies put together collectively will ensure that tourists are guaranteed for both airlift and hotel accommodation in to the country.

SWOT analysis of the techniques that were found in question 1.

The SWOT evaluation can merely be described as the strength, weakness, opportunities and hazards which concentrate on the micro and macro environment. However, based on the Jamaica Tourist Plank, the SWOT evaluation is the fundamental strategy which is employed to emphasize the positives, decrease the negatives as far as possible, exploit the opportunities, and at the same time, recognize the dangers.


The Flag, Jamaica flag is the best across the world because of its unique combination of colors with each depicting a new significant meaning. African american, representing the hardship of the people of the nation. Green, the luscious mountains. And last but not least Gold, the impressive sunshine.

The Environment: unlike other countries that experience snow and weather of different kind, vacation spot Jamaica is blessed to acquire tropical weather all year round which attract visitor to your island.

The Vocabulary: Jamaica is the leading English speaking vacation spot throughout the Caribbean with a blend of creole which is so unique that guests who are travelling in Jamaica would want to learn the language.

The Geographic Location: Jamaica on the Greater Antilles can be found 150 kilometers south of Cuba and 160 kilometers western world of Haiti. Jamaica is the most significant of the Western Indian island. It has an area of 11, 424 square kilometers, and is also 243 kilometers long. Jamaica is near the United States.

Special Happenings: Jamaica variety some of the best events throughout the year such as Jamaica jazz and blues festivity in jan, Bob Marley Birthday Activities in the month of February, Soul Rebellion Spring Break in the action Party presented in March, Trelawny Yam Event in April, 20th Total annual Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX) in May, Ocho Rios Jazz Happening in June, Portland Jerk Celebration in July, Mello-Go-Round, Freedom and Emancipation Party in August, Wine and Food Happening in September, Jamaica Product Exchange 11 in October, Interface Royal Music Event and Restaurant Week in November and New Year's Harbour Celebration and Fireworks in Dec. This goes to show a few of the most popularly listed occasions that attract visitors to destination Jamaica on numerous events throughout the year.

Accessibility: Vacation spot Jamaica is easy to get at by air at anyone of our own three airfields. Donald Sangster's AIRPORT TERMINAL in Montego Bay. Norman Manley AIRPORT TERMINAL in Kingston and the Ian Flemings AIRPORT TERMINAL in Boscobel. It is also accessible by land and by sea at anyone of the three cruise liner pier whether it is Montego Bay, Falmouth or Ocho Rios.

Easily Trained Staff: wherever we go we easily adjust to changes, nor require much training to effectively perform a given process.

Culture: The rich and diverse culture and history of Jamaica is renowned throughout the world. "Jamaica multicultural history is most beneficial summarized in the countrywide motto: Out of several, one people. "

Tourism Product: the 3 S which makes up the tourism product sun, sea and sand.

Agricultural opportunities: Based on the Jamaica observer released Apr 30, 2009 Jamaica spectacular performance at the Beijing Olympics helped bring new give attention to Jamaican food yam and tubers specifically which in a few quarter was acknowledged for Usain Bolt's meteoric and historical achievements. Furthermore, imploring investors to consider benefit of the chance to spend money on Jamaica.

Culture and historical history: Jamaica culture and historical heritage aptly explains the music, cuisine, tradition, artwork and clothing, faith and folk lore.

Bauxite and Alumina: considered the most crucial sector of Jamaican current economic climate accounting for approximately 10% GDP, Enabling Jamaica to be the primary bauxite producer on the globe.

Renewable energy resources supply: The country has the advantages of utilizing renewable energy options which comprise wind flow energy, solar thermal, influx energy and gas from dog waste just to name a few.

Focus on prudent fiscal management: maintain fiscal records and types of procedures of the organization that provides safety for the sources of the company as well as information and strategies which generate economy effectiveness and procedure efficiency.

Tax Administration Development

Airlift, like the national air travel - Caribbean Airline previously Air Jamaica


Image in the market place, unsafe destination

Insufficient timetable air service from some marketplaces for example Europe

Lack of man-made visitors attractions/development of natural attractions

Lack of enough large facilities to adequately host large conferences and conventions over 300 people

Crime and culture of indiscipline and lawlessness

Poor human protection under the law system

Poor representation of electors

Low literacy and poor university governance

Poverty - economic dependence

Inefficient court system

High cost of energy

Poor group of small businesses

Unfriendly taxes policies

Political systems

Inefficient Bureaucracy

Poor infrastructure

Inaccessible garrison communities


Global recovery - increased markets

Import substitutions opportunities

Renewable energy opportunities

Poor structure and dependency means greater opportunities to grow

Public sector rationalization

Tax reform and simplification

Domestic tourism

Cruise people as potential stopovers


Pollution of Environment

Visitors Harassment

Global Recovery - inflation, higher interest rates

Rising olive oil and product prices

Focus on more investor friendly rising economies

upcoming elections

fiscal desire for food for revenue

Inadequate Health Care

The value of the Tourism Marketing Plan

The Travel and leisure Marketing Plan, establish progress predicated on a ecological market position consistent with market tendencies which really helps to enhance the guests experience through mobilizing investment by increasing the types and quality of attractions. This gives awareness in the market place. The marketing plan may be part of the business enterprise plan. A good online marketing strategy is the foundation of a well written marketing plan. Thus the value of the plan is to give a strategic eyesight for the introduction of the industry and a construction by which that strategic perspective can be recognized.

Three processes involved in developing the Travel and leisure Marketing Plan

Introduction: lay out the key theme of the Tourism Marketing Plan. It starts off with a conversation of what constitute lasting travel and leisure development and then outline the main tactical targets of the marketing plan and the measure designed to achieve them.

Sustainable Tourism: the purpose of the marketing intend to move the industry on the path of sustainability which includes a key finding of the Diagnostic and Strategic options.

Strategic Goals: to ensure consensus into the future way of the industry and the strategic objectives set for it. The diagnostic and strategic options report lay out three proper options for planning the near future progress of the industry.

The three options are

Accelerating growth so that travel and leisure can play the lead role in financial development envisaged in the nationwide industrial policy (NIP) with particular respect to providing as a lead sector of the market earning foreign exchange and creating job.

Enhancing visitors experience, through developing and satisfying diversifying the product, to enhance the long-term competitive placement of the industry also to achieve self-sustaining progress based on word- of - oral cavity referrals and high do it again visitors.

Achieving sustainability through enhancing socio-economic integration, by adding communities at the Centre of the tourism planning process and by helping to preserve Jamaica's abundant history of the national and built environment and its own unique history and culture.

Five external organizations that could assist the Jamaica Visitor Board with execution of a Destination Marketing Plan

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