The World Of Tambun Theme Park

In this research, I've chosen the Lost World of Tambun a style park of my choice. The Lost World of Tambun can be an action-packed, exciting experience with the most thrilling trips and attractions in Ipoh, Malaysia. Located in the traditional town of Ipoh, in the center of the North-South corridor in Perak, this place is not just a man made drinking water theme playground with beautiful Mayan structures, gargoyles, and drinking water canals, but is encircled by 400-million-year-old natural limestone hillsides which offers a unique breathtaking view.

The World of Tambun is built by Sunway Group in 2006 at a cost of RM60 million, this theme recreation area is well-designed with many unique features. They have many different "playgrounds" and is certainly an added attraction to the favorite Sunway Lagoon theme recreation area in Kuala Lumpur.

Five main elements that define this world of excitement are the Drinking water Park, the Amusement Area, Lost World Hot Springs, the Tiger Valley and the Lost World Petting Zoo. It really is a perfect escapade for family and city slickers who want to have a brief break away from the city and enjoy the outdoor elements from synthetic beaches, to hot water springs, theme area rides; both wet and dried, a tiger valley where you can see the crazy beast roam readily, and beyond that jungle trekking, caving and tunneling activities.

Answer Drinking water Park

Begin the voyage at River & Beach Garden, a landscaped beach with waterfalls encircled by 20 feet twin waterfalls with two streams flowing in to the pool. To begin with, get a float for an individual or two, and jump into Excitement River, Asia's longest man-made river trip with a wave generator in this inflatable water playground section. Besides, refresh with a musical bathtub at the Musical Body Rinse before going to the Sandy Bay for an strong game of volleyball with friends and family or perhaps, for a soothing soak in sunlight.

Next, get ready for a damp world of fun in the kids-only area, Explorabay, specifically designed children. Explorabay provides special smaller slides and a big, moist, interactive play area with giant tipping buckets, drinking water canons, spraying elephants, normal water curtains and fountains. Designed for more-thrill seeking people and teens, the Cliff Racer injects an improvement of adrenaline whenever your mine cart flies, Indiana Jones style - along the speed-coaster at maximum quickness! In addition, do not miss going on the Tube Raiders, longest inflatable pipe trip in Malaysia!

Amusement Park

Enjoy the surroundings while you dry out off on the Dragon Flights trip, as you get swung in the air in this thrilling swing-chair drive; before you sail on over to the Stormrider, a pirate motorboat which will golf swing you 180 degrees for a few knee-knocking, spine-tingling excitement. Besides, get those little ones to cool off after playing explorer at the park, on the Perak Parade carousel; and continue the Giddy Galleon for a perfect family drive away from the. In addition, be sure you go on the Adventure Express; where you can relax and let this historical locomotive take your household on a journey past majestic ruins, surging waters and outrageous tigers; giving you a quick travel of the Lost World of Tambun's other destinations.

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

Afer per day of pleasure, immerse yourself in the source of pure leisure in our Lost World Hot Springs. The 100% natural mineral hot springs is clean and fresh as this particular flows through the pool continually from the key source and is also then channeled to the local Kopisan River. Filled with healthy vitamins such as Calcium mineral Carbonate, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Chloride and Flat iron, the Hot Springs are heavenly for those buying a healthy retreat.

This addition includes many elements that are catered for everybody: providing them with the ultimate relaxation experience. The elements include Infinity Pool, Lost World Heavy steam Cave, Feet Spa, Crystal Spa, The surface of the World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Crystal Pool and Saphira's Bistro.

Infinity Pool

It is specially designed as a genuine spa and can accommdate up to 300 people at once and is ornamented by the serene and soothing noises of the volcanic waterfall.

Lost World Steam Cave

The Lost World Vapor Cave is great for those searching for a respite after long tense days. The steam cave works as a sauna promotes the action of perspiration where the toxins and waste are expelled through the skin pores on the epidermis departing the dermis clean and refreshed. The temperature also prmotes the circulation of blood.

Foot Spa

Foot Spa in the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa has reflexology pebbles fitted to the floor. Tourists can walk on the pebbles while enjoying the hot springs water soothing their foot.

Crystal Spa

Crystal Spa is a spa facilities where site visitors can enjoy body therapy at a nominal demand. You will discover three huts located here, called as a Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst. The spa offers Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage and Mind & Shoulder Massage therapy. Within the privateness and comfort of your massage hut, you will be pampered and cured with an invigorating therapeutic massage of your decision and feel rejuvenated from inside away.

Top of the World Pool

Top of the World Pool is a jacuzzi pool which allows a full selection of therapeutic hydro-massage for muscles, joints and pressure tips. It is advisable for guest who are suffering from muscle, neck, make and back pain. Athletes recovering from sports injuries should take a drop in this pool because it may help to speed up the restoration. Besides, heat from the hot springs water ease joint movements for guest experiencing arthritis.

Saphira's Bistro

To further improve the experience in the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, a swim-up eating outlet known as Saphira's Bistro has been created to cater for guests seeking for some bites to whet their appetites. This bistro has a healthy collection of food and bevarages such as Salmon Fillet, Chicken Stew, Start Sandwiches, European Style Curry and Salads Saphira's Special.

Tiger Valley

Meet Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian; Lost World of Tambuns very own Siberian tigers. One of the unique attractions here is the Tiger Valley where you get to see the wildlife roam widely in their enclosure, and perform stunts during nourishing time. There are a total of eight tigers, previously circus animals left behind by their owners, when they cannot afford to take flight them back, and were consequently implemented by the theme recreation area and now given the perfect attention by experienced instructors.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Take walk on the outrageous side at the Petting Zoo, where you will be able to get personal with just some of the zoo favorites such as Ruby the raccoon, Nia the Python and Wira the Green Macaw. Take the time to walk through the different areas, where you'd be able to give food to, touch and experience pets in their natural habitats. Besides, the Petting Zoo allows the public to touch, feel, feed and play with the family pets; giving those looking for a more personal come across, a closer point of view. It features a sizable variety of spectacular animals in an environment created as close to nature as you can and aside from being truly a fun activity that people can do alongside one another, it also will serve as a characteristics education platform for colleges and travelers. Kids can anticipate having an enjoyable time petting and playing with rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, African Dwarf Goats and Deer and lovable primates including the white-eared marmosets, black-eared marmosets and macaques. Furthermore, the large aviary properties over 500 parrots from 18 varieties with all-time favourites such as cockatoos, mandarin ducks and peacocks. The Serpentarium features a sponsor of slithering reptiles like the reticulated pythons, mangrove snake and the Large Screen Lizard. To keep the memory for a long time, kids and people alike can create for pictures with the ferret, wallaby, Glucose Glider, and Blue-Gold Macaw and the Large Iguana at the Rock Canopy.

Adventure For The Eco-Enthusiast

Make the right path, jungle trekking through the deep limestone hill forests of the Lost World of Tambun. See and explore the initial nature, get right up close and personal with wildlife and go through the beauty of its waterfalls and strange caves.

Delve deeper in to the caves for a one three exploration of the Gua Datok, a cave dating back to 400 million years; with naturist manuals as they expose superb record and the formations of the stalagmites and stalactites. For younger thrill seekers who would like a taste of the action there is a smaller cave called Gua Anak Datok, located at nearby the toes of Gua Datok. Opt for the three-hour cave exploration experience at the Six Mile Tunnel. Eco-enthusiasts are guided by experienced guides through the 700 meter long cave tunnel; walking through knee-deep dirt, swimming across a shallow pool, before carrying on to walk through chest-deep water inside the tunnel. Stay near nature and camp instantaneously. Share travels with relatives and buddies over the bonfire at anybody of the two camping sites at the Lost World of Tambun - the Needle Town, the Riverside Village; where you indulge in bonding activities such as lake kayaking, rafting, teambuilding classes, as well as themed meals.

If you are looking for a more relaxed chance, hop on table the Tambun River Sail at only RM6 per person. Sit back and take everything in as the luxury cruise sails you through the picturesque bends of the Tambun River. Once you have sailed through the Tambun river, take control and take the lead by paddling around in the Lost World of Tambun's Koi Pond in one of the swan-designed paddle vessels. Whether you opt for somebody, or go solo in the paddle watercraft, make sure to feed the Koi seafood pursuing you around!

Food and Beverage

The Ipoh White espresso is love initially sip! Made only from the finest choices of Liberica, Robusta and Arabica quality beans, the espresso is skillfully roasted to perfection by Ipoh's old, renowned masters.

If caffeine is not your cup of tea, try Lost World of Tambun's Roasted Rice Tea. A usually unique cuppa, the Roasted Rice Tea displays the authentic tastes of a formula that is handed down through many ancestral generations.

For those seeking any reason to test the Lost World of Tambun's Roasted Rice Tea, the tea touts a list of health benefits which include calming sore throats, trying to cool off body temperatures and alleviating fevers.

The area is opened from Monday to Fridays from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm, and during university and public getaways from 10am to 6pm. The area is closed every Tuesday except during Malaysian institution and public holiday seasons.

The recreation area rates are RM30. 00 per adult, RM24. 00 for children below 12, and cost-free for children below 90cm high. Group plans are also available with minimal quantity of 30 individuals - advance booking is required.

The Lost of Tambun is premier tourist vacation spot for the region by the kick off of its most significant investment job which protects the tourism, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and retail industries. The Lost World of Tambun is best water theme playground within the north region because it offers various elements such as Drinking water Park, Enjoyment, Hot Springs & Spa, Tiger Valley and Petting Zoo that attract visitors from local and holidaymakers from other countries.

Besides, the Lost World of Tambun is really the only water theme park with natural hot springtime in Malaysia that can allow for more than 10, 000 people. Key destinations likewise incorporate the action-packed dried up and wet trip rides and a range of eco-adventures. Furthermore, the Lost World of Tambun has received many pretigious prizes because of its excellent innovation, overall look, quality, branding and the uniqueness as a drinking water theme park. For instance, the Lost World of Tambun has been granted "Winner of the 2008/2009 Innovative Tourist Attraction Honor" by Travel and leisure Malaysia. Moreover, it has a large auto parking place and other park facilities such as prayer rooms, locker, tube & towel seek the services of service, bathtub and changing rooms including for handicapped, fully certified lifeguards, fully prepared and staffed medical place, hut areas and seats, bi-cycle hiring, security guard and ample parking space.

Future expansion to be made for example; increasing the theme for the building of hotels. Besides, monorail system to be unveiled for a standard travel for both visitors and staffs.

The Lost of Tambun can enhance their profits by offering family plans and stretching their business time. Besides, they can plan party relevant to the theme park. Furthermore, they can invite international performers as part of advertisement to attract more people to go to their theme park. A part to the, free water playthings can be provided for children and special range to be offered for senior.

One way to promote their business to a worldwide scale is to market their business through travel and tours agency by placing what they have in plans. Besides, online campaign also helps them to promote their products and build closer customer human relationships. They also needs to get foreigner investment to let them open up a branch in their country. In addition, they can deal with large foreigner companies through international conferences and occurrences.


In final result, the Lost World of Tambun certainly offers a unique experience beyond the thrills and spills of a theme park, with the chance of being in the heart of aspect to see something wonderful and irreplaceable.

Thus, constant facilities update must be performed every once in awhile. Besides, they have to keep on changing to follow up the existing customer needs and desires. In addition, customer should be educated about the latest reports and happenings like the launching of services in their theme area.

The heart of each business lies in the hands of its customers. Therefore, the company's ability to establish and maintain a strong and stable customer base is essential for its expansion and survival. All customers come into the customer situation with differing needs and wishes. Thus, it is vital for an organization to comprehend customer needs and desires to ensure the repeat customer. The one unseen bonus is that it actually costs less to service duplicate customers because their objectives levels are set up and they know the role they can be to play. Last customer needs and desires are always the key to the success in an enterprise.

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