Tourism And Hospitality Management In Bangladesh Travel and leisure Essay

Tourism and hospitality management business is one of the booming sectors of today's business world. It contributes a great deal in every countrywide current economic climate. Sheraton hotel is the first renowned five-star hotel in Bangladesh which is related in travel and leisure and hospitality business. They may be successfully working their business for many years. Hospitality and tourism industry needs smart and reliable staff Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has these types of employee. And they are pretty much useful to Human Resource Management. Company's performance is highly depended on the performance of their employees. If indeed they perform their duties correctly company's performance will be higher. Beside these Dhaka Sheraton Hotel developed new approaches for their employees where they will be satisfied with the business. To step forward Sheraton hotel must nurture and practice few central competencies in the hospitality and tourism industry. The initial steps of important activities of HRM is recruiting labor and it work forces. If organizations employ the service of specific labor haphazardly without the employment planning they would not be able to provide their customer flawlessly. Dhaka Sheraton hotel is useful in job planning. Job satisfaction is highly with regards to the worker and the fulfillment of these expectations. If they are satisfy with the comes back which are given by the organizations. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel maintains in mind to provide their worker with gain and compensation by which they can change into loyal worker.


2. Setting new strategies:

It has been 2 decades that administrator is learning to play by a new set of guidelines. Companies must have flexibility to react quickly to be competitive and market changes. (Porter, 1996). To step forward Sheraton hotel has to nurture and practice few key competencies in the hospitality and tourism industry. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel presently developed new strategies are given below

High allowance: Company's performance is highly will depend on the employees who help the organization. If they are content with their allowance they'll be serious in their work. Understanding this fact Dhaka Sheraton Hotel provides their employee with high allowance.

Package head to: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel offer their permanent employee package head to according to their performance and their qualities

Commission: In addition they provide commission to their employee on the basis of their capacity of the visitor handling. Besides the salary fee has a great motivational thing to enhance their performance.

Bonus: Yearly bonus offer and the occasional bonus are given by the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel with their employees. These bonus products make the salary greater than any other company regarding this sector. So employees become gratify with this bonus.

Transportation facilities: They have transportation facilities because of their employees so the employees have safe journey to their workplace without any dangers.

Lunch and evening meal: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel provides lunch time with their employees. In order to get their meals in their work place. It reduces the waste material of time and boost the capacity of doing work. They can have a get together in the lunch period and in a position to discuss a great many other issues between them.

Housing: In addition they offer their worker housing facilities according to their position in the job sector. Proper housing can take away the frustration and anxiety of being safe.

3. Evaluate new strategies:

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel set new strategies for the employees which will make them satisfied in their work environment. For guaranteeing these managers take many steps and they are careful about the labor recruitment, high turnover rate and satisfaction concern. Organization must be cautious about the labor recruitment process. Through this process organizations employees is employed for accomplishing many tasks. To satisfy the work force company must build healthy relationships between them.

Labor recruitment: Organization's performance will depend on the human source management. The original steps of fundamental activities of HRM is recruiting labor and it work forces. If organizations hire specific labor haphazardly without any employment planning they might not be able to provide their customer correctly.

Turn over: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel understands how to fulfill their customer. If the clients are usually more satisfied than their expectations with the service of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel they will be the loyal customer group. And Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has devoted customer group. Their exclusive services are seduced many customer by which they always prefer this hotel which helps to make a smart turnover every year.

Satisfaction: job satisfaction is vital for the employees. If they're not satisfied to utilize the organization they'll not concentrate to their work properly. Their work place should be acceptable to them so that they can work properly and finally the organization will be benefited for it.

3. 1 Labor recruitment:

The labor recruitment is the fundamental step of HRM. Inside the recruiting process company must have some things to consider in their head for their labor. The previous few years there is a variety of studies have seen with international contrasts in the annals of work and managerial and recruiting strategies. (Lorenz, 1990)

Employee selection: Every business prefers good visitors to work with them. For this reason selecting good people is very much indeed essential for the business. To work in the hospitality and travel and leisure industry employees must be smart and in a position to survive in the changing situation. (David A. Decanzo nd Stephen P. Robbins)

Efficient staff: hospitality and tourism industry is totally not the same as the other industry. For this reason they need efficient people to carry out their activities properly. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel always searching for efficient employee who will have the ability to work in the challenging environment.

High skilled: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also choose high skilled worker. They have unique technology to serve their customer and their targeted area which needs high skilled labor.

Better environment: Better environment needs better people. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel believes this statement for this reason they make an effort to hire those people who are able to handle the environment and are able to make it through with the changing environment.

3. 2 Turn over: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel recognizes how to meet their customer. If the customers are more satisfied than their targets with the service of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel they'll be the dedicated customer group. And Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has devoted customer group. Their exclusive services are captivated many customer by which they always like this hotel which really helps to make a good turnover every year.

Loyal customer group: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has learned how to meet their customer. If the customers will be more satisfied than their prospects with the service of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel they'll be the dedicated customer group. And Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has devoted customer group. Their exclusive services are drawn many customer where they always like this hotel which really helps to make a smart turnover every year.

High rate of customer commitment: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has many faithful customer and it also have higher rate of customer loyalty with the best service of the country. It also makes a great turnover.

Best use of capital: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel understands the way of best use of these capital. Their service and the other facilities is top notch. Which will make them a international hotel. It includes all facilities of the five star hotels. That is why it is recognized as international hotel.

High fee: They charges saturated in some service that are not available in other hotels in Bangladesh. They charges high because they are expert for the reason that area. This high fee brings about high turn over at every financial calendar year.

Price skimming: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel charges saturated in some area which is exclusive. If they present new services they follow the marketplace skimming prices.

3. 3 Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is highly with respect to the worker and the fulfillment with their expectations. If they are gratify with the earnings which receive by the organizations. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel will keep in mind to provide their worker with gain and compensation by which they can change into loyal staff.

Better satisfaction: working capacity is with respect to the employee satisfaction. When the employee of any organization's are content with the organization they will try to work hard for the organization. Dhaka Sheraton hotel offers better satisfaction than the other organizations.

Secured life: if a worker is fulfill with the business then they need a secured life. Dhaka Sheraton hotel offers their employee some unique offer which helps those to secure their life. They are really





health insurance

Financial satisfaction: Dhaka Sheraton hotel offers high salary then the other hotel to their employee for this reason the employees are satisfied and they are interested to utilize them for long time.

Social satisfaction: Dhaka Sheraton hotel organizes different kinds of social functions making the employees life more pleased than before. In the special days they plan special events for their staff and their customers. They can be

Pitha uthshob

Eid mela

Ice cream festival

Educational reasonable.

3. 3. 5 Family collaboration: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel organizes different types of gatherings which enhance the family collaboration. Dhaka Seraton Hotel always try to make the connection as just like a family among their employees which really helps to increase the capability to work.


4. Discovering the HR related problem that affect Sheraton hotel:

Human source of information management is not a simple process. It must be ensured by the HR manager that the right person is placed in the right situation to do the right job within the right time (Sushan and Rundall, 1990). If these exact things are not correctly done problems appear in workplace. Because of this Dhaka Sheraton Hotel some times must face HR related problems. And these problems are given below

4. 1 Regular interchange: Turning job is a common scenario of today's business community. Employees are always searching for extra profit and increased remuneration and other reason. Frequent interchange of the staff causes problem atlanta divorce attorneys firm. Dhaka Sheraton hotel faces many problems for the frequent interchange of the staff. To fill the bare post they have to organise another recruitment process.

High demand of worker: Inside the tourism and hospitality industry the employee demand is saturated in Bangladesh. Dhaka Sheraton hotel always choose the smart and reliable employee to utilize them. Employee sometimes calls for high for their job which in turn causes several problems to them.

Unreasonable demand: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel pays perfectly to their worker as they should have. Sometimes employees aren't satisfied with it they demand high salary which is unreasonable.

Bonus demand: Employees demanded high benefit which is not right in the sense of management. Dhaka Sheraton hotel offer bonus to its staff in every occasion but their worker demand high benefit in some occasion.

Personality conflict: Atlanta divorce attorneys work place sometimes personality turmoil happens. In Dhaka Sheraton hotel it also happened. HR manager has to face many problem for personality conflict

5. Substitute for improve marriage: HR manager must have the social skills like communication, nurturing, encouragement and offering feedback. (FCCLA) They must ensure decentralized worksites, friendly environment and so forth which receive below

Decentralized work sites: HR supervisor can improve connection through creating decentralized work site. They are able to plan their work in a decentralized way by reorganized them. Managers must know how to determine and ensure appropriate work quality and promptly completion. Decentralized work sites remove traditional working system and mangers need to change the work. (DeCenzo. and Robbins, 2008)

Friendly environment: HR administrator should increase the environment and make a healthy friendly environment. This makes the employee to do their work easily and wonderfully.

Suggestion container: HR director can offer suggestion box where employee can give suggestion. This makes them to feel that they are essential for the business and HR manger.

Complain pack: This sort of box can be offered by the HR supervisor to make complain to anybody to the very best management. These can help them to work properly for the organization.

Cross useful team: In every department there must be flow of information regarding their work. It could be helpful for the organization and for the employee. If indeed they have the information which can be related to the other division of the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel their work would be simpler to accomplish.

Frequent information circulation: HR manager should ensure to the frequent stream of relevant information. Through the higher level o the lower level frequent stream of relevant information is necessary it will be helpful for the worker to make decision regarding their work.

Training and development: To increase the employees potentialities training and development is necessary. HR supervisor can organize different types of training that happen to be related to maintain associations and develop their profession.

Motivation: To give the employees proper drive can be enhance the relationship between the HR manager and the employees. HR manager is accountable for the identification of the employees need and want and according to them they need to use the motivational tools. (Themduangkhae W, 2002)

Feedback: Feedback is important for the HR manger and the employees. By this they can promote what they understand by achieving any new activity. And what is the further steps to make the duty easier than before.

5. 10 Marketing communications: HR director can enhance the relationship with the employees by connecting directly. They are able to communicate with the employee directly to find out about their progress of these and their condition. They can also communicate to learn about the problem that employees are facing to do their duties.

Establishing rewards and pay plans: HR administrator can establish rewards and pay plans. Based on the employees performance HR manger can give them performance based mostly rewards. Performance based rewards can be


Piecework pay plans

Incentives system

Group bonus

Merit pay

Performance may well not be the only determinant to give the rewards. It could be the high motivational tools for the employees.

6. Finish:

Hospitality and tourism industry is a very profitable sector where HRM is very much indeed important. Clients are being dished up by the employees of the business. When the employees are not satisfied they will not work properly. If their work place is not suited to them they will not stay static in that corporation. So HR administrator should retain in brain about the employees' satisfaction and drive to perform their goals and goals to gain an increased turn over every year.

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