Two Different Celebrations Oman And Italy Travel and leisure Essay

According to oxford dictionary the definition of happening is Some different kinds of performances which includes film show, music, boogie, fair etc. Looked after occurs in the same place and the same day in one per year.

Festival is the fact that things which is the facet of a country. It's standing for folks amusements and the historical track record of the country. Event is sorted out by people or group or business.

Different varieties of festivals are found in a country such as social festival, local festivity, national celebration, ritual festivity etc. cultural festival is vital festival. It symbolizes the culture and heritage of one country. Now questions can occur that what's cultural festivity, how people commemorate it, and so forth. For giving the answers of the questions I've decided to choose two different countries's and discover the cultural celebration of the countries and also make an effort to make a compare of the two festival to show the distinctions and similarities.

Countries which i choose:

For making contrasts and compares of two different celebrations I have choose two different countries for this purpose. The countries are Oman and Italy.


Oman can be an Asian country. It's located in the center of Asia. It offers many cultural details which will make Oman rich as well as for an enormous affluent of social articles Oman is also known as the culture capital of the Arabian world. .


Italy is a European country. It's found in south-central of European countries.

Italy have many ethnic ingredients which will make Italy exceptional then others country.

Festivals that we choose:


In Oman the most regular, popular and significant festivity is "MUSCAT FESTIVAL".

This festivity is one of the original celebrations in Oman. The residences of Muscat eagerly wait for this day atlanta divorce attorneys 12 months. Through this event people observe their cultural history.


In Italy the most anticipate, common and popular festival is Venice celebration. It's called in Italy (Carnevale di Venzia).

It's a historical celebration of Italy. People all over the Italy wait for this celebration very enthusiastically actually not only just Italian people but also the European people await this stunning celebration.


Muscat celebration:

The origin of the celebration is very value. It starts in 1998 since then its occurring very happily. This festival founded to get back the cultural history of Oman's people.

Venice festival:

The Venice Event is the most internationally known festival celebrated in Venice, Italy, as well to be one of the oldest. It begins in the 15th century. During the 1970s, the Italian government decided to bring back the history and culture of Venice, and wanted to use the original Carnival as the centerpiece with their efforts.



Both were proven to bring back the social legacy with their country.


Venice event is more traditional than Muscat happening.

Duration of the festivals:

Muscat festivity: It's placed in January of annually and carrying on for a month.

Venice happening: it's placed in Feb of every year and continuing for few days (10 or 14).


Muscat happening:

Oman's people commemorate their celebration very stunningly. On these days' different types of performances presented in Muscat. The set of performances is categorized into Cultural Occurrences, Desert Panorama, Family Community Occasions, Skill Shows and Occasions for females.

By doing on music's and dances many local and international painters increase the enchantment of the festival. Local performers usually sing their folk sounds and perform traditional dances.

For individuals people different types of programs are performed by famous Omani and Arab intellectual. Like talk and debate on earthly and environmental matters. There's also different creative, educational workshop, parades, seminars, poetry readings, literary gatherings and exhibition.

This festival is very welcome by children. As a result of this festivity they find enormous happiness. This is actually the huge chance of them to enjoy and gratify their needs. Through this event they can enroll in concert, game show, theatres and so on.

Venice festivity:

In Venice festival people wear face mask to disguise themselves. as wearing masks hid any form of personality between public classes. By wearing mask people attend everywhere.

Venice festival reveals many happenings such as music, ballet, fireworks nights, mardi gras, theater and circus streets entertainments all around the city.

This is a festivity for extra cash. On this festivity people spend a huge amount of money lavishly on the purpose of playing and other worldly pleasure. For gaming many gamble boots are setup all around the streets.

For represent unique animals and parrot many dens, boots are set up. In addition to jugglers and ropewalkers carrying out on the avenues; wine retailers, restaurants, cafes and even brothels.

For making this festival more attractive many contests are performed for the individuals and spectators on the way. Some of these include the Best Mask Contest for children and Music Concert Contests for local rings.



Both of these festivals represent the ethnic view of their own country.

Both of the festivals have the same interesting sources such as concerts, theatres, game shows etc.


In Venice festival people have a great chance to spend money lavishly but in Muscat event people spend cash however, not as like as Italian people.

The main interest of Venice happening is to wear face mask people wear their traditional cover up for this celebration but Muscat event doesn't contain this type of thing.

In Muscat event there's a village which symbolize the cultural history of Muscat but Venice event don't include this type of thing.

The main interest of these celebrations:

Venice festival (Venitian mask):

Masks will always be a central feature of the Venetian festival. The masks are manufactured by specially appointed craftsmen called the Face mask Makers. Wearing mask people turn out down street for celebrating this celebration.

Muscat celebration (Indigenous village):

A massive heritage village is set up to showcase Oman's wealthy traditions and history, and light is shed on Muscat's background and its own various arts and crafts. This community is known as Indigenous town. This village locates in the Qurum National Park.

Significance of this festival:


This celebration has noble goal that is certainly no difference between abundant and poor. This discrimination is lapped by using musk.

This festivity also provides an possibility to forget about everything and simply enjoy life like it was designed to be.

But among all the joyfulness of the masks, there sometimes looks a black mask of Loss of life - reminding people at the carnival that little or nothing lasts permanently.


This celebration stands for people recreation and entertainment.

This festival exposes the history and culture of Oman. And by this the new decades are able to take the savour of the country's historical culture and heritage.



Both of the are are a symbol of entertaining people.

Both of the festivals are stand for noble reason.


Venice festival provides great effort to remove social distinctions on the other palm Muscat festival focus on exposing their culture.

On Venice festival people wear face mask but Muscat event people need not do this.

Recently celebrated festivals:


Muscat festival of 2007 was started out on 1st January and goes on 2nd Feb. The theme of the festival was 'Living Culture and Family Fun'. Each year this happening has its own theme.

Figure 1: The logo of Muscat festival

Figure 2: Festivity picture of children games

On this day different types of shows like Arab music performance, Indian music performance were held. For children and adult there were children and adult theatre. In whole the happening was the for that point.

Venice:Venice Carnival of 2007 was begun on 9th Feb and end on 20th and it was an effective festival. There were concerts, dances, games etc. People acquired a great entertainment and fun.


Figure1: people putting on with


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