Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerela

The American Ghats of Kerala are lush, verdant and contain dense and dense rainforests. There are so many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that one may never tire out if one has come looking for nature, wildlife and buzz. Several wildlife reserves house several varieties of birds and animals. People throng these places to view into the character, the bio variety and the unique eco system. The places of interest here are majorly the national parks and several reserves. Listed below are types of reptiles and animals found in all the sanctuaries stated below them.

The animals found in the Kerala sanctuaries are gaur, sambar, deer, outdoors dogs, langur, untamed boars, tigers, grizzled gigantic squirrels, leopards, sloth bears, lion tailed macaques, Elephants, jungle felines, Hanuman langurs, malabar large squirrel, soaring squirrel, tiger, barking deer, panthers, noticed deer, Nilgiri Tahrs, untamed dogs, peacocks, superstar tortoises, The Atlas moth, civet pet cats, macaques, Loris, mongoose, foxen, bears, pangolins, bison, bonnet, bears etc. .

The reptiles found in the sanctuaries are Viper, Cobra, a number of non poisonous snakes, krait, crocodiles, bicoloured frogs, cane turtles, varanur fish-pond terrapins, geckoes, star tortoises, chameleons, skunks, pythons, spectacled cobras, rat snakes, renewable keel backs, vine snakes, monitor lizards etc.

Below is a list of sanctuaries found in Kerala.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

The Begur Wildlife Sanctuary can be found 20 kilometres from Wayanad district of Kerala. This sanctuary is at Mananthavady in Wayanad close to the Traditional western Ghats. The best time to come here's between the a few months of December and could.

Chinnar Animals Sanctuary

This sanctuary is 60 km from Munnar, Idukki. The Idukki Chinnar wildlife sanctuary sprawls over an area of 90 sq kilometres. It really is situated somewhere 500-2000 meters above the ocean level. You can spot the uncommon grizzled squirrel here. The best time to visit this place anytime except the monsoon calendar months.

Muthanga Animals Sanctuary

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary also referred to as Wayanad sanctuary can be found in the well shielded locations between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This place is distributed over 344 sq kilometres. It was estabilished in 1973. The optimum time to visit this place is between the months of June to Oct.

Periyar Animals Sanctuary

The most visible of all sanctuaries Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is known as to be one of the most beautiful sanctuaries of India. It really is known for the 200 types that it houses. The best time to be here's between Oct and March.

Peechi Vazhani Wildlife

Located 22 kilometres from Trissur, Peechi Vazhani homes animals like Palapilli - Nelliampathy. This sanctuary is one of the very most famous sanctuaries in India. The sanctuary is situated between dams of Peechi and Vazhani. The best time to be here is Oct to March when the weather is pleasing.

Parambikulam Animals Sanctuary

It is located between Annamalai mountains of Taminadu and Nelliampathy mountains runs of Kerala. The Palakkad Parambikulam animals sanctuary covers a head boggling expanse of practically 285 square kilometres. The Anna Malai hills are multiply all across this sanctuary over. The best time to go to this place is from October to March.

Peppara Animals Sanctuary

Situated around 50 kilometres from Trivandrum, This wildlife sanctuary covers a large area of around of 53 rectangular kilometers. This animals sanctuary was declared one in the entire year 1983. This sanctuary has original eco system. It is the core of various life forms. The best time to visit this place is between the months of Oct to March.

Silent Valley Country wide Park

This park is based on the verdant hills of Kundali in Palakkad. This Silent Valley national park is supposed to be one of the most untouched by human being intervention. The place is very dearly shielded by the scientists as they value the place for its wealthy bio diversity. The best time to go to this place is during the months between September and March.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is situated some 66 km from Kollan town in Kerala. This sanctuary has been known as after a tree which is actually a Chenkuruny. The rivers Shenduruny and Kalatupuzha are in its very centre. The optimum time to visit this place is probably between the calendar months of October and May.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary was developed in the year 1983 by a very famous and discovered Indian ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. This sanctuary can be found in the Kothamangalam region of Idukki. The best time to go to this sanctuary is between your months of September and March.

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