Is Television Looking at Harmful for Children

Television is one of the biggest inventions of all time. Through television we have witnessed history in real time. The technology of television set has broadened our horizons by bringing faraway places into our homes, revealing the variety of science and aspect, and exposing us to places and sounds that people can only dream of. Television has the power to notify, motivate, and unite. As men and women, we know about the mesmerizing effects of television. Television has turned into a staple inside our lives. In fact, most of us have tv sets atlanta divorce attorneys room of our house. The common family has the tv on for 6. 2 hour s every day. As adults, television set can influence that which we buy, where we go, and what we eat. With the tv having such an effect on our lives, it is bound to impact our children's lives. Today's children are exposed to violence, gender, and drugs through television. How much does indeed television impact children? We are able to make informed decisions and understand the ramifications of our activities, but children aren't. So, is tv set viewing unsafe for children? It has been the question and argument for parents since the television was first presented in the 1940's. To create an informed decision, it's important for us to understand the negative and positive effects of tv set looking at for children.

With the recent explosion in satellite and digital Television, we've access to various both bad and the good quality content. Parents should look for good quality Television set and whenever you can, enjoy them together as a family. Some studies signify that television viewing properly used in moderation can activate a child's education and imagination. Television set today offers children a wide variety of wonder, leisure, and education. The mysteries of the deep sea, the magic of space and the animal kinds in the natural world can delight children and stimulate their imagination without exposing them to any danger. Kids may be entertained all night with programs that employ their sense of experiencing and reading. Parents have the ability to start their daily routines at home, understanding that their children are safe and occupied in one location. Programs designed to educate children such as "Sesame Streets" and "Dora the Explorer"

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expose Children to vocabulary, math, science, history, artwork and diversity before each goes to school. Due to its ability to build powerful touchstones, Television set enables youth to share social experience with others. T. V. can coach children important beliefs and life lessons. Media, occasions, and historical encoding can help to make teenagers more alert to other cultures and people. Television viewing is also good for the family. Shared browsing gives family members of all age range an possibility to spend time along.

Despite its advantages, too much tv set can be harmful. Children under 6, including two-thirds of infants and small children, watch typically 2 hours each day. Kids and teens 8 to 18 years spend practically 4 hours a day before a TV display, and almost 2 additional time on the computer and playing video gaming. The North american Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 24 months old not watch any tv set which those older than 2 watch only one to two 2 hours each day. The first 24 months of life are believed a critical time for brain development. TV and other digital media can get in the way of exploring, participating in, and getting together with parents and more, which encourages learning and healthy physical and communal development. As kids grow older, too much screen time can interfere with activities such as being physically lively, reading, doing home work, using friends, and spending time with family. Children who regularly spend more than 4 time per day watching television are more likely to be heavy. Health experts have long associated excessive TV observing to obesity. While watching TV, kids are inactive and tend to treat. They're also bombarded with advertising that cause them to become eat unhealthy foods. The problem isn't just how much time children are watching television but, what they are viewing. The common American child will see 200, 000 violent functions on television by age 18. Kids may become desensitized to assault and more competitive. TV assault is often perpetuated by the "good men" as fun and an efficient way to get what they need. Small children are specifically frightened by scary and violent images. Behavior problems, nightmares, and difficulty sleeping may be considered a consequence of exposure to media violence. Tv set is full of programs and commercials that depict dangerous actions, such as making love and substance abuse, risky and fun. For instance, studies show that young adults who watch plenty of sexual content on TV will start intercourse or participate in other erotic activities sooner than peers who don't watch sexually explicit shows. A recently available study by the guts on Alcohol Marketing and Junior found that young ones exposure to alcoholic beverages ads on Television increased by 30% from 2001-2006.

As mentioned before, parents should search for high quality Television programs for his or her kids. How do you choose good Tv set? David Kleeman, Director of the American Centre for Children and multimedia, says ask yourself the following questions

Does the program actively engage my child, bodily or intellectually?

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Television viewing doesn't have to be passive. It can fast questions, kindle attention, or show activities to go after when the collection if off.

Do I value the program?

Parents need not like every show their children like. But parents should trust that a programs creator understand and respect how children develop and find out.

Does my child see others like himself or herself on tv set?

Young children believe television reflects the real world. Never to see people like themselves may diminish their self-worth.

How do the designers of the program respect my child?

Some program creators see young people as consumers to be sold to. Others see them as students to be educated, as future individuals to be engaged locally, or just as children. whose work is play.

Parents should monitor the child's tv viewing. They have to limit the quantity of time that the child watches TV. To avoid the negative areas of television set and commercials, parents can record shows without the commericals or buy children's videos or DVD'S.

Is Television Browsing Damaging for Children? In my opinion, no. What could be hazardous for children is exactly what they watch and then for just how long. Children's advocates are divided when it comes to solutions. Although many urge for more hours per week of educational development, others assert that no Tv set is the best answer. Some say it's better for parents to regulate the use of TV also to teach kids that it is for infrequent entertainment, not for regular escapism. Many parents and instructors have different views which debate will keep on for years and years to come. There may be powerful research and views on both attributes of the question. Ultimately your choice is up to the parent or guardian. Equipped with information and knowledge the mother or father can make the right decision for these people, their children and their family. Like a teacher, I can tell the parents my understanding of TV viewing and its effects, both negative and positive. In the class, I can encourage play, reading, and interpersonal interaction. I could introduce children to your world through play, field vacations, and catalogs. I can offer the children with healthy treats and cause them to become make healthy decisions regarding food, exercise, and tv set viewing. I can provide parents with information and resources that is made available from the school and the city. Children are affected by those around them. They emulate what they see. As instructors and parents, we have to be good role-models. How do we expect children to not smoke, drink, take action violent, eat poorly, or watch too much television if we are doing those things? Television cannot be blamed for problems with children. It is finally up to the parents to monitor their child, get in touch with the youngster and instill in their child values and values that help them make good decisions in their life.

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