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These terms serve as the agreement that governs your use of TestMyPrep.com, its services, and applications. By using, accessing, or signing up this website, you signify your agreement to the following terms and resolve any disputes through arbitration.

Summary of Terms

Our terms have the same effect and force as the contract signs in writing. If you don’t agree to any of them, don’t use this online service. Each time you upload, download, or access any content from TestMyPrep.com, you signify your personal agreement to our terms. They subject to regular changes, so you’re responsible for reviewing them. We always post the updated version of our terms when they’re changed. After posting these changes, you agree and understand that your use of this website means your confirmation to updated terms. You also agree to resolve disputes through special dispute resolution procedures described in these terms, including arbitration options.
  • You. This term means all people who access and use this service.
  • Us and we mean TestMyPrep.com.
  • Login. The term means a combination of your unique password and username used to access this website.
  • Members and membership mean a single subscription or registration account per user for this service during a specified term.

About This Service

This website comprises services and applications that provide members with their free access to databases and content and gives an opportunity to share their unique content. You can use the same password and ID to access all available services.


Although it’s not required to visit TestMyPrep.com, you need to register to access specific online services. To sign up for your membership, do the following:
  1. Share your complete and updated personal registration information;
  2. Have your legal capacity to enter into a contract;
  3. Agree to abide by our terms.
We reserve our right to refuse services and terminate accounts for users and change these eligibility requirements. You need a personal login account to access specific features on this site. We may refuse to use any login that is determined by us as unacceptable. We permit only one user per membership account and login.

Your Responsibilities

You’re responsible for the following:
  1. Keeping secure your user ID and other tools used to access this online service.
  2. Understanding and agreeing that TestMyPrep.com may track each entry through special software to guarantee compliance with our terms.
  3. Remaining liable for any unauthorized use of this service until we’re notified of a security breach.
  4. Any conduct on this service associated your personal user ID, including all activities that happen under your account if others can access it through any stolen or lost devices.
  5. Agreeing to assume your responsibility to notify us in case of any security breach, unauthorized disclosure of your login data, and login loss or theft.
  6. Neither sharing your login information with others, nor letting them to access our service through your personal account.
  7. Nor releasing your login to anyone else.
  8. Keeping your login 100% confidential.

Ownership Rights

Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect the applications and content offered by TestMyPrep.com. This online service includes the content controlled and owned by us, third parties, and our licensed end users. We and respective content owners reserve all the rights not granted to you. You can’t reverse, disassemble, or decompile any service aspect. You aren’t allowed to create, adapt, or modify any derivative works and remove proprietary notices.

This Service Is Not Obligated for the Content Provided by Others

All the materials available on this site are provided by others and made accessible for referencing, research, and other entertainments and informational purposes. You agree and understand that it may contain the content licensed to us by third parties and end users. TestMyPrep.com is neither responsible for liable for the materials posted, prepared, and provided by others. We aren’t responsible for any online content linked from this website. We aren’t responsible for prescreening any content, but we may do that in our own discretion. We never encourage, condone, or participate in plagiarism, unauthorized redistributing or copying any content, and other acts of academic dishonesty and fraud. This service reserves its right to remove any content, but it’s not responsible for a failure or delay to do that.

Authorization of Use

If you have your active and valid membership, we give you a personal login to access any materials available on this service. Each membership is given only for personal use, so it shouldn’t be used for any commercial purposes that are strictly prohibited, unless they’re authorized by TestMyPrep.com. No materials within this service can be transferred to other people and entities. Users aren’t allowed to resell, modify, display, and copy the content provided on our site. We have the right to terminate your login if you breach our terms. In this case, you’re required to destroy any data or materials copied from TestMyPrep.com.

Use Rules

You’re obliged to comply with laws and our terms. You aren’t allowed to violate the rights of other people and entities. You’re responsible for maintaining your Internet access and equipment necessary to use this service. You need to back up any data, like files or contact details, which you want to keep. You can use this website and its materials as examples or to conduct your own research. You can’t give links from, submit, post, share, and transmit through TestMyPrep.com any materials or take part in any conduct that does the following:
  1. Being misleading, false, or fraudulent;
  2. Constituting any academic dishonesty or fraud, plagiarism, and unauthorized copying;
  3. Offering for sale any products or services;
  4. Infringing or violating the rights of other parties;
  5. Impersonating any people or entities;
  6. Encouraging any conduct that gives rise to civil liability and constitutes a criminal offense;
  7. Promoting, offering, or encouraging the wagering and betting prohibited by laws;
  8. Interfering with the use of this service by others;
  9. Attempting to redistribute or frame it;
  10. Violating our terms and conditions;
  11. Offering any content that merely links to third party sites and is commercial is nature;
  12. Being abusive, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, harassing, deceptive, pornographic, libelous, obscene, tortious, invasive, and so on;
  13. Inserting the ads that belong to you or other parties, branding and any other promotional content;
  14. Harassing, victimizing, and intimidating other people based on their ethnicity, gender, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, or disability;
  15. Engaging in database scraping, screen scraping, and other activities with the goal of getting and copying our database;
  16. Containing Trojan horses, viruses, time bombs, works, and other files, programs, or computer codes that may destroy, limit, or interrupt the functionality of our computer network;
  17. Decompiling, modifying, creating derivative works, translating, disassembling, distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, and publishing any content from this website.
TestMyPrep.com can take any technical and legal actions to prevent possible violations of these terms.

No Spam

You aren’t allowed to use this online service to transmit any spam or other forms of unsolicited bulk communication. You can’t gather data about our users to send spam. We will terminate your access and membership to this website right after doing that.


TestMyPrep.com doesn’t claim any ownership of the materials and content posted and submitted through this service. If you post or share your content, you realize that other users have their access to it. By posting, uploading, and offering a submission, you provide us with nonexclusive, perpetual, and worldwide license to it in addition to the right to transmit, copy, use, distribute, publish, display, excerpt, tag, modify, and adapt it. Although we reserve the right to edit such submissions, we have no obligations to do that. This site can use any complaints, suggestions, comments, and feedbacks that you share about our service. You are only allowed to post or upload submissions and hold all the rights to convey to us based on these terms. By posting or uploading your submissions, you warrant, certify, and represent to us that:
  • They are your original works;
  • You didn’t grant any exclusive rights on them to others;
  • You have your authority and power to post submissions, grant us the right to use them, and make this agreement;
  • They are based on verified and researched facts;
  • They aren’t plagiarized;
  • They contain accurate and complete citations while complying with common formatting styles;
  • They don’t infringe and violate any copyright and proprietary rights;
  • They don’t invade people’s privacy and contain any libelous matters;
  • They aren’t mortgaged, sold, or disposed in any other way because submissions must be free from any claims and liens.


TestMyPrep.com can terminate and cancel your membership or access at any time and with no cause.

Privacy Policy

When you use or sign up this service, you consent to our privacy policy.


When you agree to receive our notifications, you allow us to send any emails that may include the actions that you took directly, etc. You have the right to unsubscribe from them through special links or your account settings.

Marketing Emails

When you agree to receive out newsletters, you let TestMyPrep.com send emails and other online messages that contain updates, news, and promotions related to our products. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Occasionally, this online service may be supported by advertising revenues, and such ads are targeted to the content. When you use our site, you consent to their placement.

International Use

Understanding the international nature of the Internet, you agree to follow all local rules. For example, you comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the transmission of any technical data exported from your country.

Disclaimer or Warranties

We provide this service as it is, so TestMyPrep.com doesn’t guarantee its timelines and accuracy. We give no guarantees or warranties and we disclaim any of them, including the ones of accuracy, merchantability, and fitness for specific purposes. This site doesn’t guarantee that its content will meet your personal requirements, so you use it at your own risk.

Liability Limitation

Discontinuing your use of this service is your exclusive and sole remedy for any disputes with us. We aren’t liable for any special, indirect, exemplary, incidental, or consequential damage resulted by your use of this site, even if we knew its possibility.

Release and Indemnity

When you avail yourself of your use of this service, you agree to hold us harmless from any damage, losses, actions, or claims related to it.

Electronic Agreement and Notice

We transact with all users electronically, so we may share required terms and notices this way, either by sending emails or posting them on a specific web page. By using this service and registering on our site, you state that you have the Internet access, software, and equipment necessary to print, read, and review our notices and terms. Your electronic signature to our agreement is constituted by your affirmative action of using or accessing our service, registering on this site, and providing submissions. You understand that our terms may not be denied legal effect only because our agreement is electronic.

General Terms

These terms form the agreement between TestMyPrep.com and you regarding its use. We can assign it partly or in whole with and without your notice. You can’t assign this agreement to other people. If any of its provisions are held unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the remaining ones will keep being valid. When the court finds it invalid and limit a provision, it will become unenforceable. Procedures for Making Copyright Infringement Claims This service is committed to complying with all copyright and relevant laws. Our policy is to respond to all notices of infringement that comply with the DMCA. We’re dedicated to:
  • Blocking access and removing any copyrighted content that we believe to be copied or distributed by any of our providers, users, members, advertisers, and affiliates;
  • Discontinue our service and remove repeat offenders.
If you suspect that your copyrighted works are copied and accessible on this site in any way related to copyright infringement, notify is by providing the following data according to DMCA requirements:
  • Physical or electronic signature of copyright owners or people who are authorized to act on their behalf;
  • Identification of a location where the authorized or original copy of copyrighted works exists, including URLs where it’s posted or book titles where it’s published;
  • Description of the infringing activity and the copyrighted work that you claim to be infringed;
  • Identification of URLs or other locations on this website where the content that is supposed to be infringed is located;
  • Your personal and contact data, such as your email, address, phone number, and name;
  • Your statement that you believe that the disputed use isn’t authorized by copyright owners, their agents, and laws;
  • Your statement that all the information that you provide is 100% accurate and that you’re a copyright owner or someone who acts on his behalf.
You can reach our responsible agents by email. If you think that any subscriber or account holder is a repeat infringer, follow detailed instructions to contact us and give enough information to verify that. When you receive any notification of alleged infringement, and you think that allegedly infringing works are blocked or removed by a mistake and misidentification, send your counter notification to our email. When we receive the counter notification that meets DMCA requirements, we provide its copy to people who sent the original one. We also follow the necessary DMCA procedures regarding counter notifications. In all events, you agree that we won’t be a party to lawsuits and disputes regarding any alleged copyright infringement. Please note that you may be liable for any damages if you materially misrepresent that a particular activity infringed your copyrights.

Dispute Resolution

If you have any dispute with us, you’re obliged to provide TestMyPrep.com with the opportunity to resolve this claim by sending its written description. We agree to negotiate all claims in good faith. If you can’t resolve a dispute within 2 months after receiving its description, you have the right to pursue it in arbitration.


We agree that any disputes and claims related this agreement and our online services will be resolved in binding arbitration. We also agree that our agreement affects interstate commerce, and this means that federal arbitration laws apply. All arbitrators must stick to this contract and are eligible to aware the same relief and damages as a court. There’s no jury or judge in arbitration and a court review of arbitration limited. This provision applies to all users who register for our services. If this arbitration provision applies or you choose it to resolve any dispute, either you or TestMyPrep.com can start proceedings. You need to send the letter requesting arbitration and describing a claim to start the entire process. All disputes are arbitrated by the American Arbitration Association. Arbitrators may award any relief available in a court, including declaratory and injunctive. If they find that you’re a prevailing party in arbitration, you’ll be entitled to cover all losses. Class action waiver. We agree that all proceedings will be conducts on an individual basis, not in a class, representative, or consolidated action. If arbitrators or courts determine that this waiver is unenforceable, the agreement will be void. If you decide to pursue a claim in the court, it will not apply to you. You can’t be a class member or representative and take part in representative, consolidated, or class proceedings without complying with the above-stated requirements. Jury trial waiver. If your claim proceeds in the court instead of arbitration, we waive all sights to a jury trial.

Contact Information and Questions

Direct any questions that you have about these terms and conditions to our email.