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Plagiarism Is Strictly Forbidden

Plagiarism Is Strictly Forbidden

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Money Back Guarantee

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Only Quality Content

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On-Time Delivery

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Are your exams approaching soon? Or perhaps you have to finalize the course an academic essay? Then surely you would be interested to learn how to write an essay perfectly. We will tell you about the types of essays and correct essay structure, and give you some useful advice that will teach you how to write this type of an academic paper in the best possible way.

An academic essay is a detailed and reasoned discussion on the issue offered by your teacher or chosen independently by the student. This genre is distinguished by a free way of presentation:
  • Individual impressions and subjective considerations on a certain topic are important here.
  • Bright examples including those from personal experience.
  • Various language elements and stylistic devices are welcome to use.
  • In most cases, an essay does not suggest an exhaustive interpretation of the subject and supposes the author express his own vision of the issue.
At the same time, like any scientific paper, the essay should be logical and evidence-based. It must contain the following elements:
  • A problem statement

When creating this statement you should ask yourself the questions like that: What problem does this topic raise? Why is reasoning on this topic important? Why are you interested in this problem? What other issues need to be addressed in order to reveal the topic? In the introductory section, you can present a thesis or hypothesis that you want to expand or prove. The author of the essay can also start with a quote from another writer, researcher or philosopher explaining how he understands this or that thesis and how it allows you to reveal the topic. In this case, it is necessary to reference this quotation.

  • Examples and arguments placed in the essay body

To include the most vivid examples, make sure to answer these questions: What example best illustrates the issue and your opinion? How does this example reflect the problem of the essay? Are there any facts supporting the assumptions, a thesis, or a hypothesis? What evidence can I give to support the argument?

  • Conclusion

The checklist for this paragraph is the following: What conclusions have I come to? Is the hypothesis confirmed? What issues remained unresolved?

In this paragraph, you may provide a brief analysis of your experience of writing this essay saying what the most difficult thing was or what opinions or assumptions you had to leave out in the course of writing? The author of the essay can refer to other sources (the source of direct or indirect quotations must be specified).

A good essay structure

It is important to follow the structure of an academic essay. It may differ depending on the essay type but on the whole, you can use the basic paper design.

The length of the essay also can vary. It depends on the essay topic, the subject of the essays and the requirements specified by your teacher. On average there should be from 180 to 320 words in your essay. Keep in mind the count of words is very important as you should calculate how many words you are going to write in the introduction, what the length of each body paragraph will be and so on. Therefore, you should practice writing essays of a different length.

The structure of the essay is universal for nearly all exams. The paper consists of the following parts:
  • The title of the essay that reflects the theme of the narrative
  • Introduction -2-4 short sentences revealing the subject and the problem of the essay
  • The main part-2 or 3 paragraphs describing the essence of the matter. You need this space to fully and properly cover the topic, give reasons and argue them.
  • The conclusion should be 2-4 sentences long. It a summary of what has been said above.

You should provide each body paragraphs of the essay with an introductory sentence (a topic sentence) that serves as the introduction to the paragraph. In the text which goes after the topic sentence, you should develop and confirm the idea expressed in the topic sentence.

To learn how to write an essay strictly according to plan and structure your thoughts, use our online essay services. On this resource, you will learn how to outline an essay, find other interesting and useful guidelines on essay writing.

Why learn writing an essay

Today an academic essay is quite a widespread assignment at all types of educational institutions. Also, it is one of the main components of a college application package of documents. An essay helps teachers evaluate your knowledge and skills on the subject.

Let’s discuss in detail why today essays are so essential for students. There are several key reasons to become a good essay writer:
  • Essays are important for a young specialist or for every person who applies for a job. From an essay, an employer can learn who you are, what your achievements and failures are, what you are good at and so on. It allows the employer to determine whether you are good enough for this position or not, whether your experience is sufficient to justify the goals of the company and what benefits they get if hiring you.
  • The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as independent creative thinking, the ability to express your ideas in a concise way, the ability to work with the different information sources, etc.
  • It extremely useful for any academic student to master the art of essay writing because it allows the author to learn how to formulate thoughts clearly and correctly, to structure the information, to use basic concepts, to identify cause and effect relationships, to illustrate the experience with appropriate examples and many more.
  • Use various vocabulary and diverse grammar structures and tenses to avoid repetitions. Use synonyms and strong action verbs to show the reader that you possess high-level language skills.
  • Support your arguments with reliable facts, vivid examples, statistical data, etc. Your essay must show the reader that you have a personal opinion but can extract the relevant information from different sources

Efficient writing rules for splendid essays

Before you start to write an essay, please read these rules and writing tips. These simple guidelines will help you complete your essay successfully:
  • Stick to the structure of the essay. Once you have received the assignment, determine the type of essay and compose a plan. After that, write according to the algorithm: title — introduction — a few body paragraphs — conclusion.
  • Always write the first draft. At the exam, you will have little time on composing your essay so you have to use the draft wisely. We recommend you quickly familiarize yourself with the topic, then sketch your ideas and arguments, write topic sentences and think of the examples you that better illustrate the topic. This will allow you not to miss important elements while writing the final draft. The same steps you should take while writing an essay at home.
  • Choose the appropriate tone and style - semi-formal or formal –for your essay. Avoid using slang, clichés, colloquialisms, abbreviations and contracted word forms.
  • Be concise. An essay is a short two or three-page paper or even shorter. Some students stick to the principle «the more, the better" and write huge opuses. Alas, the examiners often reduce your score if you have not met the required word count.
  • Use linking and introductory words to connect sentences and make your ideas flow smooth. They will help to combine sentences in a logical manner, for example, to show contrast or indicate the sequence of events.

Professional support in essay writing

Practice writing essays on different topics using our tips and you will prepare for the exam in the best way. And if you need more practice on how to prepare for the exam efficiently, we offer to enroll in the online essay writing course.

If you still find it difficult to cope with the essay on your own, we will help you to write a great essay for an inexpensive price. You can read more about our services on the home page of this site. Do not wait until there are a few days before the deadline and order a unique essay from us!

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