How you can improve your assignment writing

The requirements to the assignment writing differ a lot depending on the specific assignment. That means that there are no universal rules of writing. However, there are general things that can help you to improve your assignment writing:
  • Plan your time and schedule every important and significant activity
  • Reserve some time for rest and for performing not college activities
  • Set your own deadlines earlier than the actual ones
  • Fight procrastination
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Set the effective working atmosphere.

Three types of the tasks that lead to procrastination for students

Students suffer from procrastination in most of the 90% cases. However, the level of the procrastination depends a lot. Some of the cases are not significant and never lead to anything serious. Meanwhile, some of the cases can lead to many serious results for the career of the student. Thereby, it is important to know how to divide the procrastination cases:
  • Tasks that a big like elephants
  • Assignments that are ugly and unpleasant like frogs
  • Routine assignments, like many similar oranges.

Such classification of assignments is offered by a professor Ferrari. The first type of assignments is so large in the eyes of a procrastinator and also unapproachable that it leads to feeling fear for the procrastinator. Eat an elephant for the first time is impossible. Thereby, it is very important to divide such assignments into smaller tasks. When it is unclear how to begin the big tasks, while the smaller parts are not so scary.

Frog-tasks in the eyes of the procrastinator shows everything that provides negative emotions when the person does the assignment. They do not want to even think about such assignment. Unluckily, the assignment will not disappear. That means that to cope with such assignments, you just need to do it. In addition to fearing with such assignments, professors also write about the anxiety that them cause. To do such assignment is like to eat a frog. This is unpleasant, but if you have to do this, it is better to be done earlier than later. If you do this earlier, you will at least stop thinking about it the whole day.

The last type of the assignments, that cause procrastination of many students are the tasks-oranges. They are not bad, and not scary. They are just too identical, so this leads to a huge routine. In addition to that, it is very difficult to perform such assignments, because students don’t know from which assignment to start. The assignment writing is difficult when you procrastinate, so sometimes you need to hire a professional writer to meet deadlines.

How to fight the different types of procrastination?

If the type of procrastination is the elephant type. It is better to start performing this assignment immediately. And you should start with the most interesting parts of the work, and all the time to remind yourself how much is left. After half of the tasks performed, the whole task will go faster.

If the type of the assignment that pushes you to the procrastination is the frog type, you should perform it as soon as you can. Such assignment will spoil all your day if you will put it at the end of your to-do list. Anyway, if you are a procrastinator, it is very hard to plan something. However, to put yourself in a stressful situation can help you to perform such frog-type assignment. Set the alarm on 5 Am and start doing the assignment without cleaning your teeth and drinking tea. Put yourself in a stressful situation, when your critical flow is very low and your brains are too tired and stressed out to procrastinate.

With the orange-type of assignment, the student's situation is much better. The advice is to rely on the lot in the selection of the assignment and just start some of it. All you need to do is to perform all the assignments one by one until you will do all of them. In assignment writing,sometimes you need to delegate your tasks and hire a reputable writing firm. This will release some useful time for you.

The main types of procrastinators-students

Due to the model of action during procrastination, all the procrastinators can be divided into three categories:
  • Adrenaline-hunters
  • Avoiders
  • Not solvers.

Adrenalin hunters put things off until the last moment. Such procrastinators do that to get the adrenaline to provide extra energy. This helps them to do everything quickly before deadlines. However, such way never leads to a long-term effectiveness, because the energy is something that can end.

Procrastinators-avoiders postpone any business without looking, because of fear to make a mistake or worse, because of fear to succeed. Success can lead to new, more complex tasks. Thereby, such procrastinators try to give an average result, balancing on a fine line between “almost normal" and "You can better, but it's okay”.

Not solvers do not know how to make the right priorities. They also don’t have a clue how to work accordingly to plan. They postpone all the tasks, including pleasant ones, until they feel some pressure from outside.

How procrastination works on the biological level when writing assignment

There are two areas of the brain that control all the human actions. The first area, limbic, part of which is also the center of pleasure. It is capable of giving rise to strong stimuli: hunger, thirst for sex, fear, and etcetera. The signals of the system are difficult to resist because it never sleeps. Unfortunately, it can suppress the voice of reason and, most importantly, does not understand what time is.

Luckily, the limbic desires cannot be long-term. It is a machine for the promotion of fast requirements and obtaining short-term pleasures. On the other hand, desires can also be born in the prefrontal zones of the cerebral cortex. There is already a time horizon, there are questions of planning. However, here's the trouble, even for people with the most twisty and hardened brains. These zones sooner or later get tired. And fatigue can be an instant, from overstrain, and accumulated. The harder the stress is, the worse it resists temptations. And procrastination, in this way, is the capitulation of the cortex area of our brains in front of the limbic system. If you are too tired to resist the procrastination, you should try professional assignment writing help online.

How to fight procrastination and distractions to write the assignment?

Procrastination can still be won by students. And the recipe often lies not in the field of time management, planning, self-control and visits to a psychiatrist. Your own mechanisms of psychological protection (they are available to any person with brains) can help in the fight against procrastination. Try to use the rationalization mechanism.

If things are not done because of the Internet, turn off the Internet. Break the refrigerator if it distracts you. Turn off the phone if it works for you. Intentionally cutting yourself off from the tools of procrastination almost always helps to tune in to the right way. If you want to understand why then try to remember the limbic system. It requires an instant response and quick pleasure. If you need to go into a separate program to dig into the next program and dig into the settings or get off the couch to plug the cable into the outlet, the limbic system calms down and the prefrontal cortex has time to regain control.

There are different extensions for the browser that allows you to disable individual sites, block whole Internet segments or set a time limit for Internet searching. From analogous pleasures, you can cut yourself off physically or ask relatives to help. Let the friend not let you eat or purposely walk around the house dressed until you finish the job. You can also use the mechanism of substitution.

Instead of frankly meaningless activity during the attacks of procrastination, you can simply switch between tasks. Instead of crushing zombies in the computer game, you can read books or watch lectures of various boring science luminaries. Better not sit at the computer at all. Hammer a nail, wash the dishes, or shave. Any semi-useful activity, different from your main task, is always better than not-useful procrastination.

The last option that helps to fight procrastination is the displacement mechanism. At worst, instead of fighting with procrastination, you can try to overcome the negative attitude towards it. Stop thinking that your downtime is a mistake, accept procrastination as part of the system and method. According to the almost unanimous opinion of scientists, the feeling of guilt and regret causes no less stress than the very awareness of the delay. As soon as you cease to reproach yourself for procrastination, the psyche can release an unlimited energy for providing tasks.

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