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Simplicity and Convenience

Simplicity and Convenience

We aim at setting you free from your worries. You will only need to spend a few minutes of your time to place your order on our website and then obtain and check your high-quality paper.

A Diverse Team of Professional Writers

A Diverse Team of Professional Writers

Regardless of the complexity and type of your assignment, you will always find the right author on our website who will prepare your paper before the deadline.

Plagiarism Free Policy

Plagiarism Free Policy

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Guaranteed Full Satisfaction

Guaranteed Full Satisfaction

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To obtain a scientific degree, an important role is played by how correctly written the text of your dissertation is. It’s well-known that it is very difficult to write a dissertation. It’s a serious analytical work that requires a lot of time and effort. Most often this work is of a general nature, it is a summary of your scientific activity and includes a complete study of the object through various methods and theories. You should choose an important scientific topic and try to look at it in a new way.

When starting your work on writing a dissertation, do not immediately begin dealing with the introduction. Introduction is the most responsible part of the text, where all the merits of the work, the elements of novelty, which are put on the defense, should be reflected. The bulk of labor should be at least 70% of its total volume. It is divided into chapters and paragraphs, according to the logical structure of the presentation. A dissertation can have 2 or 3 chapters but there also may 4 or more chapters. Each chapter should consist of at least 2 paragraphs. It is desirable that the chapters (and correspondingly paragraphs) are approximately the same in size.

The scientific dissertation is a very time-consuming occupation. Writing a scientific work will require you to regularly work, taking a significant amount of time. It is advisable to entrust the dissertation to professionals at the best dissertation writing services who know exactly how and where to find the necessary sources of information, process the resulting amount of data, and help you reveal the topic of research in a deep and new way.

Practical recommendations

In order to write a qualitative and correct dissertation, you must adhere to the following recommendations of a practical nature.

  • The writing of the dissertation implies a clear formulation of the scheme of work, which will be a preparation for the basic process of creating scientific work.
  • The author initially needs to determine for himself the main goals and tasks that will be carried out during research activities.
  • It is required to clearly identify the main opportunities for solving problems that appear in the process of writing a dissertation.
  • It is necessary to draw up a plan and formulate all the main questions for writing the dissertation, only then it is possible to write down the main idea of the scientific work in one sentence, which should consist of 20–25 words
  • Before writing a dissertation, the author must determine for himself what he wants to say with his work.
  • The writing of the dissertation in the future should be focused near the main goal of scientific work, which was determined by the author at the stage of planning scientific activity.
  • The Materials and Methods of Research section should be written in the most competent and concise manner. In the section, you need to specify only the main points that describe the research conducted by the author.
  • The main problems and issues of scientific work should be formulated before carrying out basic research. It is necessary to understand what actions will be required to obtain answers to the questions of the dissertation.
  • The author must identify the main reasons and results of the scientific work.

Structure of the dissertation

The dissertation usually has the following structure:
  • The 1st page is of course the title page
  • Then there is a table of contents and content
  • If there is, it is necessary to specify the list of abbreviations that you used
  • Introduction
  • 4–5 chapters
  • Conclusion (may be absent, but it is better to write it)
  • Conclusions
  • Practical recommendations (in dissertations on pedagogy and psychology)
  • Bibliography
  • Application (required)

Introduction (2–7 pages). You should explain your choice of the research topic, reflect its timeliness, show scientific innovation, the theoretical and practical implications of the work.

The first chapter (21–42 pages) is a review and analysis of literary sources on the topic of the study (if this part was written by the best dissertation writing services, it’s advisable for you to study this literature in detail). It is best to study the status of the direction you work in, what has been done by others, which is still unclear on your question, and therefore requires careful consideration. If your dissertation topic involves several problems, it is better if the chapter has paragraphs. The logical conclusion of the first chapter is the formulation of the goal, the research tasks, the hypothesis (what you expect to get as a result of the research), and the main provisions that are put out for defense.

The second chapter (9–11 pages) usually contains a description of the methodology of work. It is necessary to detail the experiment, describe the technique, the equipment used, and describe in detail the subjects. When the candidate of sciences will read the second chapter, he should not have any questions about where you got the data from. Anyone who read this chapter should understand how to conduct the same research.

The third chapter (61–91 page). It describes the results of the study. Usually, the data is written in tables, illustrations of results, as well as your explanations on your data. This chapter is the largest and it’s best to split it into paragraphs. If your research is very large and contains a lot of information, without which the dissertation will be defective, it is better to add one more chapter (and then there will be five, not four).

Chapter four (21–31 pages) describes the results obtained, compares your data and data of previous authors on the same subject.

Usually, there are as many deductions as tasks, but it happens that there are two deductions per task. Try to make deductions consistent with the tasks.

The list of used literature is written in accordance with one of the academic styles, which is in force at the moment. First, local sources are written, then foreign ones, everything is written in alphabetical order. In principle, the Ph.D. dissertation is a scientific article, only of a broader spectrum.

The applications are usually filled with data that is not included in the database. It also includes author’s certificates, acts of introduction and the like. If there is a lot of data, then it’s better to divide the application into several applications and assign numbers to each of them.

By standards, the Ph.D. dissertation is written to be a size of 120 to 150 pages.

Stylistics of the dissertation

Today, scientists have their own style of communication among themselves, both verbally and in writing. But do not assume that scientists have a strict set of rules for communication, just some communication has been strengthened by traditions.

  • The best example of the peculiarity of a language can be found in scientific research, where it finds its clear expression, which consists of reasoning and on the basis of evidence, discovered as a result of the work done.
  • The style of writing the dissertation work should correspond to point number 1 and display purposefulness without an emotional linguistic element in it.
  • The dissertation should be written as a scientific and technical text, there should be explanations of all observations and experiments, information and facts, and this implies knowledge of terminology.
  • It is the knowledge of terminology that enables us to give a brief detailed answer and explanations.
  • Scientific speech is the knowledge of terminology and brevity. If you write in the thesis, relying on these two qualities, without adding unnecessary data to it, mashing useless information that does not carry any semantic load, then your dissertation will not be valued.

To avoid all the possible mistakes when writing a dissertation, it is best to use the best dissertation writing services, the authors of which will help you prepare a unique work.

Preparing the dissertation resume

Resume is a significantly shortened version of the article, which includes its basic aspects:
  • A field, in which detailed studies are carried out
  • A review of the most important research materials, their scientific novelty
  • The totality of the results presented in a brief form, as well as a scientific hypothesis

Before starting work on writing a dissertation, it is necessary to take into account and carefully analyze the fact that such resumes are the most important source, by which scientists can read the resume of the article and results of the scientific research. Only after getting acquainted with the resume, scientists have the opportunity to fairly assess the quality of the dissertation, the level of training of a specialist, and open a discussion with the author of the article.

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