The essence of book editing services

The essence of the book editing services is in helping the author to solve such problems as making the content and form of the book perfect before it reaches the reader. Therefore, each writer should not neglect this important procedure before publishing the book. There are different services that provide editing help. Some of them specialize in editing only. Some companies, in particular, publishing agencies, offer a complex package of services that includes:
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Book design
  • Providing illustrations
  • Publishing

The editor evaluates the quality of the literary text and determines whether it is ready for publication.

The main task of the editor is to remove from the author's text all inaccuracies like vagueness, ambiguity, repetitions, and content shortcomings and improve its design, style, etc. simultaneously, all the changes are coordinated with the author taking into account his original style, language, concepts and the vision of the message.

The editor is responsible for the book preparation for publishing in accordance with editorial, technical and printing rules so that the product fully meets the interests of a consumer.Book editing services carry out editing in English and other foreign languages.

The cost of editing depends on the size, the complexity of the manuscript and is specified after providing information about the manuscript review. We provide all-around book editing services at one place, therefore, invite every customer to explore more facts about our team.

What is the editor responsible for?

Let’s look in detail what the proofreader’s duties are. Proofreading is a very responsible process that requires much experience, various professional skills, endurance, persistence and other qualities of the editor. Only a professional can possess this set of features to provide best-of-the kind book editing services.

An editor has the following responsibilities:
  • To evaluate the quality of the literary text and determine whether it is ready for publication
  • To check the manuscript for the language accuracy and its clarity and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling errors and typos. Proofreading is done both on a paper copy of the text and in its electronic version.
  • To verify the book for the necessary sensibility
  • To check the unified use of the language tools and terms
  • To control the compliance of the text with a single style of presentation of the material
  • To identify and eliminate incomprehensible or ambiguous expressions in the text
  • To simplify the phrases structure
  • To improve the comprehensibility of the text
  • To correct spelling errors, typos, and logical errors
  • To recommend appropriate vocabulary (words and expressions)

The corrections are made in the paper version of the text, and then you need to make corrections to the electronic copy of the document.

The cost depends on the quality of the author's text and author’s expectations and thorough work of the literary editor. Computer translation is paid at an increased rate.

What are technical editor services?

A technical editor prepares the manuscript for publishing by adjusting the paper to the current standards. He checks the layout of the internal block for compliance with the pre-publishing requirements. He provides correct spacing and unifies headings, sub-headings, table headings, and captions to a single style.

Other roles in the editing process

Book editing services is an essential part of the editorial and publishing process, and the proofreader is an irreplaceable worker of the publishing company, the editorial office of a magazine or newspaper, or a graphic arts firm.

The overall goal of proofreading and editing services is to provide the potential readers with clear meaningful text that retains the author’s style and message.

Primarily editing services is a creative process of identifying and correcting all types of mistakes in the manuscript. The staff of the publishing agency, in particular, a technical editor, has to improve the shortcomings on a lithographic plate with the help of which the literary work will be published.

The main goal of the process is to ensure the exact correspondence of an editing copy to the original at every publishing stage and also to polish the copy for the stylistic, grammatical and other types of errors to make it perfect and ensure that all technical parameters correspond to the required publishing procedure.

Depending on the author’s intentions as to his book, the professional assistance of other publishing process participants might be required. The specialists who take part in the editing are a translator, a graphic designer, a layout designer, a painter of a photographer.

These experts are assigned to perform the following activities:
  • A translator

The author may need to publish his book in a foreign language, therefore, he will require the help of a native speaker of a certified interpreter. keep in mind the translating services are quite expensive. but you have nothing to do with it because you want that people from a particular country or region will be able to read your book.

  • A graphic designer

A graphic designer is a worker who prepares the text for publishing.

His role is to design a text taking into account color, font and font size, and to prepare the required settings of printing equipment like printing method - offset digital, full-color, wide-format, etc.).

A designer works on the decoration of a book, a magazine, a brochure or other paper. When designing, he takes into such parameters as the topic, structure, format, and others for the high quality of polygraphic execution.

He primarily considers the author’s wishes and instructions and they can provide the author with his own vision of the finished copy. In fact, he always suggests choosing from several options.

The cost of the designer's work on the design of the book is included in the cost of the whole package of services. An author pays for the pre-press preparation.

  • A layout designer

A layout is compiling pages of a book, a newspaper, or a magazine from the typed lines, headings, and illustrations. This process is carried out in accordance with the previously approved layout of the publication and is an integral part of the prepress process.

In the simplest case, a layout is typing the text on a computer. Of course, it may seem that everyone is able to do this, but this kind of a specialist is strongly required by any publishing agency.

Every publishing company has approximately several dozen of the generally accepted rules for the layout and design of the text. For example, on one page there should be no more than three kinds of different fonts. The indent of the first line must not be longer than the end of the last line. Fragments of the text should be fixed by a unified method.

  • A photographer or an illustrator

Beautiful, high-quality illustrations are the key to the success of your book! Bright photos attract at the very moment a reader glances on the book. Polygraphy without illustrations is boring and not pleasing to the eye. If this is a book, then at least the cover must be properly framed possessing all modern and fashionable tendencies in the field of artistic design.

Make your book pleasant to read

Every author should keep in mind that a beautiful and accurate paper is the key to success!

An accurate text is one of the prerequisites of the success of a book. It makes the reader think that the author is an educated and proficient person. A reader may trust him.

You must admit the text full of elementary errors, incorrect formatting, punctuation and other mistakes can impact a positive impression of the book. Authors often overestimate their editing skills and get offended when a publisher offers them professional editing services.

However, every writer should know that even accurate text can be perceived with difficulty due to uncompleted logic, complex structure, and poor sentence agreement. Only a competent well-trained editor can notice all these shortcomings in the manuscript.

We have professionals who have extensive experience in editing and publishing all sorts of written works. Each of our projects is exclusive. Applying an individual approach to clients, we create second-to-none written works.

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