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The independent writing of a custom essay or any other paper is an objectively difficult matter. Difficulties may arise both when working on the scientific style and trying to reach the necessary level of uniqueness.

It is necessary to adhere to the scientific style and learn to share your thoughts on paper. The custom essay can be considered original it it contains the review of works on this topic. It’s not always possible to find the data of the essay on the internet, and even after having collected the necessary information, you need to reread the sources to summarize the information and present it in your scientific article.

It is also may be difficult to create an original paper. If raising the uniqueness to 30% is not difficult, then uniqueness of 80–90% becomes an insoluble problem, namely such requirements are exhibited by scientific journals. Keep in mind that the works downloaded from the internet will not be pass the test for uniqueness.

In the end, writing a custom essay will take a lot of time and if you are not a professional, the writing will take you 5–7 days, and it is most likely that the work won’t be accepted from the first time since there will be shortcomings.

In order not to waste time writing an essay, try to seek help from professionals and buy custom essays online. Before choosing the author, pay attention to how many works he/she wrote, if he/she worked with your subject, how long it takes to write a paper, and how the payment is made.

After writing the essay, check it for compliance with the task (subject and requirements), plagiarism, and the presence of spelling errors. If you find any shortcomings in the work, ask for a free update. As a result, you will not only save time but also get a high-quality paper.

How to write an essay

The main thing is to start, even if there are mistakes, even if it’s clumsy, just begin and start writing. Analyze what you’ve written, correct, think, and you’ll have a good text in the end.

Here is the general plan for writing a good essay:
  • Decide on the topic
  • See related articles on this topic
  • Make a plan
  • Write
  • Check and send it to the professor


Look at the most popular topics today. Essays on topics such as tourism, medicine, design, cars, relations, and business do not lose their relevance.

When selecting a topic, keep in mind that one essay should talk about one topic. Another aspect is for the topic to be entertaining, interesting, and something that you know of personally. Moreover, target the topic at your audience, i.e., those who need it and want to know what you have to say about it.

Another important thing is the format of the essay. Follow one of these formats when working on your essay:
  • A problem and a solution – figure out what the problem is of your target audience and mane it in the essay. It is also important to give a few practical advice on how to solve the issue. If you provide practical advice and give some instructions, readers will see right away that you know what you’re talking about and not just showing off.
  • A tool designed for... – talk about the methods and tools that work only in your area but which only several people know how to use right. This way, you’ll show that you know how to work with it and will also be able to explain how to apply it.
  • A question and an answer – indicate the problem issue, with which a person or several people addressed you, describe their decisions after cooperating with you and how their problem is related to the problem of the majority and how to deal with it.
  • Expert evaluation – here you can discuss anything (a concert, a fact, a book, a method, etc.) giving your professional evaluation, analyzing, reflecting, reporting useful data or giving practical recommendations.
  • Practical recommendations –talk about a few methods in detail giving a full picture of what one needs to do in a situation that is very similar to the one of your readers.

These are the formats you should learn how to write essays in first of all. They are very popular because people want to find ways as to how problems are solved. Moreover, newspapers and magazines are interested in the practicality of the material. No one likes to get useless information.

If your purpose is to prepare a paper for print, first you need to analyze the style and the theme of the newspaper or magazine, as well who the target audience is. Prepare a paper that would be sufficient in the publication style. If you don’t find your audience in the magazine’s audience, better find the paper where there will be your readers.

Selecting a title

When choosing a title, it’s important not to go crazy and find something that would be in the golden mean. Your title doesn’t have to be very original but don’t make it too banal either. The essay title should be entertaining, make your readers curious, and make them want to see what's next.

Follow these rules when working on a title:
  • It’s crucial for the title to attract attention
  • It’s crucial to make your readers curious and motivated to read your essay

Most often those essays, the titles of which include a hint that after reading it the readers’ problems will be solved attract most of the attention. If the title reveals everything in the very beginning, it won’t be interesting to read it. You have to intrigue your audience and make them want to read your essay. The title should not offer anything or ask for anything, it should declare a fact.

  • It should very easy to read the title. Stick to a shorter title rather than the longer one.
  • Apply phrases that your audience knows.
  • If you’re preparing an essay for a website, having the keyword is important since it’ll make it easier for others to find your essay.
  • Don’t make your title emotional by inserting too many question or exclamation marks. The rules of spelling also apply here, your title should have no mistake and be literate. Don’t use capital letters otherwise your readers will think that you’re shouting the title at them.
  • When preparing an essay for a printed publication, be ready for the fact that your name can be omitted or chanced with the other name.
  • When thinking of the title for your essay, use common methods for attracting readers’ attention. You can find more information about these methods online.

If you don’t know what interesting title to choose for your essay, you can buy custom essays online and the professional writers will offer you several options.

Plan of the essay

The plan, which will be used to build an essay, is very important. Everyone usually tends to skip this step, but it plays a big role. If you don’t have a plan, you may get confused in the process of writing and get lost in all the information you will find.

When working on a plan, try to make it as simple as possible:
  • A name
  • An intro (shortly describes the main idea)
  • The main part consists of a few thesis
  • A conclusion sums up everything you said


The intro should carefully bring the audience to the main idea. Moreover, you set out the problems of the essay (what is it about?) and the audience (for whom?) in the introduction.

Main part

This is the discussion of your essay. You need to clarify the basic ideas of your topic and provide some advice or recommendations. When describing the thesis, you need to offer useful, specific, and valuable data. It will be good if you can add some stories or parables, entertaining facts or talk about your own ideas and give your opinion on the issued you’re raising in your essay. Adding epithets to the text will make it more entertaining. This is the section where you need to offer answers to the questions you set in the intro.

Try to make this part no more than 1–2 pages. Keep in mind that you prepare not just an essay, but an essay for a particular target audience who cares about the topic. The essay should be understandable and clear – only then you can make your readers interested in what you have to say.

Summing up

This is the place where you need to sum up everything you said, highlighting the positive result, as well as the fact that the data presented in the main part will assist to deal with the issue.

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