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A dissertation is a qualifying paper. This is the work where you need to demonstrate your qualifications. This doesn’t have to be a new direction in practice or science. Don’t think if you worked on several formulas or prepared 150 pages of research, your paper is done and ready to be defended. The dissertation should include a new vision at some famous problems or offer new solutions.

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The title of your dissertation should be easily reformulated into a question. Unfortunately, it is not customary to give a title in the form of a question to a dissertation but in your head, you should have an interrogative sentence. You must know exactly what you want to learn and tell your readers. If you don’t know what topic to choose for your dissertation, you can buy dissertation and the authors of the service will offer you several interesting topics that you can choose from.

Choosing a topic

The topic should be foreseeable and feasible. Don’t try to set unachievable goals.

The topic can’t be too small or too narrow. You can write a diploma about how to sell machines in your area. But you must know all about these sales. A too global task will take you aside. It’s better to expand the topic later rather than aiming at something for which there is not enough time.

Preliminary work on the dissertation

The object of research is some part of the field of science investigated by the applicant, processes and phenomena that are the cause of the problem that has not been solved to date.

Usually in the candidate’s dissertation, not the whole object is examined but only its part:
  • Some parts of the object
  • Their interrelation and influence on each other, etc.

The investigated section of the object is defined by the concept subject of research. That is, the subject of the dissertation research is a specific part of the object.

After concretizing the object and the subject of research, it is necessary to consider the relevance of the issues under study, that is, to evaluate the timeliness and necessity of their solution.

After confirming the relevancy of the dissertation research, you can determine the theme of the dissertation work since it is the subject of research that determines the theme of the thesis. The theme of a dissertation usually includes part of the language of the object and the subject of research.

The next stage is the formation of a hypothesis, that is, applying to scientific foresight, you must predict the desired result of the work. The formulation of the expected result of the work is characterized in the thesis as scientific propositions brought to the defense.

After the scientific provisions, it is expedient to formulate the purpose and objectives of the dissertation research, which solution will lead to the desired result.

The purpose of the work is usually in tune with the thesis topic, with the addition in the beginning of the following phrases:
  • To develop
  • Providing an effective...

To form the research tasks, it is necessary to determine the main stages of the study. A specific task is formulated for each stage of the study. In addition, it should be noted that in the formulation of research tasks, the structure of the dissertation is formed, since research tasks are usually reflected in the names of individual chapters and paragraphs.

When formulating tasks, the following sentences are used:
  • To reveal the essence
  • To formulate and justify
  • To reveal factors
  • To consider
  • To analyze
  • To study
  • To develop
  • To determine the place

Obviously, to determine the purpose and objectives of the study, it is necessary to analyze literary sources, that is, scientific works of domestic and foreign authors devoted to the topic of the dissertation. The work of the predecessors is studied to determine the lack of thoroughness of the issues studied by the competitor, determine the need for future research in the direction in question. If you decide to buy dissertation on a professional service, you don’t have to spend you time researching previous works on the topic – all this will be done for you.

Concept of work

The next stage is the work on the work concept that contains the basic work characteristics and identifies its scope.

The basic features of the dissertation research are:
  • Relevance
  • Purpose and tasks of the dissertation
  • Research object and subject
  • Novelty
  • Provisions imposed on the defense and how reliable they are
  • Significance of the obtained results

In addition, it’s recommended to present a resume of the chapters of the dissertation on 3–5 pages, which will be the base for a plan for the dissertation research should be built.

That is, the goal of concept preparation is to reveal the author’s position on the problem, ways of solving it, the results and their significance.

The next stage is the work on the concept to the scientific supervisor and the members of the department for the purpose of receiving their comments and wishes, which will enable the competitor to exclude from consideration deliberately incorrect solutions to the tasks set and to clarify the scope of his scientific research.

After the scientific director approves the plan of the dissertation and its concept, one can proceed to the creation of the dissertation itself.


When there is a question, it becomes clear, on which parts it needs to be divided – and these are the chapters of your dissertation. You get the system of questions and this is the structure of your work.

All this organization should be in your head from the very beginning of work. You cannot think that at first you will study something, and then develop a structure. As long as you have no questions, then you are working with dead material: if you do not ask about anything, then it will not tell you anything.

Remember that you can’t write a good paper with a bad work plan. The sooner you complete the structure, the more likely you are to have a good dissertation. When you buy dissertation online, the plan is prepared for you by professional authors. You can also use it to better understand your work.

Dissertation usually consists of the following:
  • A title page
  • An introduction
  • A main part
  • A conclusion
  • A bibliography
  • Applications


The introduction of the dissertation, which provides the main characteristics of the work, in a more extended form, repeats the concept of work.

Main text

The main text of a dissertation usually consists of three parts, which can be formed in 2–4 chapters:
  • Analytical
  • Theoretical
  • Practical

In the analytical part, a review of literature sources and research papers on the topic of the dissertation is carried out, as well as their critical analysis. Also, insufficiently developed questions are analyzed, as well as the research methods and their applicability to the solution of the tasks. The analytical part ends with conclusions about the need for further research on a particular issue.

In the theoretical part, the applicant submits a description of his developments, the methodology for their implementation, and leads the course of the research.

In the practical part, the results of the calculations and experiments are performed in accordance with the author’s research, and their analysis are given.

In conclusion, the applicant confirms the validity of the scientific provisions of the dissertation with the results of his research, gives the main results of the work and recommendations on their use in the theoretical and practical fields.

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