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Here, you will learn how to plan research papers and its main points for the implementation of individual research activities at college.

Also, you will learn in detail about the contents of each item of the plan of the research project and get important explanations and advice that will assist you to correctly and competently plan and create the work.

You’ll get answers to the questions you may have and see how to prepare a plan that is applied for the preparation of the research.

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Kinds of research

There are two kinds of a research:
  • Abstract
  • Research paper

An abstract is created on a narrow subject, with the inclusion of several academic papers that were published before. It assumes the analysis of various ideas on the subject and the work on one’s opinion on the issue arose.

A research paper is also conducted on a narrow subject. However, in this case, you’re working not only with academic resources but also with documentary ones. You work on the research will presume the intro of any new sources such as proven facts and theories.

Both kinds of research are significant. However, the research paper is more important.

Picking up a subject

When picking up the subject, move from the relevance of the research and then check how many sources are available.

The way you word the subject should be concrete. Stay away from the subjects that go into long time periods, for example, “The History of the Theaters” since hardly you’ll be able to sufficiently research all available resources within one paper.

The subject should be relevant to the content and logically connected with the objective of the research.

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Organizing the research work

These are the constituents your work should include:
  • A plan (the overview of the content)
  • A preamble
  • The text of the study (split into sections, chapters, and paragraphs at the request of the author)
  • Deductions
  • The resources and literature you applied
  • Applications


In the preamble, justify the subject you have picked up and briefly explain its interest for science.

The preamble should have these functions:
  • Phrase the objectives and the main goal of the research
  • Corroborate the pertinence of the subject picked up
  • Identify the chronological timeframes of the research
  • Give an overview of current resources on the problem
  • Describe which resources this study is based on

Text of the study

The text of the research should relate to the subject indicated and not to go beyond the chronological framework stipulated in the introduction. Don’t give the facts that everyone knows in the research. For example, describing the activities of doctors during the Second World War, you do not need to tell the history of the war. The profusion of facts that are known to everyone can obscure the new ideas that you discovered during the research. Concentrate on interesting and new information about the subject.

It’s best to write using the scientific language, without showing your emotions and trying to make the text look better using figurative turns of speech.

In research, the scientific text is built as a sequence of reasonings created to prove a certain opinion on the work.

  • Build the text logically.
  • Avoid plagiarism when writing.
  • Use the reliable and authentic resources when writing.
  • Get rid of difficult and long sentences.
  • Split your work into sections and subsections to make the reading more appealing.

The scope of the research should not exceed 15 pages of standard printed text.


In this section, the deductions are drawn on the study. They should follow from the objectives of the research, which you outlined in the preamble. You have to identify whether your research is feasible or it’s not possible to get to the objective.

Lists of literature and other resources

This section has to demonstrate all the resources you applied. It has to be in the alphabetical sequence, stating. If you buy research papers on specialized websites, the authors will provide you with the resources used for your research. The resources will be formatted in accordance with the specified format.


Applications have to be chosen carefully and show the brightest moments of work. In the application, include copies of rare photographs, documents, various tables, graphics, drawings, but they should be related to the text of the study. References to applications in the text of the study are required.

Steps of writing

The writing involves the following stages:
  • The theme of the study is identified.
  • It’s examined how many resources available on the subject and what sides of the subject haven’t been examined yet.
  • The objectives and goal are formulated.
  • An overview of the work is compiled. When working on an overview, the researcher determines the range of questions, to which he must respond to get to his objective. If desired, you can split the work into chapters (no more than 3), which can also be split into smaller sections (no more than 3–4 paragraphs). The title of chapters and sections should be accurately stated.
  • Work with all available resources. When working on the analysis of the literature, provide the full name of the author and short data about him/her. Describe the issue the author identifies in his study and resources that are applied as a foundation of the study. Also, identify main ideas and thoughts outlined by the author. Then offer the author’s conclusions and show your opinion about this study.
  • Writing the draft text of the paper.
  • Finalize the structure of the research.
  • Formulate the theme of the work, based on the study.
  • Writing the final text of the study.

It may seem that you need to go through a lot of steps to prepare a high-quality research paper. If you can’t find time to create a paper yourself, buy research papers from professional authors on specialized websites.

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