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Order Delivery with no Issues

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Simple Ordering System

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Qualified and Experienced Authors

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No Plagiarism

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The introduction is the most important part of the work. Often teachers become acquainted only with the introduction, conclusion and the list of literature, as well as the formatting. Sometimes they make an impression without even reading the text in detail. In this regard, the introduction is the main part and its writing should be approached particularly seriously. Often teachers point to the items that should be disclosed in the introduction. If there are no specific instructions on how to write it, look at the classic requirements. The introduction can be either brief or full.

A brief introduction consists, as a rule, of a notation of the relevance of the topic and the indication of the purpose and tasks of the work. A short introduction is used in many kinds of essay. If the question is college essay introduction, then it can be the brief introduction or full. Writing a full introduction is more complicated and time-consuming work, while you need to include such structural elements:
  • The relevance of the research topic
  • The degree of scientific elaboration of the problem
  • Object of study
  • The subject of the study
  • Purpose of the work
  • Objectives of work
  • Methodological approaches to research
  • Research methods
  • Structure of work.

Depending on the requirements to the assignment, you can only focus on determining the relevance, goals, and objectives of the work. The relevance of the topic is the reason for why this issue should be studied and for what it is needed. In the relevance of the topic, it is necessary to emphasize the problem of research - this is a question, the answer to which is not sufficiently disclosed in the existing scientific knowledge or is not contained at all. It can be also some contradictory reality situation. The brief enumeration of the main areas of their scientific interest should be also indicated here.

Improve your introduction writing

If you want to get the effective result, you should follow these rules when writing the essay:
  • Laconism (introduction and conclusion combined should be not more than one-third of the entire work)
  • Connection with the theme of the text, with the main part and the conclusion of the essay
  • In the introduction, you need to find a place for the problem of the source text
  • In conclusion, refer to the materials of the introduction.
In the introduction, you can refer to many aspects. All of them should work for the purpose of the entire text. Here are the things that you can disclose in your introduction:
  • Definition of the text theme
  • Statement of your own position
  • Brief information about the author of the source text
  • A rhetorical question
  • Quotation as a beginning – the trigger that will catch the reader
  • An appeal to history
  • Dialogue with an imaginary interlocutor
  • Reasoning about the title
  • Connection with the present
  • Calling offer.

The introduction organizes the whole text, therefore it is necessary to approach very seriously the choice of its form and content. The introduction leads to the problem of the text, it helps to move logically to the position of the author and your reasoned attitude to the problem. If the introduction and conclusion echo, then the whole essay resonates effectively.

It is highly important to use triggers in the essay. The reader's psychology is structured in such a way that the first of all draws attention to the first lines of the text. The effective and clear introduction not only makes the entire work of literature more attractive but can even hide some of the shortcomings of the main part. A written assignment can be performed in just an hour, but at the same time, you can spend the same amount of time on creating the introduction.

The introduction and the conclusion create a kind of emphasis in the creative task, and therefore they must be carefully thought out. However, sometimes writing the first lines forces the author to think, and it is the first paragraph that becomes decisive in revealing the main topic. Therefore, perhaps, the college essay should nevertheless begin with the writing of the introduction. As in the first, and in the second case, college essay introduction should have the following qualities: laconism; clarity; absence of semantic mistakes.

The introduction to the college essay is a kind of announcement. It performs an important function because it notifies about an event that will happen soon. The entries for literary works can be compared to the advertisement that we hear or see on TV because they have one common goal. The purpose here is to attract attention. When writing the first paragraph of any creative task, no matter what topic it is devoted to, it should be remembered that it should not only be concise but also contain information. However, the whole topic in the introduction is not disclosed, it contains only a small hint of the content of the main text.

The additional tips on writing the introduction

Try to make your essay introduction really simple, because all ingenious is simple. The modern world gives a crazy flew of information combined with the lack of time. People simply cannot spend too much time on each essay. Mostly, people want to "run through" the paper, highlighting the key moments and moving forward. This is especially true for the essay introduction - the beginning of the article. That is, the simpler and easier you write, the better will be the introduction.

Learn how to surprise the reader in your introduction, learn how to shock him. We can think about many things, but they are unlikely to be suitable for an introduction. It all boils down to the fact that you need to say something unusual. It should be something unexpected, shocking, provocative, perhaps even strange. If you start with something boring or anticipated, the reader can slip away from your hook.

In the introduction, you cannot repeat the title. Instead of wasting the reader's time in vain, take advantage of the chance and "hook" his attention with an interesting phrase, the disclosure of a possible problem. There is no consensus on how long an introduction should be. Some people manage to disclose the main idea with a few sentences, while the others need a couple of paragraphs. At the same time, readers cannot concentrate for a long time on the beginning. Don’t make the first paragraph of the college essay too long.

Think creatively to get new ideas for the introduction

How new ideas are created is the question that many writers ask. If the answer to this question is simplified as much as possible, then a new idea is created by combining two or more old ideas. They can come to your mind yourself, but you should also push your brains to create something. There will be no endless stream of new ideas – our brains work the other way. Therefore, you need to use a variety of techniques to improve your idea creating.

First of all, you must clearly identify the problem and collect all the necessary information, because it is almost impossible to come up with something new if you do not know what to take. So do not be lazy and study the problem and collect all the information you can find on it. Learn the background of the topic and this will help you run a chain of associations. Due to this, new ideas will come to your mind right away. Before you will use the other templates for your ideas, learn how to break the patterns of your thinking first. If you succeed, your thinking will become more flexible. Here are a few techniques that will help you with this:
  • Challenge the assumptions. In any situation, assumptions should arise in your head and usually, they are repeated every time. Ask yourself such questions: "Why do I think so?", "Can I change the way of thinking?"
  • Use the technique of "Five Whys". Change the wording of the problem. Formulation of the problem in one way or another way changes your thinking. Look at the problem from different angles: "Why should I solve this problem?", "What happens if I do not solve the problem?", "Is it possible to turn this problem into the advantage?".
  • Think the other way around - turn your thinking inside out. Instead of thinking about solving the problem, think about how to aggravate the situation. If you want to create an interesting college essay, think about how to create the most boring essay in the world. Sometimes it helps to get a lot of the most interesting ideas or just refresh your thinking
  • Express yourself through different forms of art. If you are writing the college essay introduction, try yourself in other forms of art, and absolutely not related to your activities. Play the guitar, draw something, sculpt from plasticine. Your brain should always be surprised
  • Connect the very different. Often great ideas appear randomly. You hear or see something, usually not related to your problem, and then the idea suddenly comes up. Why is this happening? Creative thinking does not tolerate obsession and too much effort. You can work three hours with all efforts and no result, but it's worth it to relax and take a bath, as the best ideas will appear in your brain. Look actively for the most unexpected things to inspire your brain - new places, new people, new food.

Improve your working order

Correct planning helps to fight procrastination. You can split the big task into smaller parts which will make them easier to plan. To improve your writing process, you should do these steps:
  • Make a list of important tasks – a to-do list
  • Estimate the time required for each task
  • Plan your own free time from the calculation of 60/40. The forty percent of the time is spent on force majeure. The sixty percent is filled with backup cases, such as prioritization of assignments.

Evaluation of task performance and self-control. Optimization of time, the presence of plan and tasks, concentration and self-control will help you to write your assignments faster – not only the introduction but the whole paper.

For procrastination, there are many reasons to continuously postpone the task. Each person justifies his procrastination in his own way. Of course, the main reason for procrastination is the lack of motivation, multiplied by the lack of self-control. When we talk about the college essay writing, then the main reason can be the absence for any reason of interest. In addition to lack of interest, one of the reasons for procrastination is the inability of a person to prioritize.

Shake your writing process and make priorities

You should learn how to make priorities. A clear awareness of the question of motivation facing each person will help to correctly prioritize. Some people can work productively only when specific time frames are set, and their productivity is in the highest level. Surely, many procrastinators can work effectively only in the last hours before the deadline. There are no special problems with procrastination in people who can draw a line for themselves. Self-control is an important part of writing, that cannot be replaced with something else. However, there are several steps that will help you to find more inspiration for writing:
  • Creative idleness. To relax, you can take a walk, listen to music, and play a sport game. The brain always needs a recharge
  • Believe in yourself. You should do it physically - accept the pose of a confident person, this means a lot. You can even bring this pose to the point of absurdity, but make it a habit
  • Change the environment. Work in a cafe or library, move the desk in your room – all these will help to fight procrastination
  • Eliminate all irritants. Close the door, turn off the Internet, turn off the phone. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing your assignment.

When you feel, that the writing assignment is not going to the needed place, you can ask for professional help. There are professional writing companies that will help you in manuscript editing, or even writing your essay introduction from scratch. Before you will place an order at some writing firm, you should make sure that the feedback on the company’s website and on the Internet is good.

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