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Professional Authors

Professional Authors

We hire only responsible and professional writers who are capable of delivering high-quality papers on time. You can be sure that you will enjoy the great result.

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Paper Written From Scratch

Every paper is written by our authors from scratch. They are also checked by the most advanced software to ensure that the work contains no plagiarism.

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No Risk

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Satisfying Result

Satisfying Result

We aim at delivering only high-quality papers, and that is why your assignment will be completed by a professional author. The best quality is also ensured by offering free revisions.

When you need to prepare a college letter, a sample from the Internet seems to you an obvious solution. However, this is not the best decision. It can play a cruel joke with you. The fact is that there is an incorrect and correct way of using examples of motivational letters. Here are the actions that are the wrong way:
  • To use the template without changing
  • To send the essay without plagiarism checking
  • To send a blurred essay.

It often happens that students naively expect pleasant news, but instead of invitation comes a refusal from college. Almost always, all documents are accepted electronically through the university's website or any centralized online system. Nowadays, to check any text on plagiarism is a matter of a few minutes. As a rule, this check is carried out automatically after you click the "Submit" button.

How to use an example of a motivation letter?

Considering how the admissions commissions of top universities are intolerant of plagiarism, a clever plan to copy a motivation letter from the Internet can end badly. It is right to use examples of motivational letters only to get acquainted with the format of this document, as well as what other writers show about themselves. However, you should never use this as a template.

It should also be understood that on the Internet you will rarely find really effective templates of motivational letters. Would you yourself put on the Internet your motivation letter, on which you diligently pored for several weeks, or even paid professionals for help in preparing it? Even if someone writes that ostensibly before you are examples of successfully enrolled students in foreign universities, more often this is not true. Or these can be the college essays from students who entered a preparatory program.

The admissions committee is lenient to the motivational letter of such entrants. The fact is that they already have some idea of a candidate. For such candidates, the motivation letter is rather a formality, so do not take them as an effective template. If you apply directly to a foreign institution, the admissions committee does not know anything about you and will estimate you only on your documents, including a motivational letter. Accordingly, your motivation letter should be perfect. Sometimes it is a good idea to use the professional writing help.

How to focus on work and fight procrastination?

If you feel the lack of time that keeps you from writing the effective college essay, you should think about the reasons for such results. Often, the reason for the lack of time is procrastination and strong destructions. Ask yourself such questions:
  • How often do you check your mail while you are writing a homework?
  • How often you visit social networks?
  • Do you talk to your friends during work?

This questions can help you to find the sources of your destruction. For example, this may be a common thing for you, when you went for a couple of minutes to Facebook, and as a result, almost half an hour of work is wasted. In this situation, the loss is not only your workforce but also the emotional mood. Proceeding from the research data, constant distraction lowers working capacity, leads to stressful state and nervous tension.

What is the reason for the distraction process?

Scientists conducted a research to identify how the process of destruction works. They found during research, that this is a complex process. They assigned three and a half days to ordinary observers in the usual company. The workers themselves were not aware of the experiment. Observers were required to record the duration of each action of the subjects in seconds. And it turned out that most people switch from one case to another every 3 minutes and 5 seconds on average.

Scientists noted that in about half of cases, employees were distracted by their will. For example, they decided to look on Twitter or Facebook. In addition to those cases where the subject had to be distracted to discuss working with colleagues, this made a serious impact on a working activity of the person. This process resembles a game of tennis when we use our brain as a ball and throw it from side to side. However, our brain is not a tennis ball, it needs much more time to return to the starting position.

Distracting, we redirect the resources of our consciousness to the other side. To get to the heart of the matter, we need a certain amount of time. And in the same way, we need time to return to the previous task. And the main problem is not the time spent, but the fact that in the end, we cannot fully understand any of the tasks. How can we concentrate on each assignment, if we are distracted from one to another literally every 10 minutes? The brain simply cannot respond to this question.

Why you don’t need to switch between the tasks

If you want to stay effective when writing the college essay, you should never switch between the tasks. Surely, Mozart, for example, was able to work on several works at the same time, and each of them turned out to be a masterpiece. Mozart can be called an exception. But after all many great composers - Bach, Verdi, Haydn - were taken only for one work at a time.

They either completed it or put it in the back box and only then they started a new one. All the people cannot be Mozart; you should recognize this fact. How can we learn to concentrate on one task without being distracted?

How to get the effective concentration on the task?

For a full immersion in the essence of the work, you need continuous effective intervals of time. Concentrate on only one task at this period. Even super professionals need a certain amount of time to get to work and perform it at a high level. When you are deeply immersed in the work, you completely forget that you were going to check the mail or do something.

For example, the Intel company decided to conduct an experiment with the distractions. The workers did not have enough time to fully immerse themselves in the work, so the company managers officially allocated 4 hours of working time for meditation. In these "hours of reflection" employees were forbidden to respond to messages, and also to be distracted by any tasks that they might wait. This idea was extremely successful. Workers began to perform many more tasks.

The importance of even small "two-minute" distractions, as well as multitasking, is hard to overestimate. Working time should be planned so that it is minimally distracted to other matters. Tell your friends and relatives about your hours of continuous work so that they do not bother you at this time. And better - teach them to do the same. As you can see, to fight procrastination, it is very important to eliminate distractions. However, this is not the only reason that can cause procrastination.

The reasons for procrastination

According to scientists, procrastination is the result of a confrontation between the limbic system and the frontal cortex of the brain. The first system is responsible for immediate pleasures, while the second conduct long-term planning. The conflict between these zones prevents us from giving full value to the assignment. Also, the reasons for procrastination are sometimes hidden in the characteristics of a person's character:
  • Low self-esteem. An insecure, ever-doubting person hardly completes his work to the finish. A lot of his business is at the planning stage because he is not able to decide whether to spend time and effort on them
  • Perfectionism. The desire for excellence is laudable, but not in the case when the constant alteration breaks the deadlines. Of course, there is such a work, in which accuracy in the slightest detail is important. But if you do not build space rockets and do not follow the work of a nuclear reactor, let yourself at least occasionally be imperfect
  • An imposed life. Many of us live by the pattern, invented by someone, but not by us. Subconsciously protesting against imposed programs, a person demonstrates independence by postponing cases
  • Congenital disorganization. Man does not know how to economically manage time, planning for him does not exist. Sometimes the problem lies in the inability to correctly prioritize. Not knowing what ways to choose - easy or complex, a person does nothing at all
  • Wrong way. Uninteresting work is capable of knocking the ground out from under the feet, even with a purposeful, responsible person. Procrastination often appears due to a mistake in career counseling.

Procrastination is capable of making a loser out of a normal person. Because of it, unfinished tasks are accumulating, like a snowball. Because of it, the adoption of important, often fateful decisions, is postponed to a long box. Thereby, if you feel the procrastination when writing the college essay, it makes sense to ask for a professional writing help.

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