The college thesis

The thesis is a scientific work on the way to the Ph.D. This is the most complex college paper, but not the most difficult among academic papers. As a result of her successful defense, the graduate receives a degree. Often it is based on graduate research and becomes its logical continuation, but with a deeper scientific approach. High level of performance of the master's degree allows making it a base for the further scientific work. Written at a decent level, the thesis is an indicator of the ability of its author to conduct scientific research and his ability to research.

General recommendations for writing a college thesis

The important components of the initial stage of the work are the selection of the necessary material and the drawing up of a plan. Having thought about the structure and drawing up a preliminary plan, you should contact the tutor. He will tell you what is wrong and help to make the necessary changes. Be prepared for the fact that your plan will not be approved the first time and it will have to be altered, - this is normal. If you want to write high-quality scientific work, be kind enough to work on its structure and take the plan as seriously as possible.

Approving the plan is your first significant victory. Next, you should study the literature for each section of the paper. There is a danger of delaying the search process, it takes months for some candidates. As a result, a person cannot begin writing because of the procrastination. A lot of time is lost for anxiety. To prevent this, limit yourself to rigid time frames, act accordingly to your work plan and do not get carried away. Remember that the process of searching for literature can drag out. But no matter how much you dig into it, you still will not collect all the material. It's just impossible, thereby do only the necessary work.

Having dealt with the literature and collecting the necessary material, the applicant sits down for writing a scientific dissertation. Every chapter should be written in one breath, without taking long breaks, so that you do not have to spend time again to tune in, to immerse yourself in the material. The draft will appear in 2-3 months of work if you will not procrastinate. Be creative and plan your time to avoid procrastination.

Creative thinking is not given to everyone

Scientists have found that the brain of people who generate creative and non-standard ideas, functions differently than other people. In the experiment, 163 participants were tested for divergent thinking - the ability to find different solutions to one problem. During the execution of tasks, the activity of the brain zones was tracked. In addition, the ideas proposed by people were evaluated accordingly to the degree of their originality.

As a result, the authors of the study found that the brains of people who invented the most unusual approaches to the solution of the tasks are characterized by increased functionality of neural connections between individual brain areas. Thanks to the inclusion of these links, three specific brain systems become active at once:
  • Basic system
  • Executive system
  • Current system.

Why creativity is not so easy

This phenomenon of brain activity is not so often in statistics. Usually, these three systems are not active at the same time. For example, if the executive system is on, the basic is off and vice versa. But in people with developed creative abilities the brain works differently: the basic and executive systems can be active in parallel due to a different network of neural connections. The science still does not know whether this kind of brain work is conditioned genetically and innately.

Perhaps the brain can be trained, but the final answer to this question should come from the forthcoming studies. It should be noted that it follows from the explanations of scientists that the basic system of the brain is activated with spontaneous thinking. The executive system activates if necessary, to evaluate the result of basic system thinking. The current system acts as a switch between the previous two. If you want to lift your creativity, include this in your habit:
  • Make a long walk without a phone part of your daily life
  • Exit the comfort zone
  • Give more time to entertainment and games
  • Switch between focused work and actions that do not require much intellectual effort.

Save your creativity

Spending enough time in a state of frenzied mental limitations, you gradually reduce your ability to perform deep work. This is not a good sign for those who want to create something, for example, find new ideas for the thesis. Studies show that the permanent fear of missing something interesting, or the loss of profit syndrome enhances our anxiety and ultimately affects our health. From the whole spectrum of losses, creative thinking is one of the biggest. Regardless of your calling, the flexibility of mind and openness to new ideas and approaches are invaluable.

The problems when writing the college thesis

Solving problems is part of everyday life. And you must be ready for them, especially when you are working on the complex task. The more ambitious and complex it is, the more often you will encounter difficulties and serious ones. As ambitions grow, you will increasingly depend on the ability to resist circumstances and draw conclusions from your mistakes. Fortunately, insurmountable problems are extremely rare. And many of them can be considered false because we create them ourselves.

When students begin to panic and lose control, the problems feeling is growing. When faced with a problem, we sometimes do not give ourselves enough time to ponder the causes of what is happening and possible ways of changing the situation. And most importantly, in such state, we do not draw conclusions and do not learn new. In order not to give up and work hard to realize your dream, you need both courage and a willingness to make serious efforts.

In this chapter we will try to help you understand that there is nothing special about problems, they can be solved in one way or another. We would like you to treat them as something ordinary, so we'll tell you how to draw conclusions and learn. Having followed our advice, you will significantly increase your chances of success and learn to consider your own experience.

How to avoid problems

One simple and effective problem-solving technique will help you avoid many of them. From time to time, be sure to ask yourself these two questions:
  • What, most likely, will go wrong, and what can be done to avoid this?
  • What can increase the chances of success?

Whenever you achieve noticeable results, ask yourself these questions, remembering to take into account the actual situation. Notice the changes that have occurred in your project since the work on it began, as well as potential changes. The further you will go on the way to the dream, the more you will be able to answer these questions in detail.

You will become better aware of what is still needed to realize your dream, which techniques work more effectively and where failure can lie in wait. In addition, the acquired experience will help to notice the emergence of new opportunities and increase the chances of success. Use them to avoid some problems. You will become more confident as you gain new experience in thesis writing. Delegating writing to the writing agency also gives a kind of experience.

How to solve a problem when writing a college thesis?

In solving the problem, the main thing is to understand what it is and stay calm. Do not to succumb to fears and excitement. There is nothing worse than get into the panic in something you have not fully understood. So you can spoil everything, and don’t find any solution. Here are the tips that will help you to overcome the problems during the thesis writing:
  • Try to calm down
  • Explain to someone you trust, what happened
  • Discuss with the tutor what happened
  • Check if the calculations are correct
  • Do not rush to blame yourself.

Students who feel that they are too emotional to react to an incident should try to calm down. Go to places where you can relax, please yourself with something, take a walk or do something similar to change the brain activity. Try to explain to someone you trust, what happened. After discussing the problem, you will not only calm down, but you will immediately find some mistakes that you will not notice if you start a dialogue with yourself.

As accurately as possible, describe the chronology of events. Do not miss any details, even minor ones and most importantly listen to the questions and comments of the interlocutor. If you work in a team, be sure to discuss with all its members what happened. Listen carefully to their point of view, to compare with their considerations. You should pay attention to the estimates. During such conversations, the cause of the problem is easily identified.

Pay attention to the assumptions

Getting to work, you probably made different assumptions. Be sure to check if they are correct, especially with respect to those stages of the plan where you are faced with failure. We all tend to make assumptions without verifying their truth. Troubles often arise because we start from incorrect premises at the very beginning of work. Having dealt with what is happening, do not rush to blame yourself or someone else for failure.

The search for the guilty person will hardly help to find a constructive way out of a difficult situation. Direct all efforts to get the most positive result, as far as possible in the current situation. Think about how best to move forward and how to solve the problem faster. It is important to discuss everything with the team (your tutor and teachers), to get the lessons learned and draw conclusions from them. Do not think that everyone, including you, will make the right conclusions if at least you do not discuss what happened. The more you are concerned about the problem, the more important it is to draw conclusions and discuss them with the tutor.

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