What is a compare and contrast essay?

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Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

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Only Professional Authors

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Plagiarism Is Strictly Forbidden

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Pay Only for Satisfying Result

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Compare and contrast essay is the paper that has two subjects that author compares. This can be anything that will catch the audience. For example, you can compare two political systems, find the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each other. If you will use this field, your topic can be "American and British political systems". The other way is to compare to something historical before the big historical event. For example, you can compare Allies and Nazi Germany before the Second World War.

When you write the compare and contrast essay, you can use such tools here:
  • Find the differences between the two subjects
  • Find similarities
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of each subject.
As you can see, there are not so many tools that you can use, but they are very effective in this kind of essay. A lot depends on the topic of the paper. Here are some of the examples:
  • Differences between the American and Chinese economy
  • Differences between marring in young age and old age
  • Football and basketball
  • Fanta vs Pepsi
  • Traditional and modern language
  • American and British educational system.

Healthy and unhealthy way of life

Health is the most valuable thing that each person, on which all his life depends. No achieved goals in life do not bring people full happiness if there is no health. Therefore, it is important to live with a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how old are you. A healthy way of life is, first of all, keeping the balance between active movement and relaxing. It is important to eliminate fast food, sweet fizzy drinks, chips, and etcetera. It also includes a complete ban on smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

When people live without a healthy diet, this can be fun, but only for the short period of time. Besides, this is mainly because of the public opinion between teenagers and fashion. What exactly is meant by a healthy diet? Here are the things that it consists of:
  • Adherence to the diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks between them)
  • Nutrition contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats because these substances are necessary for the proper functioning of the body
  • The use of fruits, vegetables, greens, sour-milk products, meat (it is much more useful and nourishing for the health)
  • Healthy daily routine – enough sleep and relaxation
  • Sports activities.
The advantages of the healthy lifestyle don't need any characteristics. It gives more energy, more inspiration, and etcetera. On the other hand, people who prefer the unhealthy lifestyle, see such disadvantages in the healthy lifestyle:
  • It needs more efforts
  • It is boring
  • It doesn’t give enough pleasure.

However, this can be said only by someone who doesn’t have a strict daily routine. When you live in a healthy rhythm, it comes very easy. Often you hear: "I do not have time to do sports, because I have studied, and I'm tired." But, in order to keep the body in tone, it is enough to give 10 minutes per day to physical activity. For example, every morning you should exercise. Nothing will happen to you if you will get up a bit earlier in the morning. The main thing is to start, and not be lazy. After that, it will become a habit and you will feel the energy that comes from it.

You can also run twice a week for half an hour in the park. In the winter time, you can go skiing. In the summer, you can often go out and play active games. Staying in the fresh air has a great effect on the person's health. But fatigue from physical activity brings only cheerfulness and energy. It is important to observe the regime of the day and provide rest to the body at night. In other words, sleep is not less important than the sport and nutrition.

When a person eats properly and regularly engages in sports, he becomes not only healthy and beautiful in the physical sense, but also inspired in his mind. He feels a surge of energy for new ideas and beginnings, a person becomes more calm and balanced. The healthy person wants to create something new, he becomes very creative. On the other hand, the unhealthy person spends more energy than he gets from sweet drinks and cigarettes and feels exhausted.

Compare and contrast essay – winter vs summer

Probably everyone in his own way likes different seasons, but especially everyone is happy about the onset of winter or summer. It doesn’t matter what they say: winter is cold, and summer is hot. These seasons are very difficult to compare, although you can find a lot of positive qualities in both seasons of the year.

Children always wait for the onset of winter. It attracts all the beauty of the decoration of trees, streets and the world as a whole, covering everything with a white fluffy blanket made of snow. In winter, all of nature falls asleep, to blossom again in the spring. Children love winter because of various fun and New Year holidays. When the snow falls, everyone runs out to sculpt the hills, fortresses, and snowmen.

In addition, in a good sunny weather, with a light frost, you can go to the ice rink to play hockey. People love to walk along the alleys of the city park, breathe the frosty air.

In winter, there your favorites and cheerful holidays, like Christmas and New Year. Even frosts are not terrible in the holiday. It is very pleasant to come home from the street in cold weather and drink hot tea, watching the blizzard from your window.

Summer, on the contrary, is the time of sports activities. Everyone loves summer. First, this is the time of the longest holidays, so children feel free from lessons and studies. You can relax and do sports. Summer attracts with warm sunshine, greens and a variety of fun. On ponds and lakes, there are many waterfowl: swans, ducks, terns, as well as flowering lilies. It's nice to eat berries, picked at the forest edge.

In the summer, positive and joyful emotions are experienced. Only at this time of the year you can see so much greenery, breathe in the smell of flowers, listen to the chirping of grasshoppers, the buzzing of bees. If we compare winter and summer, it becomes clear that every season is beautiful and unique in its way. They complement each other, bringing diversity to our lives.

Compare and contrast essay– the North and the South before the civil war

South and North of the US were very different before the Civil war. In the South, the environment was about a plantation economy. With it slavery, it was incompatible with the capitalist spirit of English immigrants. It was slavery and large land ownership that made the South different from the North. Built into a developing bourgeois society (which was the South as part of American society), slavery gave this society a contradictory character, introducing pre-bourgeois, traditional traits (such as paternalism, caste). Antinomy is characteristic of all structures of the South: from economy to mentality. At the same time, the North was an industrial place.

The slave-owning plantation itself is contradictory; generated by trading capital and oriented to the world capitalist market, it worked for profit, so was capitalist in nature. At the same time, it used slave labor because of a shortage of labor. Thereby, there were some elements of subsistence farming in the life of the plantation. The slave-owner achieved maximum returns from costly slaves, and therefore the plantation produced everything necessary for its inhabitants (food, clothing, equipment).

Differences in the slavery and industrial economy basic

The "naturalness" of the slave-owning plantation and its focus on the world market pushed the development of the domestic market. In the South, industry, cities, and transport developed very slowly. Thereby, farmers could not go on to commodity production. The industrialization and urbanization in the region became specific. The industry was based mainly on slave labor. The cities, especially in the lower South, were more a residence of planters than commercial and industrial centers. North was built on the other way – its high industrialization made it much more effective.

The combination of the ethical norms of bourgeois and traditional society (the cult of labor and contempt for it, entrepreneurial activity and contemplation, pragmatism and romanticism) made the southerner's character contradictory. The person from the South was the more complicated mentality in comparison with the straightforward and purposeful consciousness of the northerner. This was reflected in the literature of the South, characterized by a special depth and psychology.

The contradictory nature of the social system affected the character of the southerner. Slavery undermined Protestant values. The lifestyle of the planter, close to the European landowning nobility, brought up other qualities. To replace Protestant respect for work came contempt for it as the occupation of black slaves. The attractiveness of entrepreneurial activity in the sphere of trade, finance, and industry has diminished.

The wealth and leisure achieved through slavery allowed planters not only to indulge in idleness, secular entertainment but also to engage in self-education, politics, military affairs. The South supplied the country with the largest statesmen, military commanders. Leisure contributed to the development of contemplation, romanticism, alien to pragmatic northerners.

The political system of the South was dualistic, common American, liberal-democratic in form, but slave-holding in content. Southerners participated in the War of Independence, and the famous Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, a native of Virginia, who later gave birth to a whole dynasty of American presidents. In the South, one of the first democratic constitutions of states was adopted, which proclaimed universal suffrage for white men without property qualifications. So, in some fields, the development of the South was even brighter than in the North.

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