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Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

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A Diverse Team of Professional Writers

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Assured Uniqueness of Papers

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Pay Only for Satisfying Result

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Cover letter writing is important during different periods of life. It makes sense not only for students but also for people of all ages. By sending a resume to the employer, you present him with a "summary" of your work experience, qualifications, education and professional achievements. In resume, your career path is laid out on several sheets of paper and given to the ruthless court of the future employer. To soften the blow and win the attention of a potential employer to the resume, you need a powerful cover letter. A resume without such a letter is like a car without wheels, and no resume is likely to fall on the leader's desk if he does not have a cover letter.

The motivation letter is a kind of cover letter, where you have to tell the employer why you want to work in this company and why you are the one that suits them. You should also outline the reasons for your interest in the advertised vacancy and prove your competence in replacing it. For the employer, a motivation letter is a way to understand how a person meets the requirements of a company and an advertised vacancy, and save time by eliminating unsuitable candidates already at the initial stage. After all, how a person describes himself and his goals, can tell a lot about him.

The resume can be written in advance, having prepared it accordingly to the post you are applying for. But the cover letter is written only after you have found a specific vacancy because its task is to state the reasons for your choice and show that you are ideally connected to the specific position. A well-written cover letter attracts the attention of the employer and he immediately wants to take the phone and call you to invite for an interview, or at least to have a look at your resume. Here how the decision on the inviting on the interview is usually made:
  • The employer looks at the cover letter for 15 seconds
  • If there are any useful triggers, keywords, and etcetera, he looks for another 15 seconds
  • If the cover letter is useful for the vacation, the employer reads the resume for maximum 2 minutes
  • If the result is good for the applicant, he gets the invitation to the interview.

A bad cover letter may cost you a good job. To make the employer notice you, you need to write a laconic and memorable letter. Remember, your success in the future depends on it!

The recipe for a successful cover letter

The cover letter should be directly related to the employer's business. You have to show that you imagine the tasks of the company and the market, and imagine yourself as a person with all the necessary skills to perform these tasks. Therefore, before to include the right keywords in the cover letter, you need to ask yourself on these questions:
  • How can I be useful to this company?
  • What can I do for this business?
  • What are the keywords of the vacancy?

In the letter you not only offer your candidacy for an open job, you show that you are ready to offer specific vacancies. All this needs to be stated in a few words. Do not forget about it, and you will get a good cover letter.

Structure of the cover letter

Writing any text requires preparation. Writing a cover letter requires the most powerful preparation, because of this letter, the whole career can depend. Therefore, it is recommended to take on this difficult process on the night before the deadline. A positive result is possible only if you go back to the text several times, improving it. If you feel that you don't have enough time to make the paper at the high level, it is better to use the help of the professional cover letter writer.

Anyway, when you start writing the cover letter, it is highly important to stick to the effective structure of the paper. Note that the structure of the motivation letter may differ, depending on the vacancy - your ultimate goal. There are different types of motivation letters, in addition, you can compose your own writing structure. In any case, all motivational letters should contain the following parts:
  • Answer the question - "To whom am I writing and for what purpose?"
  • Answer the question – “Who are you? What do you want to achieve?”
  • If this is a letter to the embassy, answer the question “Why did you choose this country?”
  • “What is the goal you want to achieve in the future?”

The first paragraph should interest the reader and motivate him to finish reading the paper. This is the place to use powerful triggers. You can start with the use of a quote, an interesting expression or some other literary tool to catch the reader. This part of the letter should be related to the activities of the company, or to the training program for which you are applying. Ideally, if you find words that could show your motivation. These words will help you to get the reader’s attention and to achieve the goal – the interview.

The second paragraph is dedicated to your personality. Information should be clear, concise and on the topic. Write briefly about your age, education, skills. If you enter the university and write a letter to the embassy, be sure to include the name of the university, the specialty, the scientific degree that you intend to receive. Justify why you chose this specialty; with what it is connected.

Describe the already achieved goals in your direction - education, practical experience. Mention briefly about your hobbies and interests if they are related to a specialty. If you took part in internships, master classes, competitions, be sure to tell about it. Show yourself as a motivated and ambitious personality. But do not overdo it - no one can be perfect, so the reader can think that you are overrating yourself.

The cover letter to the embassy

“Why did you choose this country?” - this paragraph is necessary only for a cover letter to the embassy. In other cases, it can be omitted. If the procedure for obtaining a visa involves a personal interview, then mention the selection of the country, but do not limit yourself to general phrases. If the personal interview is not expected, then give the description of the country with more words. Write the exact reasons for your departure. Relate the country to your personal interests, preferences or hobbies. Indicate that this country provides you with such opportunities for self-realization or for achieving certain goals that you cannot receive in your country. But do not overdo it - you can be mistaken for an ordinary immigrant.

What is the goal you want to achieve in the future?

Thank the recipient for the time spent on your motivation letter. The last paragraph should clearly describe the benefits that you will get from achieving the desired goal. For example, indicate that with a Canadian diploma you are planning to get a job with an American company in Spain. Or do you plan to participate in the project, which is organized by Spain and Canada. The more convincing and comprehensible you compose this paragraph, the higher your chances to attract attention to yourself and get a positive answer.

A motivation letter gives certain advantages to the applicant: it is an opportunity to talk about all of your advantages that are not reflected in the resume. This is especially important if the applicant had some unsuccessful transition from position to position, or the resume does not quite profile. If the applicant does not have any experience at all, the goal of the motivational letter is to convey the employer that it is worth taking him to the team.

Useful tips for the cover letter writer

When you have the proper resume, the only thing you need is to make your cover letter at least at the same level. There are different requirements for it and different things that can make it powerful. Anyway, here are the tips to write your cover letter effectively:
  • Stick to the official style. Motivation letter is an official document, and it must be written accordingly if there are no other requirements. Surely, if you are writing your letter for the very creative company, then jokes and spoken language can be appropriate. But if you don’t know that for sure, then the letter should be written in an official style
  • Finish all your thoughts. Paragraphs should not be terminated, and all the theses should be justified. For example, if you write that you have studied well, indicate what it says about your diligence and ambition
  • Write individually. Motivation letter should be unique; it must be compiled individually for each institution or organization. Blurred letters are immediately discarded in the trash. The employer or tutor should understand that the letter is written for him especially
  • The volume of the cover letter should not exceed 1 page. If you cannot go through the text in thirty seconds, then the reader will not do it too. That means that your words won’t be heard.

Don’t repeat the content of the resume in the cover letter

Do not write the same motivation letters to different companies. Each letter should be unique - the employer wants to see that you are really interested in this vacancy. To do this, take the trouble to gather as much information as you can about your chosen company. You should get an idea about the company:
  • What it does
  • In what direction it develops
  • What is the company's policy?

After all, your letter should ideally explain to the employer what kind of benefits for the company you can represent in the context of its activities, and thereby show your awareness of the development of its business. Do not repeat the contents of the resume in the letter. The cover letter should in no case duplicate the resume but contain some additional information about you that would attract the employer. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carefully check the contents of both of them before sending (the disagreements in these two documents produce a negative impression on the employer).

In the cover letter, it is permissible to fill in the gaps and explain, for example, the reason for dismissal from a previous job or a break in work. In some cases, you can build a cover letter, based on a fact that does not play in your favor. For example, when you send a letter to a specialist with at least five years of experience, and you only have three years behind you, you can, for example, apply this phrase in your letter: "My work experience is huge, in three years I have mastered the skills, to getting of which some specialists spend five years."

Write briefly, but in a capacious manner. Do not write general phrases like that you want to work in a successful company, because you are active, initiative, etc. More specifics! As for the volume, one page will be enough to tell you why you want to work in this company and apply for this vacancy. Remember that the HR managers read dozens and maybe hundreds of letters from applicants. Therefore, try to express your thoughts as briefly as possible.

Do not overload your letter

Do not overload the cover letter with complex designs, professional terms, symbols, and abbreviations. Most likely, your letter will not be read by a specialist working in the same direction as you. The HR manager may not understand the jargon of your profession, which can cause misunderstanding and irritation. Adhere to an exclusively formal business style. Perceiving the cover letter as something less formal than the resume, some competitors obviously overdo it with informal phrases. Don’t do such mistake. If you are not sure about the quality of your cover letter, you should ask for a professional writing help.

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