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Professional Authors

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Protected Payments

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Best Quality of Papers

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A cover letter is piece of writing that emphasizes your enthusiasm to work in a particular company. Therefore, the style and content of your cover letter requires a much more individual approach than a regular CV or a resume. We are here to equip you with a few tips that will help to direct creative energy towards writing your cover letter and also to introduce the cover letter writing services that we can provide.

We cannot stress the importance of a cover letter enough. Cover letters are usually being read before your CVs and therefore they play a major role in the interpretation and perception of subsequent information. Interestingly, 36% of HR managers admitted that they refused candidates because their cover letters did not fit the requirements or were improperly written.

Knowing how to write a proper cover letter set for success is rather a skill. While cover letter writing skills are important to managers, trainees, graduates job seekers, etc.—virtually for everyone,—only few are essentially good at it. This is what we are here for, to assist you throughout the whole process and make sure that your cover letter is ready to be submitted. Read on to learn more and place your order if needed!

Cover letter structure

While there are no guidelines on how to structure a cover letter, the professionally acceptable and expected form consists of the following three main paragraphs:
  • Greeting;
  • Main body.
  • Farawell

The greeting usually starts out with a regular "Dear [name/title]" or "Hello, [Name].” If you are not sure whom you are referring to, simply use “Whomever it may concern.” However, it is always better that the greeting is personalized. You can also refer to a whole particular department if the name of the recipient is not known.

The main body should include the following points of information:
  • If you are sending your CV and cover letter directly to your potential employer’s email, you need to state the position you are applying for. You can omit this part if you are applying through a recruiting website on a page with a particular position.
  • Explain what attracts you about this particular position. That could be a specific project, challenging tasks, or even a brand of a company itself.
  • Once you have outlined your motivation, smoothly proceed to telling about your background and experience. It is especially encouraged here to share all projects that you have worked on that are similar or of a contributing nature to that you are currently applying for.
  • Close of by mentioning your motivation to get this job again, this time by binding it together to your previous experience. By the end of the main body of your cover letter, it should be clear why you are a perfect candidate for this exact position at this exact company.

For the farawell, it is best to go with "Best regards" or «Sincerely" and write your contact information again.

An interesting approach to writing the main body, which is the most important part of your cover letter, is summed up in an acronym SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Meaning that, first of all, your motivation and goals need to be specific and particular in relation to where you are applying for. Your previous experience and prospect goals need to be measurable, whether they are of a qualitative or quantitative nature. All of the above also needs to be realistically attainable; stating goals that are unrealistic drives the interest away from your candidacy. The experience that you decide to include needs to be as relevant to the position as it can possibly be, and also should be in line with what the company’s culture is like. Last, but not least, mentioning a time frame always makes you come across as detailed-oriented and driven.

Style and format of a cover letter

Remember that the cover letter should be easy to be read in ten seconds. It can technically be longer, but ten seconds is how much it should take for HR manager to glance through your cover letter and decide whether or not to proceed with reading it. Unfortunately, there is a frequent practice of inexperienced job seekers is to include all projects and experiences of their lives in their cover letters, even though those are often completely irrelevant to the job opportunity. Such mistake can cost one a job, since it shows that a candidate has little understanding of both the position he or she is applying for and their prospect role in the company. Try to write a short but informative letter with mostly qualitative points of information.

The style of you cover letter should correspond to a branch of the company you are applying to and the overall corporate culture. For most engineering, medical, banking, consulting and similar areas, a strict, composed and moderate style of business writing is preferred and encouraged. It suits about 95% of vacancies posted on the Internet. It is characterized by a simple and informative form of the letter: a simple structure, terminology, the absence of cumbersome subordinate and complex sentences. However, the remaining 5 %—mostly job seekers in the areas of Hi-tech, creative and artsy spheres, IT start-ups, private and small companies with niche products—enjoy more freedom in cover letter writing and can afford to have a more loose style of writing.

According to generally accepted rules, a cover letter should be:
  • Written on a separate sheet of paper from your CV if it is sent as a hard copy;
  • In the body of an email, if you are applying via email;
  • Concise and coherent and include your contact information, position title, date, name and address formalized in accordance with the unspoken rules of writing business letters.

Common mistakes

There is a whole list of common mistakes that job seekers tend to make when writing their cover letters, and that is exactly why we offer our cover letter writing services regardless of your area of interest, profession, and company.

One of the most common mistakes which instantly kills the interest of the reader is using template cover letters. Using a template makes you a basic, template candidate which is not the impression you want to give away. It is important to stress your unique personality and approach, which is why you need to tailor your cover letter to a particular position and company. Our professionals responsible for cover letter writing services work thoroughly to custom cover letters specifically for your needs and always make sure that your letter stands out and tells your own story and not someone else’s.

Another mistake is duplicating your CV into your cover letter. That especially relates to one’s experience. No one wants to go through the same information twice. Instead of thoughtlessly copying the same bullet points, elaborate on how your experience relates to the position you are applying for. However, keep in mind that if the information you stated in your CV contradicts what you have written in your cover letter, there is almost no change for you to get a job after all.

Creative writing and a pinch of humor are appropriate only if you are applying to the company which corporate culture welcomes it, which is why it is especially important to do your research on the company before handing in your cover letter. Remember that you can leave it on us as well—we do not just write cover letters, but we also tailor it to specifically align to a company’s expectations.

Another significant mistake is to put a special focus of your cover letter on your future ambitions and a strive for a fast way up the career ladder. You might want to rather write about your desire to apply your skills in solving the tasks and problems that a company faces and state how exactly you can contribute to a company’s success.

Avoid writing about your salary at your previous workplace, even if there is a special field to be filled out for that matter. Truth is, it can reduce your chances of getting the desired position. Too "expensive" specialists are usually eliminated, and a low salary level at the previous place of work suggests the incompetence of a potential employee. You should also be very careful about sharing exactly why you left your previous job. It is better to prepare in advance the answers to such difficult questions about your work experience for the interview and not talk about it in your cover letter.

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Now that we have gone through all the most important points, it is time to answer the main question—what makes a successful cover letter? To sum everything us, a successful cover letter is well-structured, grammatically correct, short and sweet, contains only relevant information and styled appropriately for a particular company culture. Most importantly, a properly written cover letter focuses on the interests of the company, and not on candidate’s personal interest of a candidate. You need to show that you know and understand company’s needs and that you have something to offer to fulfill them. Keep in mind that your cover letter will be read by an actual human being, which is why details and specific points will score you extra points for sure. Even when it comes to how you can contribute to a company, include as many specific things about your background and company’s history as you can.

Our cover letter writing services offer a whole range of top-notch cover letter writing services, from composing the letter itself, researching on the company, consulting on your writing, editing, formatting, and more. We understand that cover letter writing is rather a task and that job seekers often need help with it. This is why we offer an extensive range of cover letter writing services with competitive prices and a customer-oriented approach. Do not hesitate to contact us with any order so that we can hash out the details today and see how we can be helpful for your needs.

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