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Meeting Deadlines

Meeting Deadlines

Our writers have many years of experience in preparing high-quality papers within a short period of time. That is why you can count on obtaining your work before the deadline.

Complete Confidentiality

Complete Confidentiality

You will enjoy full ownership of your paper. Your confidentiality is fully protected, and you can be sure that the fact that you have purchased your work will remain unknown.

Professional Authors

Professional Authors

We hire only responsible and professional writers who are capable of delivering high-quality papers on time. You can be sure that you will enjoy the great result.

Plagiarism Free Policy

Plagiarism Free Policy

We have no tolerance for plagiarism, and in order to ensure the best quality, we use special software programs to check each work before it is delivered to the customer.

There is no domination model of cooperation with the writing service. Some students decide to cooperate only within the draft finalization, while the others order a full writing. There is also a middle option – writing based on the existing raw draft. The other option is to give the direction of writing, planned ideas, and several requirements. Every student decides what is the best for him or her. If you decided to hire some custom essay writing service, be ready to spend some time on searches. When you will find the desired writing firm, make sure that it:
  • Offers free revisions
  • Gives the pricing policy that is comfortable for you
  • Provides the high confidentiality
  • Has a good reputation
  • Provides the kind of paper that you need.

However, if you don’t have money for the professional writing help, you have to do the paper yourself. Be ready to many difficulties, from procrastination to the research’s dead end. Anyway, there are things that will help you in this difficult work.

Useful things for students on the computer

All students write their papers on the computer. Thereby, it may be useful for you to learn some things that can help in writing the papers. Here the most common tools that help students to write faster:
  • Ten-finger method of typing
  • The use of the hotkeys
  • Macros
  • Autocorrecting programs
  • Templates.

Learned how to type faster

There is a technique, which is called the "ten-finger method of typing". The essence of this technique is to type without looking at the keyboard. Those students who learn this technique can type text at a speed of 200-300 characters per minute and some craftsmen accelerate even to 600. In addition to high speed, there is another nice bonus: we look at the screen, and not at the keyboard, so we immediately see all the mistakes and typos.

To train the ten-finger method of typing, special training programs are used. There are hundreds of applications and online services that can help you to learn how to type really fast. To learn the technique takes from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on persistence and availability of free time. As for the practice, the students do not usually have problems with it. If you already know about the fast typing technique, you should pay attention to the hotkeys, macros and the autocorrecting programs.

Use the hotkeys when you type your essay

Hotkeys are like the links for fast operations. For example, if you press both CTRL and C at the same time, you copy the selected text. And if CTRL and V, then you will put it in the right place. However, these combinations know all students.

But hotkeys are not only used for copying. With their help, you can quickly run programs, minimize windows, open browser bookmarks, format text and even shut down your computer. They save precious seconds, which we lose when we constantly grasp the mouse and poke around in the menu. The use of hotkeys is very effective for students when they write their essays.

If you want to start using hotkeys, the first question is - how to recognize them? First, in modern programs, hotkeys are indicated opposite each menu item or in tooltips. Secondly, there is a whole section in the info menu in the MS Word. Do not forget about a separate family of combinations with the ALT key, which help you access any menu item.

How to use Macros to improve the effectiveness of the writing

Macros are a record of a sequence of commands that you can play again and again. They help to rename hundreds of files in one step, replace hyphens with dashes throughout the article, remove unnecessary characters from the text, and even publish a note on the blog. If you regularly have to perform some tedious routine operations, just write down the macro and forget about it as a terrible dream.

Popular text editors support the creation of custom macros (for example Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer). With the help of special plugins (like iMacros), you can write sequences of commands for browsers. And for working with files, folders and programs there is MouseRobot, Easy Macro Recorder and a bunch of the other useful applications.

The autocorrect

For example, the autocorrect is when the word processor changes the words written to others as it goes. How does it work? For example, you need to write the phrase “the research object” in your papers very often. To save your time, you can add it to the auto-replace program. After that you can just write some specially established combination of letters and the Word will substitute the right word for it.

To edit the AutoCorrect dictionary, go to the settings of the text editor. Some fans of this method set up several thousand words. But you do not need to get very involved, otherwise, you will feel very uncomfortable when changing a computer.

How to use templates

The qualitative custom essay writing service never uses the templates, because it kills the originality of the paper. However, it is about the structure understanding and some other basic things, you can surely make your template for that. Over time, the themes of our articles begin to repeat. Again and again, you have to write similar essay and motivation letters. To not think about the structure of the text every time and not to reinvent the bicycle - keep the plans of the articles.

How to improve the productivity of the writing?

The computer tools and secrets can help you to write faster, however, they are not enough. If you want to make your work even more effective, you should think about the internal reasons for the productivity. Here are several tips that can help:
  • Make the rest pauses during the writing
  • Each minute dedicated to planning will save 5 minutes of work
  • To achieve more in less time, put in the plan a limited time for tasks
  • Long hours of work will increase your productivity, but only in the short term
  • On average, people work for about 40 hours per week or more. On the surface there are two solutions to this problem:
  • Continue to work 40 hours a week and do not succeed
  • Work more than 40 hours a week and try to increase productivity.

However, in practice, this choice is not easy if you are a student. Even though it seems that the work for a long time will allow students to cope with a large number of tasks, this is obviously a misconception: not because you will have less time for rest and recovery, but because in the long term your productivity will significantly decrease. This has been proved many times, so the thesis is quite obvious. You can achieve more by working with the not normalized schedule, but this will not last long.

In the long term, hours of work lead to more procrastination and less productivity. Because of this reason you begin to do less without even realizing it. In fact, after a 40-hour workweek, as the study showed, marginal productivity begins to decline until the work of eight 60-hour workweeks is equal to the productivity of eight 40-hour workweeks. And if we work 70 or 80 hours in 7 days, the breakeven point will be reached already in the third week.

It's easy to fool yourself into thinking that a long work week will make you more productive. For the majority of the students it does happen, but not for long. There are fundamental limits to overall productivity, and you can overcome them if you work smarter, not longer. Most studies show that the optimal number of hours that students need to work during the week is about 40.

Be smart and don’t write to hard

When everything that you do is writing, and you never find time to planning, it's hard to work smart. Even if you always work harder than others, not working smartly, without performing extremely complex tasks, you will never reach the level of productivity of other people who can work half as much, but achieve the same results. When you interrupt your work and plan your activities, you become more focused. With the help of that, you can direct your time and energy to several concentrated goals, achieving greater productivity. Sometimes the strategically correct decision for some writing is to hire the custom essay writing service.

To achieve more in less time, put in the plan a limited time for the tasks. Allocating a limited amount of time for tasks is a direct road to increased productivity. If some student wants to catch more, he should spend more energy on tasks. The useful way is to allocate less time to tasks that you need to cope with. The fewer time is indicated in the schedule to do the task, the less time you spend to do the work. Conversely, if there is a lot of time, then a person can take decisions longer, sit idle.

The more you need to do, the more time you seem to need to spend to work. This is what all people understand, and what, at first glance, seems to be right. However, the less time you assign to the task, the more you will do during this limited time.

Be honest with yourself

Any tactic of productivity becomes useless if you are not honest with yourself. Try to answer yourself on these questions:
  • Do you do what you need to do or just carry on for later?
  • Do you set high goals for yourself, and then throw them in a few weeks, or split into several stages and still do it?
  • Do you wake up the first time with the alarm clock or rearrange it 5 times before you get out of bed?
  • Do you listen to your brains when it says that it is tired of work and wants to rest?
  • Do you spend a few hours in front of the TV, and then trying to understand where the time has gone?

Be honest and try to understand the real situation with your productivity. If there are real problems with deadlines, probably it is not the right time to change something. A good idea will be to hire some custom essay writing service.

When you working too hard, this is the extra time that you need to get somewhere. For the most of students, this means that they need to leave simple things that give. As soon as you stop giving time on things for the soul, you begin a deliberately losing battle, become irritable and less productive. An important thing that can be done for productivity is to plan the activities correctly. This will help to fill energy, work smarter, find interesting solutions, get rid of minor tasks, and most importantly - control your writing work.

Scheduling time when you are not busy with work, allows you to more effectively solve the issue of the quality of work. Moreover, this allows you to work smarter, but not necessarily more. Intellectual activity makes students more creative, concentrated, and energetic. It can be said that such tactic allows students to see work from a bird's eye view. It allows you to see what you need to do differently to achieve more in less time. Sometimes such idea will be to hire a custom essay writing service. And although you may feel less productive, you will achieve greater success.

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