Why it is important to get a custom essay

Custom writing provides qualitative, plagiarism-free papers. Nowadays, due to many specialized programs, it is not hard to identify the plagiarism. Thereby, colleges use very strict requirement for the paper writing. Students, who want to succeed, need to provide custom writing. There are two main ways of how to make it – to learn how to write it, or use the service of the writing firm. Here are three main ways to find a reputable writing firm:
  • Go online and view the top results
  • Visit student forums
  • Ask people who you know personally.

This may take a few time because there are many things you should pay attention to. First of all, you should make sure that the company has a good reputation. This is very important, because working with a company with a bad reputation may lead to bad things. For example, if the company does not value its reputation, it can sell plagiarized papers. You may find out it only when the teacher will return your paperback. This can ruin your career in college.

The next thing you should pay attention is the revision policy. It often happens that you need several revisions until you are happy with a final draft. Many reputable firms offer free revisions to their customers – from two to three free revisions. Finally, you should pay attention to prices, the list of the papers and the feedback. Despite the fact, that you are using the writing firm, you need to improve your writing effectiveness:
  • Manage your time better
  • Fight procrastination
  • Fight distractions.

You can also use the fourth way – to buy a custom essay at some reputable writing service.

Manage time right - don’t make the pessimistic planning

Planning future is not the favorite activity for students. However, every student does that. Human consciousness constantly predicts the results of its activities, avoiding uncertainty in the future. This helps to defend against erroneous actions, choose the safest way and plan your life with minimal losses. We can predict where the greatest danger is, which our actions will lead to negative consequences and as a result, we make efforts to avoid troubles.

When a student assumes that nothing good will result from his actions, he stops his activities and avoids danger. If such a forecast corresponds to reality, then this is a constructive work of thinking. However, in the presence of some features of thinking, the negative forecast begins to prevail over the realistic. For students, this means that they didn't see how to provide the assignment and decide to do nothing at all.

Pessimistic planning leads to procrastination

With procrastination, the unrealistic mechanism for forecasting the future creates scenarios with negative results. For example, a person can say to himself "suddenly I am mistaken and there will be some problems" or "I will not get anything" or "and if it gets worse", etc. When we do not see a positive result in our work, the motivation falls and the desire to continue it disappears. And thus, the paper writing is postponed, which leads to burning deadlines and negative emotions.

Of course, there is no person on the planet whose business would be 100% successful. Anyone is not insured from failures and while we are alive, there is a possibility that we can face them. But in the mind of the procrastinating student, the thought of the possibility of failure leads to the blocking of activity. In a systematic repetition, this leads to the development of procrastination. Since such message begins to dominate, the best way to avoid failure is to do nothing. With this type of procrastination, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy allows you to change unrealistic thinking and learn to adequately respond to failures, cope with them and prevent them. Here are the things that can help to fight procrastination:
  • Use small pauses to do important things
  • Don’t forget to rest
  • Use playing to avoid procrastination
  • Work with a clear purpose
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Buy custom essay online.

Use your principles to fight procrastination and use small pauses effective

Use your will, perhaps, is one of the most effective methods for rebels. It's simple, you just stick to the statement: I will write the paper, doesn’t matter what it will cost to me. The other thing that you should do to fight your procrastination is to use your pauses effectively. The majority of the students prefer to use small pauses for something that even not in the to-do-list.

This is because people think that a small amount of time does not give the space for doing important things. However, the rule of ten minutes says, that even if you will spend at least ten minutes per day on your important tasks, you will succeed than if you will do some other tasks.

Don’t forget to charge your batteries

If procrastination is associated with fatigue, then the most effective way to deal with it is simply to rest. The fact is that when the body or mind (or the psyche) is depleted - working capacity becomes low and there is no sense in such work.

Speaking of rest, it is necessary to remember that rest is chosen as a kind of fatigue. If you are tired physically, then mental rest or a "consumption regime" helps to restore strength. Likewise, if you are tired mentally, then the fastest way to increase your energy for you will be the physical exercises.

Play to make yourself more effective

To get rid of procrastination, associated with a lack of motivation, the game elements can help very well. For example, you charge yourself points for each completed task. Preliminary you compile a list of pleasures with prices in points for each of them. For example, to drink tea, you need to score 10 points (this is to answer 10 letters, write an introduction and etcetera). The main advantage of such a system is that you can increase its complexity at any time. It keeps you in working mood and gives energy. The only way you can rest and still get points – is to buy custom essay.

Make sure that you have a clear purpose

Very often procrastination occurs when the goal is too blurred. If there is a lot of things that are called important, then this never bring the result to the end. This method is a good way to help perfectionists, and the essence of it is simple: anything that does not approach the goal should be eliminated. Try to eliminate the cause of stress and calm down. If this does not help, you need to try to tune into a working mood.

Minimizing communication with people stealing your time

If you see that communication with some students distracts you and prevents you from concentrating and takes a lot of time - turn off the communication with them. If you need this, try to turn off the messenger (Skype, Facebook) and also try to minimize such contacts at all. Try to use your willpower. The most difficult way, but also the most effective, is to say "No!". This helps to concentrate hard on your writing. The only negative thing is that the most people are not able to apply this method in practice.

Procrastination in social networks

Each person has his own methods of combating procrastination. For example, this can be sports, a short walk down the street, watching your favorite movie or series. There is no specific advice that would help you avoid procrastination, but on the Internet, there is a lot of information about this. You need to understand that social networks are not the reason that forces you not to do anything.

If not on Facebook, you would spend your time on other, equally useless activities. There is no point in blaming social networks that help millions of people to communicate. First of all, you have to blame yourself. It is up to you, how to use your time and how to fight procrastination. Do your paper or buy custom essay online – you need to make a choice.

Two types of our brains actions

In general, the brain has two strongly pronounced regimes (there are, of course, more of them, but we are interested in these two). Fist regime is the generation mode. This mode can be called "worker rush". In this mode, the work boils: workability goes off scale, and ideas are generated with a huge energy. In such condition, you should hold the notebook closer so that all ideas (even the most delirious ones) are written down. This is the very effective mode, but to enter it you need to try.

The second mode of our brains is called consumption mode. This is the passive mode when the brain only perceives information. Watching movies or computer games will activate it for a long time. Very few ideas can be generated in such mode. This mode is for some reason especially long, and it's very difficult to get out of it. Such mode can lead to a procrastination, so try not to stay in it for a long time.

There is an exception to the rule - reading books. Curiously, there are books (most often business literature) that inspire. After reading them a lot of new ideas and insights come to the brain. However, there are also those books that activate the consumption regime (usually this is fiction). The only case that gives you an option to relax and be in the consumption mode – if you hire the wiring service to write the custom essay for you.

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