What can improve the writing process when I do my homework

Writing a paper is a time-consuming task that requires many specific conditions to achieve an effect. First, you need enough time to write your assignment. Secondly, it is very important to be in a working mood, to do everything faster. Finally, you need to know what to do exactly, to move in a right direction. Thereby, basically, you need such things to be done for the effective writing process:
  • Time planning
  • Getting in a right mood with the help of internal sets and the right environment
  • Splitting the task into smaller parts and making the schedule of how to do them
  • Eliminating the distractions and fighting against procrastination.

Plan your time

Time planning important not only to plan the working process effectively but also to plan your rest. One often feature of procrastinators and people who are always in a hurry, is that they don't leave the time for rest in their schedule. However, the body cannot work without rest, so it takes it without your permission anyway. That means that at some moment, you just cannot work effectively and start procrastinating.

In addition to that, you always feel guilty for your pauses, while they are totally normal. At the same time, if you will plan all your activities, including rest, you will become far more effective. You should also plan everything to see how much time you spend on different activities. For example, if you see that you spend 5 hours a day just on eating, then you need to change something if you want to have time for some other activates.

Eliminate distractions

Same is with the distractions like Facebook and Instagram. You can include the special software on your computer that will track the time that you spend on every activity. In the end of each day and each week, you can see how much you stuck in Facebook, for example. If the numbers are terrifying, then this will be a signal for you to change something. When I do my homework, I try to never go online at all. It is harder to control the time of online searching than to not go online at all. After all, the Facebook can be used as an award for the assignment done. When you finish something, for example, you can go to Facebook or Instagram for fifteen minutes, but not more.

Split the task to perform it faster

It is very hard sometimes to begin something big, for example, to start writing the thesis. Psychologists call such assignment the elephant task. If you do the elephant-task, you need to split it into smaller parts. There are two secrets here:
  • It is easier to perform tasks if they are small
  • You can select the more attractive part first and this way do the half of work faster. When you will do the half of work, it will be easier to finish the other part.

Use the music and the other environment to improve your writing process

Writing the paper is not only time-consuming but requires all your mental capacity. One of the components of it is your memory. The good memory is an indispensable factor for the successful acquisition of new knowledge, conducting the scientific activity, writing an assignment, studying languages and etcetera. As scientists say due to many studies, it greatly speeds up the learning process. Naturally, memory is subject to development and it can be improved.

One of the main ways to improve memory is to perform systematic exercises for its training, for example, memorizing poems, phone numbers, learning new foreign words. You can see that the quality of memory depends a lot on a person's mood, his lifestyle, diet, his tastes and even favorite colors. Recently, scientists have discovered that the quality of human memory is also influenced by music.

The Vivaldi effect that improves the writing process

It was made by the Italian scientists from the university in the city of Chieti. They studied the influence of classical music on the human body. Due to the results of the study, Italian scientists have determined that the regular listening of the work "The Seasons" by the famous composer Vivaldi contributes to the improvement of human memory.

Different people with the same memory characteristics were the subjects who participated in the study. After a certain period of time, the subjects, who periodically listened to Vivaldi's music, had better memory indicators. Their mental capacity, according to the test results, improved significantly. This phenomenon was called "Vivaldi Effect".I try to use this idea when I do my homework.

The other sides of the music influence on the writing process

This is not the only fact of positive influence on a person of classical music. For example, earlier conducted research of scientists showed that Mozart's music accelerates the intellectual development of children and improves the logical thinking of people. For example, the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu at one time, with speech disorders, took music therapy and appreciated its effect.

By the way, not all music can bring good to a person. For example, after a concert of heavy music according to the research of other scientists, the subjects’ quality of memory significantly decreases. Therefore, if you want to be healthy and successful, you should pay attention not only to what you eat and drink but also what you listen to.

On the other side, the music can be not only a tool to improve concentration but also a tool to switch the brains. In this case, the dynamic dance music can activate the limbic part of the brains to let the cortex relax for some time. Thereby, you can use different styles of music for the different purpose when you work:
  • Use classic music to concentrate
  • Use dynamic dance music to switch the activity
  • Use meditative music to go into a deep relaxation, sleep.

Buy the way, the qualitative sleep is recommended to overcome a chronic fatigue syndrome. Without the qualitative sleep, all your efforts will lead to lower results in a long-term period. Thereby, you should pay a serious attention to it. When I have no time to do my homework, I prefer to use the professional writing help. It is the much better option than to allow the chronic fatigue.

How to fight the chronic fatigue?

In fact, fatigue is a useful quality for our body. Thanks to this you feel the moment when you should rest. However, if after a rest there is no recovery, you feel tired and this continues day after day, then you are faced with chronic fatigue. The syndrome of chronic fatigue is a disease. Mostly it affects women 30-50 years old. Men face this ailment less often. However, some manifestations of this can feel even students in college. When I do my homework, I try to never allow the overloading. Here is what you can do to not allow chronic fatigue:
  • Do not overload yourself. Follow your plan and do not back off from it. Postpone tasks that can be moved or not done at all
  • Do not forget about physical activity. Perform at list a simple exercise with breaks for rest. Remember that full relaxation can lead to the opposite effect
  • Do not listen to people who are constantly complaining about their fatigue and bad condition. You can involuntarily take over their mood and feel tired.

Remember that chronic fatigue is not something that passes right away. Therefore, when I do my homework, I always work accordingly with the plan. It is very important to plan the time for rests on the schedule, not only the time for working processes.

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