Why may you need manuscript editing services?

While the writing process consists of many difficult stages, the editing stage is the most responsible, because at the end it is responsible for the final result. Thereby, if you are not sure in your editing qualities, it is better to use some of the professional firms for editing manuscripts. There are three main reasons for why it may be impossible to edit the paper without help and get a good result:
  • When you are writing something from the scratch, you are going deep into it. In the end, when you have the final draft, it is difficult to understand its real value. Thereby, you need someone from the outside to help you
  • Writing a paper is time-consuming. Before editing, you need to get some time for your brain to rest, to make everything clear. So, it becomes even more time-consuming. If the time is limited, you need some help to meet the deadline
  • When you have a lot of different assignments, it is hard to make all of them on time. Thereby, delegating tasks gives you an opportunity to be on time.

How to find a good manuscript checking firm?

Despite the huge offer of editing services, sometimes it is hard to find the right one among many others. While editing a manuscript is the responsible assignment, you have to make sure that the writing company is the reputable one. Pay attention to such details as the qualification of the writing team, the feedback on the official website and the reputation of the company. Surely, the price offer is very important, especially if you are a student with a limited budget, but it will be a waste of money if the company offers not qualitative editing. Thereby, use all the sources of information to find a good editing firm and pay attention to details.

  • What is the place of editing in the whole writing process?
  • Any scientific writing is a complex task. For example, if you are writing a dissertation, this needs for huge stages of work:
  • Selecting a topic, learning the background of it and etcetera. At this step, it is important to make sure that the topic is researchable and there will be enough material for writing the paper
  • Getting the materials for writing together. At this stage, you need also to write the plan of writing and identify the structure of the paper
  • Writing the paper itself. Split the task into smaller parts and put them into your schedule
  • Editing stage. It is very important to make sure that the paper is done accordingly to the requirement, that it opens the purpose, that it is plagiarism-free and interesting for the science.

How to start writing a paper

The problem of procrastination before the beginning of the preparation of scientific work is known even to experienced authors and scientists. There are several practical recommendations that help to overcome fear and start writing. If you are not able to start writing, or, conversely, you inherently jump from one thought to another in a chaotic exposition, then you should organize your working process faster.

Move from the general to the particular and vice versa

If you cannot start writing the paper, you can start by describing the standard structure of the dissertation:
  • Introduction
  • Review of the literature
  • Choice of methods
  • Description of the experiment
  • Description of the results
  • Conclusions.

Split the task into smaller parts and do the pleasant first

When you have this on the paper, it is easier to move further, the fear of the blank paper is getting smaller. From now on, you can move to the writing process. Do this by splitting the blocks into smaller ones, accordingly to your vision of the work. The result will be a detailed plan, which can be implemented from any point until you fill all the blocks with information.

After this, you can revise the plan again and, if necessary, change the order of the structural elements. This way is very useful. When you are splitting the assignment into smaller parts, this helps you to fight procrastination. This way of work is also useful because you can choose from which part to start writing the assignment. You can see here, what stage of work requires help and hire some of the editing services.

Write what you can and only then make a plan or a structure

The second way is diametrically opposed: first you fix on the paper small blocks of the future thesis (even if you have at the beginning only schematic names - for example, "novelty of the study" or "prospects for applying the results"), and then distribute them in parts of a future dissertation. You should do that in accordance with the logic and the structure of work. This approach to the description of the research allows us to look at scientific work globally, almost from the outside. This helps to achieve an ideal sequence in the presentation of the material.

Clear instructions "where to start" does not exist, but experienced authors recommend starting work from the content part, leaving the introduction and conclusion in the end. This is explained by the fact that the course of research purposes and tasks can change.

Write the paper on the computer

Even this is a small essay or a plan of work, it is better to do it on the computer. You spend less time and can easily edit blocks of text. There is another psychological trick: the printed text is easier to criticize and correct, and you do not associate it with yourself and your work. Thus, it is easier to identify inconsistencies and mistakes that you would not have noticed in the handwritten draft.

Another strong argument for electronic drafts is a constant change of text and chapters as you write individual sections. As a result, a situation may arise when the finished thesis does not correspond to the original goals and themes of the work. In this case, a very drastic change in several chapters may be required. If you work with a computer, you will perceive such edits as working moments. You can also use online checkers and fix spelling mistakes and typos.

Concentrate on work

This recommendation is perhaps the most important: only by observing the mood and concentration at the time of writing a paper, it is possible to keep the time of writing within the reasonable limits. For example, the optimal term for the preparation of the first draft of the thesis is two or three months. To meet the deadline, exclude small distractions that can change your mood.

Do not be distracted even by seemingly short conversations in the social networks. Try to write on the chapters, without interrupting the work until the full section is ready. Short-term human memory is not capable of containing large amounts of information, so splitting the work into small parts with large pauses will certainly add contradictory conclusions and thoughts to the paper. If the writing process takes too much time, you can delegate the editing part to the professionals. Find and hire some of the reputable editing services and meet your deadline with the qualitative result.

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