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It is quite natural that writing an essay is not one of your favorite activities, because the difficulties may ruin your plans for the whole weekend. There will be no time to have fun with friends and you will have to forget about dancing in the club. Only loneliness in the library where you will be typing your awkward essay slowly waiting for inspiration.

The good news is that you can save your weekend time for pleasant activities and have a relaxed social life. To do this, use this list of essay help creative tips that have a scientific background. By following these recommendations, you will be able to complete all your written work in just one evening.

Perhaps these tips will seem a little strange because they do not directly relate to the technique of writing an essay, do not talk about its structure and types. But all this has long been known to students who learn essay writing basics at school.

Moreover, each college has an essay preparation course and so on. That means students have enough theoretical knowledge on how to write essays but still, this knowledge is not enough for them to organize their writing effectively.

Most often, the inability or unwillingness to write an essay is connected with other completely different reasons. Along with poor writing skills, students simply do not want to do their essay homework and delay this process for an indefinite time. Obviously, they are afraid that their essay will not be perfect. However, if you want to see what kind of essay you can do, you should sit down and write it first.

Therefore, these essay help tips will be useful for those who procrastinate and cannot stand performing a boring written task.

How to organize effective writing process

Every activity requires certain set-up period that prepares a person for a particular procedure. As for essay writing or doing any kind of a writing assignment, they also have some pre-writing stage. Below, you will see an impressive list of advice on how to get prepared for work. Please take these organizational tips in right earnest and you will be able to complete your essay very quickly:
  • Clutter your working place with different things – make a little mess. Shocking, isn't it? A little different from what your mother told you. You’d say that people want order and like when everything is on the right place. No one wants to waste time looking for lost items. And yet in 2015, the research of the University of Groningen brought amazing results. Scientists from the Netherlands found that people working in chaos try to create a sense of order by establishing clearly defined goals, and eventually they reach them faster.
  • Use the same desk or a place where you are going to write. The studies conducted by Business Insider in 2013 showed that using the same table for work increases productivity and improves concentration by 10%.
  • Drink more water. British psychology scientists conducted the experiment during which they gave participants to drink 3 glasses of clean water before starting a test – pressing a button once they notice an object on the screen, as a result, people who drank more water responded by 14% faster than the participants who did not drink anything. Freshwater is important when writing an essay!
  • Laugh. Scientists from California, US found that laughter or just feeling fun improves brain function by reducing stress hormones. So a reasonable amount of fun Youtube videos (up to 15 minutes) can help.
  • Use several computers or screens. According to Microsoft, using more than one screen can increase your productivity from 9% to 50%. If possible, use different devices. For example, you can use a research tablet and a laptop to write an essay.
  • The Pomodoro technique. This is an alternative variant work and rest options for maximum performance. Developed in the late 1980s, this tactic involves dividing the work into intervals, usually 25 minutes long, followed by short breaks (5-10 minutes). These intervals are called "Pomodoro" which stands for Italian "tomatoes" because Francesco Chirillo, the author of this method, used a kitchen timer in the form of tomato for self-control.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes on inspiring reading. An optimistic quote from a famous person can make you continue your work.
  • ¥ Do not get distracted by emails and social network messages. The unpredictable nature of incoming messages can negatively impact your writing process.
  • Get enough sleep (minimum 7 hours). It is extremely important for academic success. Lack of sleep can put you off balance.
  • Do sport or exercises during the breaks. American scientists proved the fact that along with other health benefits, regular exercises are beneficial to your relational memory.

How to improve your essay writing skills

With these mini habits, writing an essay can be very easy. Learn to be smarter and enjoy a dramatic increase in your productivity. Regular training even if you have no essay homework at the moment will help you hone your skills and when you get a new job you will cope with it much faster. These essay help tips are related to the paper structure and the language of the essay:
  • Pay attention to the introduction. The best authors recommend using "hooks" in the first paragraph.
  • Polish the questions raised in the essay. Use an abstract-a short summary, one sentence from the whole paper at the end of the introductory part.
  • Use transition words and linking phrases. You should practise to use “bridges" to connect the parts of your essay.
  • Begin a new paragraph for each issue and do not forget that a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph is a must.
  • Make your conclusion logic. Avoid introducing any new information at the end of your paper. All you need is to restate the statement and arguments given in the previous essay parts.
  • Avoid using slang and informal language.
  • Use college-level syntax. Make sure to include compound and complex sentences, but avoid making them too vague.
  • Always back up your statements with references to the original sources. Try to avoid expressing your opinion on matters outside your competence. For example, you may have an opinion as to whether smoking is dangerous. You do, however, you need to refer to proven resources to speculate how this habit affects the lungs.
  • Try not to get carried away with your ideas. Make sure that the presentation of the facts is objective. Avoid exaggeration or an understatement of the facts.
  • Write concisely. Avoid unnecessary deviations from the topic and do not repeat the information.

Time management tips for productive writing

Contemporary youth often lives under this life motto "Take everything from life!" therefore; one of the most pressing issues for them is to learn how to combine studies and rest, work and college and so on. If you want to work effectively and have balanced comfortable life you need to know how to manage your time. These wise recommendations will help:
  • Never get stuck in the research phase
  • Avoid reading irrelevant materials
  • Start formatting quotes and making notes during the research
  • Try a method of free writing - write without worrying too much about grammar or punctuation, it will help you to deal with a creative crisis.
  • Use free online tools as OmmWriter, Hemingway App, WriteMonkey and other software to edit your essay and make other important improvements.

Proofread and edit the paper with these tips

You have completed the final section of your amazing work, haven’t you? At this moment you can feel that your paper is close to the ideal.

You can, however, make your manuscript even better than it is. If you are wondering «What else should I do to improve my essay?" you are on the right way. The first step is to distance yourself from your essay. This will help you get a fresh look at its imperfections.

At the same time, it is important not to get stuck with proofreading. As a student, you probably have other things to do, therefore, you need to use effective editing tactics. Here is a comprehensive paper checklist to help you edit your essay:
  • Polish the logical structure. Make sure the manuscript has an introduction, conclusion, and a few paragraphs.
  • Revise the introduction and the final part. Remember that the main purpose of the introduction is to draw attention and present the topic. In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize briefly what has already been said and make your ideas complete.
  • Revise your thesis. Does it look like the logical center of the whole project? Does the rest of your manuscript satisfy the requirements you have outlined in your thesis?
  • Add transitions between the paragraphs.
  • Use Microsoft Word Shortcuts.
  • To check your grammar and punctuation, use such online software as Grammarly,, WhiteSmoke, PaperRate, and others.
  • Remove unnecessary parts. If you while reading your essay start yawning at a certain point, feel free to rewrite it and delete boring parts. Keep in mind that if your own writing style bothers you, the readers will not enjoy reading it either.

After you have finished proofreading your paper, ask someone else to look at your essay. You can invite your parents, brothers, sisters or friends, and teachers but they should know you well and have good writing skills.

Final recommendations for a perfect essay

This physiological advice will help you reduce stress while writing. It is important to divide the writing process into stages and approach every phase wisely.

You will never learn to work effectively if you write too hard. Trying to be too creative can have negative consequences. Just relax, be yourself and present your unique perspective to the readers.

This essay help tip is about creativity. Unique ideas are always appreciated by the teachers. Attempt to read your essay with the eyes of your potential readers and you will better understand how to approach this or that issue in the right way. Avoid quotidian ideas and common facts that are as old as the hills.

Take a risk! Bearing in mind possible side effects, consider risky options for attracting attention, if necessary. For example, you may make some unexpected confession or try to be a little more open-hearted and honest when talking about your personality or experiences.

Relax and wait. Once you have done your best to polish your paper, let it rest for some time – several hours or days. In this way, you can have some rest and let your mind calm down. Anyway, you are not able to have sway with the situation and the teacher. Hope for the best and your essay may get a higher score than you can expect.

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