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Proficient Writers to Choose From

Proficient Writers to Choose From

We have a large team of quailed and professional writers with many years of experience. You will always find a perfect author to complete your assignment.

Plagiarism Is Strictly Forbidden

Plagiarism Is Strictly Forbidden

Our team consists of responsible writers who know that no plagiarism is allowed. All of the papers are carefully checked for uniqueness before being sent to the client.

Full Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Full Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our writers aim at delivering the best results, but you can always ask for free revisions. Your writer will get paid after you confirm your satisfaction.

Custom Written Papers

Custom Written Papers

All of the papers are written only according to the requirements of our customers, which allows ensuring the highest quality. You can also ask for free revisions.

Writing firms are popular these days not only because of the growing share of the online market. This is also the reason, but the main reason is the lack of time. Modern colleges have the rich activities, that bring students a really tough schedule. Thereby, working on a tough schedule, students need to find how to solve the situation of a limited time. Sometimes it is very useful to order a paper to give yourself more time for other activities.

Here are three main things that will help you to solve your problems with the lack of time:
  • Plan your time and make a schedule for your activities
  • Self-discipline your attention
  • Fight procrastination.

How to plan your time correctly?

If you are a student, then many activities in your college life need to be sorted. First of all, it is important to create such thing as a "typical schedule" for a week. How your schedule will be organized depends on a number of factors:
  • Your specialty (for example, you need to spend a certain amount of time in a laboratory or in an archive)
  • Your individual characteristics
  • Training period (for example, your schedule will differ during periods of maximum loads or when you are already finishing your research)
  • Features of work with the scientific adviser
  • College internal regulations
  • Your personal preferences.

How to schedule the number of working hours per week?

The schedule is highly important for students. The number of working hours is different for students at different courses - from 35 to 70 hours per week (while 70 hours is surely not right). The work of Ph.D. is really difficult. You should devote some time to the assistant's work or other university assignments, on which your schedule will depend. But, like in any other work, there must be a balance. You may think that you must take as many working hours as possible, but this is not right.

Overload is not rare in college. Some students really want to work for 70 hours a week, while they retain a high level of motivation, and that's fine. But you should not feel pressure, for example, from the collective or the teacher. Physical and moral overload and high productivity are not the same. On the other hand, the goal of your teacher is that you successfully complete the course. Therefore, the best option is to immediately discuss the work plan with the head and administration of the college, to make everyone satisfied.

In fact, achieving balance in work and personal life is difficult, but possible. There are students who work for 5 to 9 hours a week, for example, because of family or other personal circumstances, and they still successfully complete their studies and receive a Ph.D. degree. Plan your time correctly, so you will see the serious lack of time if there is some. In this case, you should fix the situation somehow, for example, use some essay writing website.

Plan your additional courses

Normally, the requirements for attending lecture courses are higher at the beginning of the course. In some universities, mainly in the UK, the number of courses is measured in hours. In other European universities, for example, in Belgium or in France, you have a certain number of credits for each course. If you study in the US or Canada, then the first period of time you will have more challenging courses, and you will need to spend more time at the university.

How to schedule your classes?

The question is in the requirement in your college. Your attendance and presence in classes depend on the requirements of your teacher. Do you need to come to classes at a certain time? Do you need to check in on arrival? Can you work outside the office, say, in a dormitory, library or cafe? You must discuss these points with your teacher. If your progress is problematic, you need to review the working conditions with the supervisor.

The college, in most cases, does not make clear requirements for the number of working hours. You, to a greater extent, will have to deal with regular meetings, reports, and deadlines on your scientific work. For students of the humanities, the schedule is usually more flexible and there is no clear order of how long they should be in classes, in the library, or in the archive.

Procrastination – what is it for students

The word procrastination has been used very often lately, and it means nothing more than a banal postponement of things for later. This is when instead of making reports, we continue to flip through the Facebook feed or suddenly start cleaning up on the desktop.

From laziness, procrastination is different in a fact that a lazy person does not feel uneasy about the fact that he does not do important work now. A person in the state of procrastination understands that this task needs to be done now, but for some reason (usually one known to him) believes that it is necessary to do the other things. The only way to fight procrastination is to start doing the task right now.

How to manage your attention deficit disorder - self-discipline correction

Self-discipline is quite important sometimes. It is necessary to understand that every student is capable of much when it comes to the formation of his habits and character. Not everyone will agree to make unavoidable sacrifices. However, a strong desire to resist attention deficit disorder can help a lot. The key to solving this difficult problem is your self-discipline. Here are the things that can help you to organize your working space and time:
  • Limit your stay online
  • Watch your body
  • Learn to focus
  • Try to talk less
  • Go in for sports.

It can be hard at first, but you can start with small things. Do a solid installation for yourself to not go online from three in the afternoon to six in the evening. Gradually increase this time of "information hunger strike" to the required minimum. Watch your body, because this helps you to watch your brains too. Every time there is a desire to aimlessly take something in your hands, put it down. Watch yourself and keep the body under full control, not allowing nervous movements.

Learn to focus, because this is a key to success in college. Take a book in your hand and firmly decide not to leave reading for the next hour. Gradually you will accustom yourself to assiduity, and the process of prolonged reading in the absence of external stimuli will begin to bring pleasure.

Try to talk less, because this helps to focus. Teach yourself more to listen to others than to talk. Always listen to your teacher, even when you really want to kill him. Wait to say the right phrase at the right time. Remember that your goal is to correct the attention deficit disorder syndrome, and not to impress friends with your jokes.

Go in for sports, because this will help to keep your energy under control. Every time the energy is boiling in you, demanding to do something - exercise. This not only accustoms you to discipline but also improves health and helps to cheer up.

Learn to be responsible

For regular students who work most hours outside the office, regular meetings with scientific supervisors and reporting on the work done are very important. In fact, for a Ph.D. student, there is no clearly defined time that he or she must spend in the office. This is more a matter of personal responsibility and self-discipline. Surely, for students at first to third courses, this is different.

At first, you will need to meet more often with your supervisor and spend more time at the university to show that you have the necessary skills to work. You will need to demonstrate that you are able to correctly prioritize and allocate time. The situation is different for students who are listed as researchers (universities in the Netherlands, France, Norway, Sweden). In this case, you will need to conclude an employment contract. The same conditions are made for Ph.D. production lines. In this situation, you should clearly know your duties and the daily routine. If there is a serious lack of time in your schedule, you should solve it somehow. You can cancel some of your courses, or hire essay writing website.

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