How to write fast food essay

The fast food is a very common thing nowadays. You will not find a single street that would not offer fast food. Often we do not think at all about how useful, and, maybe, harmful to our body is fast food, which becomes the everyday ritual. Even suspecting that such food brings little benefit, we are so tempted that we cannot refrain from buying fast food. The lack of time to prepare a full meal - so often justify consumers their passion for instant food. "Fast food" temptation becomes especially dangerous in the summer.

What are the advantages and harm of fast food?

Benefits of fast food are not so clear, but there are some of them:
  • It gives more time
  • It gives fast calories
  • It is relatively cheap (compare to normal restaurants).

The above advantages look serious for the first time, but the disadvantages are much stronger. In addition to the risk of poisoning from taking even one portion prepared under unsanitary conditions, regular reception of "street" fast foods raises the level of cholesterol, causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.

As part of fast food, there is a large number of fats and preservatives. At the same time, there are almost no vitamins and minerals. The use of margarine for fast food, which contains a large number of artificial isomers of fatty acids, supersaturated with hydrogen, contributes to an increase in the shelf life of cooked dishes. At the same time, artificial trans fats cause diseases of the nervous system, coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and infertility.

The preparation of fast food is associated with the use of a large amount of salt and other spices, which, in addition to prolonging the shelf life of products, hide the taste of the spoiled products used. Due to the statistics, the cause of the annual lethal cases of almost 40 thousand Britons is the use of fast foods, namely the high availability of salt and non-fat in them. Anyway, you can see that there are more negative characteristics in the street fast food:
  • Raises the level of cholesterol, causes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system
  • A large number of fats and preservatives
  • A large amount of salt and other spices.

Fast food and fast life

The reason for the negative effect of fast food on human health is a topic for a fast food essay. "Fast food", as a rule, is taken quickly, in a hurry, on the run, to keep within the framework of a small lunch break. Therefore, it is very difficult for the stomach to cope with large chunks of poorly chewed food, topped with carbonated drinks. In addition, gastric juice cannot cope with a large content of spices, mayonnaise, various sauces, ketchup, the main role of which is to hide the real taste and smell of spoiled foods. Constant gastric disruptions in connection with the use of such food lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Fast foods cause the disease with pancreatitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Fast food refers to the category of food high-calorie, so it is not surprising that the regular use of donuts and big-poppies contributes to a rapid increase in body weight. It is enough to look at the problems of the American nation, connected with the increase in the weight of Americans. The use of "fast food" causes an imbalance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates contribute to obesity. As a result of prolonged intake of such food, the endocrine system is severely affected.

How to eat the fast food correctly?

Especially dangerous for fans of fast food are the summer months with their high temperature. Products quickly deteriorate, and the food prepared from them becomes an excellent medium for the propagation of dangerous bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Summer fast foods are very often the cause of food poisoning. To eat a poor-quality sandwich or hamburger, which you cannot refuse, and did not cause food poisoning, it is recommended to drink them with a lot of water. The stomach will be easier to cope with poisoning. Here are the main tips on how to eat fast food and stay healthy:
  • Eat it with a lot of good water
  • Don’t eat it too often, maximum once in a week
  • Try to eat only in places you can trust.

How to stop eating fast food?

Is it possible to compare fast food with addiction, as some fans of fast food say? Without the doubt, you can. After all, people, again and again, return to eating such food, which attracts exclusively because of the large content of various food additives and flavor enhancers.

If the body is already dependent on fast food, try to get rid of this dependence gradually. First, reduce the number and number of days of harmful food intake. If you previously could not do without an appetizing hamburger for a day, now limit your body to fast food once every 2-3 days, gradually turning to reception once every 7 days.

Give an installation to the body to ban street fast food, especially in summer hot weather. It's better to go to McDonald's or to the cafe of another serious network. The food here is also not deprived of the "delights" of fast food, but it is prepared and stored nevertheless in compliance with appropriate sanitary conditions. When writing your fast food essay, you should pay attention to that.

When ordering dishes, you should not abuse fatty and high-calorie food. You can always find in the menu a salad of fresh vegetables and green tea instead of a highly carbonated Coke. Do not eat fast food on an empty stomach. A hot vegetable soup before eating an appetizing grilled chicken will favorably affect the gastric mucosa and reduce the aggressive effect on it. When taking food, you should not hurry. Food should be thoroughly chewed and not overload the gastrointestinal tract. To write the essay about the fast food is easy because this topic is on the agenda. If it causes any troubles, you can always ask for professional writing help.

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