Who will help me write my thesis

The structure of the thesis is practically no different from other scientific academic writing works. It includes such elements:
  • The title page
  • Table of content
  • A list of symbols (if it is necessary)
  • The introduction
  • The main part (sections and subsections)
  • Conclusions (or conclusion)
  • List of sources used
  • Extra materials.
The main task of the student during writing the thesis is to demonstrate the level of his qualification and the ability to independently conduct a scientific search. But often because of the teaching activities, part-time work, busyness, and richness of scientific practice, students feel the lack of time. In this case, the best decision is to use the professional writing services who have many years of experience in performing qualification works. Such firms will provide a qualified help to prepare the scientific work. What the professional service usually can do:
  • Help with manuscript editing
  • Finalize the introduction and the conclusions
  • Write the main text accordingly to your recommendations
  • Provide the text based on the ideas, raw drafts, and etcetera.
As you can see, writing firms can provide the different level of help – from manuscript editing to writing the paper from the very beginning (using your recommendations and ideas or providing them). To get an effective result, it is very important to find a reputable writing firm. Here are some important moments that you should check before you will select one of the writing services:
  • The feedback on the website and on the Internet. While the firm is new, you cannot be sure in the result of its work. If for some other kinds of writing, you can just try and see the result, then when ordering the thesis – this is too risky
  • The price policy – discounts for the amount of work, seasonal prices
  • It most likely that there will be some revisions before you will keep the result. Thereby, it is very important to make sure that the firm offers free revisions (the reputable firm usually offer free revisions accordingly to the requirements that the writer provided in the very beginning)
  • The qualification of the writer who will work on the paper.

There are three ways of how to find a writing service. You can just simply ask the Google to help me write my thesis. You can go on student forums and find useful information there. Finally, you can ask your friends from college to give you an advice in your search.

Fight the procrastination

The majority of students postpone some of their tasks continuously. The reason for that usually can be a phenomenon called procrastination. It looks like laziness, however, it is very different. Procrastinator is not comfortable with the fact that he postpones assignments. The risk of not meeting the deadline makes procrastinators feel uncomfortable, even get into stress. However, procrastinating people still postpone their assignments. The only way to fight procrastination is to find the reason of it. Basically, procrastination happens because of three types of assignments:
  • Tasks-frogs
  • Tasks-elephants
  • Tasks-oranges.

Different procrastination with the different tasks

Tasks-frogs are the tasks that it is totally unpleasant to do for a person-procrastinator. It is doesn't matter what is the reason for such dislike. The only way to fight procreation that is because the task-frog, is to perform it as early as you can. You will negative emotions anyway, so it is better to finish with that in the morning and don't ruin the other day.

Tasks-elephants are big tasks. They are a popular reason for the procrastination. It is hard to start doing the assignment, because of the fear to not finish it. You cannot it the elephant, so you should split the task into smaller parts. This will be psychologically easier, and you will see also how to start. The other thing here is to start with more pleasant parts to faster do the bigger part of the assignment. When it will be less than the part left, the work will go even faster.

The tasks-oranges are ruinous tasks, very similar to each other. To fight procrastination in this case, it is better to decide by lot. Just start some task, perform it and go to the next one.

How to write the thesis?

It is better to start writing a thesis not with choosing a topic and drawing up a plan but with studying a passport of the discipline. In the scientific library, you should understand the meaning of the scientific novelty, scientific significance and the field of research in the specialty. Pay attention to the keywords that are used in these formulations, and memorize them. This will help to choose the right topic and move in the right direction. Without this, years of work can be lost in the wrong direction of work. Here are some steps of preparing to write:
  • Choose the topic with a preview of the sources for writing. Make sure that there is already someone who researched something on a similar topic
  • Determine the novelty, relevance, and significance of the topic. Write the scientific substantiation of the choice
  • Approve it with the teacher
  • Register the topic in the organization which is responsible for collecting academic works information
  • Draw up a work plan.

When you draw up a work plan, you should identify what needs to be done. You should compose the thesis plan, focusing on the standard for writing the thesis, approved by the government organization. When you will start writing the paper, the plan will probably change. Collect and compose material on paragraphs using textbooks, monographs and other books on the chosen topic (articles from periodicals and newspapers; online version can be used too).

Set the working process effectively

And the most important advice, remember that the organization of the writing process depends only on you. Thereby, do not wait for your teacher to give you the necessary instructions. You should plan, and organize the writing process. Do not postpone for later your writing, and achieve a good result. If there are any significant difficulties that make serious obstacles for your work, use the professional writing help. I used reputable writing service to help me write my thesis, and achieved good results.

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