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High Quality of Papers

High Quality of Papers

You will obtain only high-quality papers that match all of the requirements and have no errors or mistakes. Free revisions are offered to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

On-Time Orders Delivery

On-Time Orders Delivery

Not only are our authors great writing specialists, but they are also responsible. If you place your order on our website, you can count on getting your paper on time.

Round-the-clock help

Round-the-clock help

We offer you help when you need it. You will always be able to find out customer support representatives in order to get answers to your questions or sort out an issue.

Only Trustworthy Professional Writers

Only Trustworthy Professional Writers

You can always rely on the help of our professional writers who know how to prepare high-quality academic papers. They will also make changes to the paper if you want to.

Many students do mistakes in their motivational essays because of different reasons. Some of them have not enough time, while the others just have the wrong ideas about its writing. However, the price of the wrongly written essay is too big – the whole career is on the play. Thereby, you should always carefully check your letter, and more than once. Moreover, it makes sense to use the professional manuscript editing service, because it helps to find out where the weak parts are.

Remember that after sending a letter you are already powerless to edit it and correct it. Therefore, it is worth to pay maximum attention to proofreading stage. There are important elements of the college essay, so you should check their presence in your paper. Here are the elements:
  • Primary organization and structure of narrative and document
  • "Hook" (why are you so interested in the chosen specialty, what pushed you to obtain a profession)
  • A logical connection between motivation, hobbies, achievements and the chosen direction
  • Achievements and successes in the selected area, completed courses (special, optional, optional), thematic profile extracurricular activities
  • Publications and professional achievements - reports, presentations, speeches
  • If there were academic difficulties in the past - a description of their causes, solutions, conclusions
  • The reasons for choosing this particular university, faculty, school, institute, specialty
  • Features of the course that are most valuable and useful to you
  • Mention specific professors: their achievements, key work, interesting program moments (in which you are interested only).

Proofread the paper properly

Carefully review the paper, its contents, and check if you have withstood the style and logic. It is important to follow the sequence of presentation and correct all kinds of mistakes - grammar, stylistics, syntax, punctuation. Ask a friend to check your letter, and also arrange several independent checks with breaks in a few days. It is also a great idea to ask for a professional help of some manuscript editing agency.

It's just fine if you can show a letter to a teacher or professor: they have much more experience and knowledge, so their advice on design and content can be especially valuable. If you have no friends in college, the manuscript editing agency will be the best option. However, you should make sure that the qualification of the writing firm is enough for the task. It is better to use the bachelor or professional level only, the undergraduate level can be risky.

Why is the motivational letter your weapon?

Obtaining education abroad can be if not free, then affordable. There are many grants and scholarships that make it very affordable for students. These offers are issued by universities, various foundations, and organizations. The criteria for selecting students in most cases are identical, which always includes the motivational letter. Thereby, don’t be lazy to offer a weak paper. If you need some professional help on homework – don’t hesitate to use it.

Financial support and motivational letter in Britain

Each country has its own peculiarities of granting grants. Grants in the country are issued by state and private organizations. Financial support depends on the level of education, the field of specialization, and the type of institution chosen by the student. University scholarships are provided for students on bachelor's programs. To obtain the scholarship you need the excellent academic performance.

Scholarship programs are available in many universities, including Cambridge, Oxford. Most educational institutions offer financial support to post-Bachelor program participants. Masters can count on large grants in the UK. The most popular scholarship program is the Chevening Scholarship Program (government). Every year on a competitive basis, scholarships are awarded by the British Council to the best masters of the leading universities of the country.

The amount of financial support usually allows you to cover the costs of tuition, accommodation for a year. Applicants of master's scholarships can be foreign students who are fluent in English, wishing to obtain an appropriate level of education in international relations, economics, law, innovation, journalism, political science, public administration and others. However, all this will be impossible without a good motivational essay.

Add your personal story to the paper

The main purpose of the motivation letter is to get acquainted with the admission committee. When they receive your application, they receive a bunch of papers: the results of a standardized TOEFL test, your resume (more or less written for some templates), and your diploma. Through these documents, they cannot know you personally. And some universities do not have an interview, that is, an acquaintance is not provided personally, it is provided through a motivation letter or through an application form. In this case, the importance of the motivational letter raises very much.

Each university has its own requirements, its own themes. But you have one problem - to sell yourself to the university. You should pay attention to the admission committee, why you should be taken, and again tell what contribution you will make to the program itself. The main task is to show yourself on the best side and clearly, show why you should be taken. This is what motivational writing will help you. If you need some help on homework, you can ask some older students to help.

Start your essay properly

The most important thing in an essay is the beginning. One of the repetitive mistakes is to start your work with what you have been dreaming of becoming your whole life and then follow the template where you are going. 80% of the essays begin precisely with this phrase, and it is not taken by the admission committee at all. Therefore, you must start by hooking a person who will read your essay. Imagine that he sees a bunch of texts and is no longer interested in reading, he just does not distinguish between them.

In this case, your task is to write such an interesting story so it will bring attention, catch the reader, and make him remember you. You can start, perhaps, with some experience, some phrase that will hook the reader. You can tell about yourself, about the events that happened to you. The main thing here is to make from this some specific conclusion - why you brought this particular story or example. This can be a non-trivial introduction, in which you can tell about yourself and then you already answer the questions posed to you in the essay.

Scholarships and grants in the USA

A modern foreign student can be educated in the US. The country provides the possibility of reducing the cost of training in colleges and universities through scholarships and grants. The financial support of students has various forms in America. Academic scholarships are given at high achievement and personal achievements. Such support is provided in the universities of Alabama, Maine, and a number of others. The academic scholarship covers the costs of training in part or in full.

You motivational paper can be creative - creative scholarships are given to students who excelled in the field of art. A number of US universities are providing financial support for musicians (instrumentalists, vocalists). To receive the scholarship of the admissions office of the university it is necessary to provide a video recording with 3 works performed by the candidate. You can also get an audition. The second option, as practice shows, is more effective. Art scholarships are provided for students:
  • Graphic artists
  • Painters
  • Sculptors and others.

The amount of financial support can cover up to 50% of the cost of training at a university or college. In order to receive the scholarship, you will need a qualitative motivational essay. Sometimes it makes sense to get the professional help on homework here. Sports scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved certain results in their priority sport.

Achievements are confirmed documentary (certificates with the specified sports category). A creative sports scholarship does not oblige a student to enter the relevant specialties in a college or university. The general requirements for obtaining financial assistance differ from those for an academic scholarship.

Motivational papers in Canada

Scholarships received by students in Canada can partially cover the costs of training. They are created primarily for Canadians. It will not be easy for foreign students to compete for the right to become a fellowship. At the same time, you should be very careful with the financial assistance. Many programs impose certain obligations on foreign scholarship holders. In particular, they can limit the length of stay in the country or employment opportunities. When writing the motivational letter, you should take this into account.

Government grants and scholarships are provided for foreign students of masters and postgraduate courses. Bachelor students do not receive government scholarships. The program works in the following areas:
  • Culture
  • Art
  • Natural sciences
  • Humanitarian, social disciplines
  • Engineering
  • Commerce.

The specialty of the applicant for the scholarship must be related to the country in which he studies. The depth study of history, culture, literature, sociology, the geography of Canada is supported a lot. If you study some of these fields, it makes sense for you to write a motivational letter for obtaining a grant. Provincial scholarships are also offered to students in Canada. The programs operate in Ontario and Quebec. They are aimed at foreign students of the master's degree, graduate school. For the students of the lower courses, special provincial grants are not provided.

When writing the motivational essay, you should keep the rules of the country into account. A university scholarship can be awarded to both a freshman and a graduate student. Requirements for candidates are at each educational institution. Personal achievements of the future scholarship are taken into account, and his motivation also plays a role. The number of university scholarships can be different.

The amount of financial assistance for foreign students is approved by the scholarship committee of the Canadian educational institution. In other countries of the world, there are also various scholarship programs for foreigners. They allow students to save money on education. All this is possible only with a good level of the paper. If you cannot provide such paper yourself, try the professional writing help.

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