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Secure and Affordable Service

Secure and Affordable Service

We offer high-quality writing services at very attractive prices, and your sensitive information is fully protected with the latest technologies. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Writers Preparing High-Quality Papers

Writers Preparing High-Quality Papers

We have writers specializing in different disciplines, and you will find a perfect author to complete your assignment. They always stick to the requirement given to them by students.

Paper Written From Scratch

Paper Written From Scratch

We do not accept plagiarism, and every paper must undergo a special check. We use the most advanced programs in order to ensure that all works are unique.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

We have professional and responsible writers, but you can always take advantages of our money-back guarantee if something goes wrong. Revisions are provided for free.

Professional writing teams do a great job for students. If you have found a reputable writing service, this will help you to get qualitative papers on time. This is especially useful, when you feel the lack of time and cannot meet the deadline. In this case, the professional writing help becomes very urgent. In case of writing letters, for example, motivation letters or application letters, the professional help is important, because a lot depends on this kind of paper. If you need a qualitative letter writing service, you should go online and make a list of best options and then examine them on several important details. Such details are:
  • The price offer, the number of free revision, the discounts system
  • The qualification of the writing team
  • List of services provided by a company
  • The reputation of the company (feedback and etcetera)
  • The time needs to write a specific paper.

When you writing a motivation letter

Before to start writing the letter, you should read the requirements for motivational writing that you can find on the official website. Check how many motivational essays your college requires of you: most first-level and master’s programs will require only one motivation letter from you, but there are exceptions Determine the structure of your motivation letter. Below, here is the structure of the application/motivating letter:
  • Introduction
  • Your career goals
  • The plan of how you will achieve your career goals
  • Show your strong sides that will help you to achieve your goals.

If there are any problems with writing at this stage, you can avoid stresses and ask a letter writing service to help.

Define your career goals and describe them

Show here which industry attracts you the most and why? Are there any companies you would like to work in and why? If you want to start your own business, describe why you choose an entrepreneurial path, and in which area you will work. Try to define your career goals, they should be:
  • Not simple, but realistic
  • Professional goals should be related to life goals
  • Specific, demonstrating your understanding of the industry, the area where you want to work
  • Focused on improving not only your life and your bank account but also the lives of people around you, your society, the country and possibly the world as a whole.

When writing a motivation letter, the career part is very important. It is also very important to correctly write the paper and be on a high language level. If you have good ideas for your essay, but cannot find the right form for it, use the letter writing service to finalize the draft.

Write the email correctly

When you are writing a business letter, it is highly important to learn the rules of how to write it properly. It also makes a huge difference when you know the written and unwritten rules of business communication by email. Here are the main rules, that you should use when writing an email:
  • Use in the letter a greeting and a personal appeal to a person who will read the letter
  • Fill in the "Subject of the letter" field adequately to its content
  • Set the function "Auto answer", if you are not sure about whether or not you will able to answer the letter on time
  • Inform a person if you got his letter
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Expand the mailing list of the letter and form this list depending on the issue being addressed
  • At the end of each letter, be sure to place a contact information block
  • Use the request function to receive the message by the recipient
  • Save the correspondence history
  • When forwarding letters, pay attention to aspects of confidentiality and subordination.

Use in the letter a greeting and a personal appeal to the addressee. The only exception is a very fast variant of correspondence (question-answer) that resembles communication in the Messenger format. Personal treatment gives the letter an individual focus, increases the "inclusion" of your addressee in the subject of correspondence.

You should always fill in the "Subject of the letter" field adequately to its content. The wording of the topic should accurately reflect the subject of correspondence, while the "Theme" field is the first thing the recipient sees when he receives your letter. Use this fact and immediately set the addressee on your topic. If there is no Internet for some time, set the function "Auto answer". In the comments, inform the potential recipient of additional coordinates for addressing and resolving his issue (if the question is urgent), as well as the date of your return.

Don’t postpone writing the letter

In the business world, it is considered the good practice to show respect to partners and colleagues by informing about the receipt of a letter. This is part of a written business etiquette. Thereby, try to respond as quickly as possible (because e-mail is a means of prompt communication). If, for some reason, you cannot immediately answer - tell the addressee that you received his letter and immediately indicate the time of the subsequent reply. Sometimes, for long application letters, it makes sense to hire a letter writing service to achieve a high result.

Reduce the time of respond by clarifying the purpose

Remember: the psychologically critical time limit of the response is 48 hours after it was received. After 48 hours (if the answering machine function is not set), the addressee starts to think that the message is lost or left unattended. The delay in answering is always the risk of losing a client, making one worry about a partner and simply violating business ethics. Try to expand the mailing list of the letter and form this list depending on the issue being addressed.

If several addresses are involved in the solution of a question - put the addresses of all those involved in the "To" field. This can reduce the time of correspondence and ensure that all people deliver the same information. At the end of each letter, be sure to place a contact information block. Do not allow the cases when your phones and position are indicated only in the first letter.

Use the request function to receive the message by the recipient

With this technique, you will get rid of the need to guess where your letter is now. When you reply to a client or partner's email, save the correspondence history. Do not start an answer like a new message, because this will kill the context. In the event that your colleagues are involved in the solution of a client or partner issue, use the mail forwarding function to:
  • Inform about the status of the jointly resolved issue
  • Get qualified advice or help
  • Remind about the established terms and obligations, and etcetera.

When sending correspondence, remember the importance of preserving the context for the issue being solved: keep the history of correspondence. Also, when forwarding letters, pay attention to aspects of confidentiality and subordination. Remove from the history of correspondence moments, clearly not intended for reading by the third parties. The above-written rules are very important, but they work only if the letter is written correctly. If this is a long application letter, it should be written very properly. Sometimes it makes sense to use the letter writing service to get the high result. You can ask to edit your draft or write the letter from scratch.

Ethics of a business letter

The disrespect of the author of a business letter, even if it is veiled, is always felt by the addressee. This can form a persistent negative attitude to the letter and its author, despite seemingly flawless methods of convincing the message. Experts in the field of business communication recommend to always pay attention to the tone of the document being created.

Especially carefully you need to approach the letter, which contains a refusal. You cannot start such a letter with a failure state. First, you need to give convincing explanations. Use these formulas:
  • "Your request can not be satisfied for the following reasons..."
  • "Unfortunately, it is not possible to satisfy your request..."
  • "We are deeply sorry, but we cannot satisfy your request..."
The place of this formula is in the last paragraph of the letter. Here is an approximate plan for a letter of reply, which refuses the request or rejects the proposal:
  • Repetition of the request - the addressee should be sure that his letter has been carefully read and essence of his request is clear
  • The reasons of why the request cannot be satisfied or why the proposal cannot be accepted is the rational and psychological preparation of the addressee for a subsequent refusal
  • A statement of refusal or rejection of a proposal - a rejection formula.

A letter is the main tool for carrying out managerial activities, fixing and transferring information. With the help of the document, business activities are coordinated, and the information is also accumulated. In a large organization, instructions are usually drawn up which indicate who officially writes the business letters, who reports whom and in what cases, and who transmits information to others. Sometimes you need the professional writing service to understand the rules of writing such documents.

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