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Each society has a certain system of moral values-principles, norms and rules of conduct, the observance of which is necessary for its existence and functioning. The system includes various moral requirements in terms of the following:
  • Form and content
  • Level of generalization
  • Specific purpose

A special place among them is occupied by simple norms of human decency, human community. In working life, in learning and everyday life, a person has different forms of personal relationships. In partnership, friendship, and love, human communication is not only a condition, but also the main meaning of relations in which the most important social and psychological needs are realized.

A joy of mutual intimate spiritual understanding of one another cannot be replaced.

According to my friend essay, friendship is formed between well-known people on the basis of some not even significant or accidental interests and includes a share of personal sympathy.

Friends do not make each other any serious claims, demands for correction and improvement of personal qualities. However, friendship does not tolerate gossip, lies, and treachery. And if the relations are interrupted, then there are no special painful experiences, some friends are usually replaced by others.

Friendly relations are relations that are formed between people in the process of their joint activity on the basis of unity of interests, vital tasks. They arise between members of the labor, primary collective, between people who systematically meet for a long time, know each other well and at the right time provide mutual and unselfish help.

What is friendship?

Friendship is the closest personal relationship between people based on deep personal affection and sympathy, the unity of views and interests on vital life issues. Friendship is a close, lasting, and versatile communication. It manifests itself not only in joint activities, but in spiritual communication, in the mutual personal interests of people. Its initial form is usually a partnership enriched by personal attachment.

Of great importance in friendship are individual moral qualities:
  • Unselfishness
  • Loyalty and trust
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Loyalty and straightforwardness

Mutual respect of friends is determined by a measure of mutual demand, which makes friendship a big and active force, it does not allow to tolerate shortcomings and requires their correction.

A real friendship is a desire to see your friend stronger, smarter, and more cultured. The need for friendship is especially strong in youth. It is explained by the fact that in a frank exchange of opinions with friends and discussing life goals and plans, young men and women are forming beliefs, the process of self-knowledge and self-determination of the person is taking place, and the tasks of self-education are set. In friendship, interests are realized to one’s inner world and the world of their peers. Friendship gives a person certain rights and duties, the fulfillment of which gives the person an opportunity to experience himself for the first time, to know his worth as a person. The fact is that not everyone can be a real friend and have friends – communication with an egoist, self-loved, a hypocrite, and a swaggering person cannot be to anyone’s pleasure. It is also not interesting to communicate with a person who is lazy, poorly cultured, not interested in anything.

All this, of course, does not mean that friends are similar to each other in everything. Friends are people who have their own individual characteristics. However, the differences in the characters and hobbies do not separate the friends, but, on the contrary, even strengthens their mutual affection, for each of the friends has the opportunity to see in a friend the virtues that, perhaps, he himself does not possess and from which he becomes spiritually richer and better. Because friendship is the greatest moral value, people who understand this, seek friendship, appreciate and cherish it.

Friendship and its meaning

The word friendship has several different meanings. Two thousand years ago it was discovered by Aristotle, who was trying to define different types of friendship to distinguish true friendship among them. He distinguishes mainly friendship based on interest, and friendship noble, which alone deserves to be considered real. Therefore, even in Ancient Greece, the relations connecting two people were perceived not as a friendship, but as an interest in the success of the common cause.

Then the friendship between politicians was also often seen as a way of achieving success in politics.

My friend essay talks about the most common meanings of this word:
  • Acquaintances. The majority of people whom you consider to be friends are actually just your acquaintances. You know their concerns, their problems, you consider them to be close people to you, you turn to them for help and are willing to help them. You have a wonderful relationship with them. But there is no complete revelation, you do not trust them with your most secret desires. Meeting with them does not make you happy, does not cause you to smile involuntary. If success comes to them, if they receive any reward, you do not rejoice for them, as for yourself. Of course, this is not extraneous to you people, there is a certain closeness between you, but why do you consider this to call friendship? It is a question of incorrect use of the word.
  • Collective solidarity. It is necessary to distinguish friendship from solidarity. In the latter case, friends are those who fight on your side. On the one hand, there are friends, on the other – enemies. In this solidarity there is nothing personal. A man dressed in the same uniform as mine is a friend, but I do not know anything about him. The same category includes the forms of solidarity existing in sects, parties, and the church.
  • The functional relationship. They relate to the type of personality ties based on social function. Here you deal with a utilitarian friendship. Such is the friendship between companions or between politicians. In this kind of relationship there is a minimum of love. The relationship lasts as long as there is an interest that requires common concern.
  • Sympathy and friendliness. Finally, this is the category of people with whom you feel good, who are pleasant to you, and those who you admire. But in this case the word friendship should be used very carefully. Such emotional connections are often superficial and short-lived.

Kinds of friendship

My friend essay distinguishes the following kinds of friendship:
  • Spiritual friendship is mutual enrichment and complementation of each other. Everyone is delighted and fascinated by the superiority of the other. Thus, he gives his friend the opportunity to receive such a welcome recognition: what can be more beautiful if you are appreciated and understood by someone for whom you recognize this right. The most surprising thing is that everyone feels completely different from the other and admires exactly those qualities that he does not have.
  • Creative friendship is when both friends retain their distinct individuality. Moreover, friendship helps to creatively complement the identity of each of the friends, to give a complete character to their individuality.
  • Everyday friendship can exist and develop only if there is a direct territorial affinity. Friends must necessarily live side by side, provide each other services, seek help, go to the cinema together or at least just talk about that. As a rule, such friendship is reinforced by some permanent occasion for meetings. This can be a normal neighborhood or a common work. Doctors, for example, often are friends with doctors.
  • Family friendship at first glance seems like a complete antipode of creative friendship, but it’s not. This is a kind of friendship when your friend becomes a friend of the whole family. And if we are talking about a married couple who has children, we can clearly talk about friendship between families.

Types of friendship

Friendship can be divided into three types according to age categories:
  • Between children
  • Between young people
  • Between adults

Youthful friendship

Youth is the period of the most intense and emotional communication with peers, group life, etc.

At the heart of the youthful desire for friendship is a passionate need for understanding the other and yourself, as well as for self-revelation.

One of the main unconscious functions of youthful friendship is the maintenance of self-esteem. Friendship sometimes acts as a kind of psychotherapy, allowing young people to express feelings that overwhelm them and find evidence that someone shares their doubts, hopes, and worries.

Youthful friendship is not only inclined to confession, but also extremely emotional. And emotionality is expressed not so much in words and sentences as in characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies, omissions, which the teenager at all desire could not translate into concepts, but which convey the subtle nuances of his moods, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible for an outsider. This conversation is psychologically more important and significant than meaningful secular conversation about high matters. Young people sometimes need not notice the real properties of a partner in need of strong emotional attachments. For all their exceptionality, friendly relations in such cases are usually short-lived.

The ratio of friendship and love is a complex problem in youth. On the one hand, these relations seem more or less alternative. The appearance of a beloved girl reduces the emotional intensity of same-sex friendship, a friend becomes rather a good friend. On the other hand, love involves a greater degree of intimacy than friendship, it seems to include friendship.

Adult friendship

In youth, friendship occupies a privileged, even a monopoly position in the system of personal relationships and attachments. With the advent of new, adult attachments, friendship is gradually losing its privileged position.

Three points are especially important for understanding the psychological differences between the friendship of adults and youthful friendship:
  • The relative completion of the formation of self-consciousness
  • Expansion and differentiation of the sphere of communication and activity
  • The emergence of new intimate attachments

The content and structure of friendly communication also change. Tolerance to differences is one of the main indicators of the level of culture and intellectual development. This is manifested in communication. Children’s friendship can disintegrate because of a trifle. Young men are ready to put up with the private failings of their friends, but friendship itself is still understood as something total.

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