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When you write the narrative essay, it is very important to give the space for the reader to make his own opinion. The reader should sum up the information to build his picture on this or that subject. Here are the tips that will help you to get the effective narrative essay:
  • Avoid complex words and syntax – this makes the essay difficult to read
  • When writing your story, don't overload it with the unnecessary details
  • Don’t write the paper form the second person
  • Use dynamic words to interest the reader
  • Don’t use many references and quotations
  • Delegate the task if it's needed.

As you can see, the above tips can help you to improve your essay writing. The narrative is a specific format, that helps to achieve many goals. Anyway, if you need some ideas on this specific writing – you should read the examples made by other authors. This will help you to better understand the concept of the narrative style and maybe get some useful ideas. However, you should never use the templates, because the teacher will quickly find that out. If you want to get the essay, but feel the lack of time, you should ask for professional writing help.

Hire a professional writer

There is a big variety of the writing companies on the internet. Some of them offer only some kind of writing, while others cover the whole field of the academic writing. If you want to find a proper writing firm, you can search for it on the internet. There are different student forums that can give you relevant information on the topic. Before you will select this or that company, you should make sure that it is reputable and provides assignments on the relevant level. Pay attention to the feedback on the official website, to price offer and the number of free revisions. Also, make sure that the writing team has enough qualification to provide you a qualitative essay. Anyway, here are some of the examples of the topics for the essay in the narrative style:
  • My first soccer game
  • The funny event from the childhood
  • My first visit to the Aquapark.

My first soccer game

This is a great topic for the narrative essay. The sport has an amazing ability to unite people with one common goal - the desire to win. For example, such sport as soccer. In this sport, players of two teams try to win. Football reconciles those who are at odds, equalizes the chances of different people to a brilliant game, gives positive emotions. And if someone has few friends, then football can help him to find them. For example, you can ask the guys to take you into the game and get to know them.

It is believed that modern soccer or football appeared in England. In 1863, the first set of rules for playing football was compiled. Although, of course, before that, people in different countries liked to play the ball, these games had other names. Thanks to the desire of the British to spread this sport around the world, today almost all over the world there are professional football teams that participate in the annual Olympiads and World Championships. I had never thought about all the advantages of football. However, one day I had a really interesting experience.

It's hard to imagine now, but I could not play football before and was not even interested in it. I just went to school, did my homework, and sometimes walked with the guys from my block of flats. Once I wandered alone down the street. My mood was very depressed, because on that day I got a bad grade in mathematics and, of course, my parents scolded me. Suddenly a soccer ball flew by my feet from somewhere. Next to it was a fenced-off football field, where the guys who were unfamiliar to me played.

They ran to the fence and asked me to give them the ball. Since I was not in the mood, I hit the ball with all my might, trying to take revenge on him for all my troubles. The guys appreciated my pitch and invited me to play with them. They explained the rules to me, and I quickly got into this game, scoring a few goals. We played for a long time, while it was not getting dark in the street. And before go home, we agreed that next day after lunch we will hold a new match. It's amazing that when we play soccer with friends, we do not fear any vagaries of the weather. We are so excited by this sport, we experience such strong positive emotions that neither snow, nor rain, nor hail will prevent us from playing the match to the end and find out who will be the winner.

Of course, such feats often result in a cold. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be more cautious and not to start the game if the bad weather is coming. My first game of football has become one of the most exciting events in my life. Now I dream of becoming a professional football player in the future. I know that there is nothing better for friends than playing football all together: to drive the ball, talk, and then become tired and breathless, and finally discuss the brightest moments of the game on the way home. As you can see, the narrative essay is a story that you give to the reader.

The funny event from the childhood

Every event from your life that you can tell the reader can become the topic for your narrative paper. For example, this can be a story from your childhood. One summer my brothers and I rested with my grandparents in the village. We really liked those time, because it was the time when we did not need to go to school. There was a river, in which it was very pleasant to swim. For all the time that we stayed there, we had different situations: both funny and not very good. I want to tell one of them.

We immediately found friends in those place, because in summer there are a lot of children in the village. One day, I and my friend John went to the river. When we arrived, the older boys were making a slide to the river. We also became interested, and we wanted to join the company. They gladly accepted us, so the work began. After an hour, the slide was ready, and it was necessary to test it. I decided to try it first. After a good run, I jumped, but it could not stand me, and I fell down. It was not very high, so it did not hurt, but I was pretty scared.

I was afraid that my grandmother would scold me because I stained my clothes. I decided to run home to wash it before my granny will find something out. However, when everything dried up, I saw that on my blue T-shirt there was a yellow stain. I got scared that now granny will find the truth for sure. Grandmamma just arrived, and I had to tell her everything. Hearing my story, my grandmother did was not upset, she only laughed. She explained to me that I took a whitening soap, so the t-shirt went bad. Since then, I know how to wash all my clothes.

My first visit to the aqua park

My love for the hills always drove my parent crazy. When I was smaller, my mother and father had to drive me along with all sorts of attractions in search of the biggest and most spectacular rides. In our city, I visited all the children's playgrounds, where were at least some slides. Only one place in the city remained for me a complete secret - our city aqua park. One day my mother, in honor of the excellent graduation from 6th class, decided to make a surprise and gave me and my friends tickets to the water park. How happy I was! I immediately ran to the guys to report excellent news and agree on a hike.

And this long-awaited day has come. Once I was inside the aqua park, I could not believe that it was possible at all. The hills were really high, spirally twisted, as bright as a rainbow, and at the foot of a huge pool. My friends and I climbed wildly up the stairs to the top, and then, with a sinking heart, ran down and dived into the pool. At first, I was a little scared and squeezed my eyes with all my might. When we, armed with water pistols, arranged whole battles. In the cafe, which is also located in the water park, we tried, perhaps, the world's most delicious milkshakes and tasty air cakes. It was all so fun, I've never experienced anything like that. Now I can see that I was the happiest child in the world. Thanks, mom for this great gift.

Recently I saw a broadcast about travels, which was about the resort of Shigai, located on one of the islands of Japan - the island of Kyushu. A notable feature of this resort is that on its territory it is the world's largest water park under the marvelous name "Ocean Dome". And in the water park, located in Kansas City, there is the highest water slide in the world, whose height is 52 meters. Probably this huge slide will make me so happy again like I was when I first went to the aqua part with my mother. What I learned here:
  • Sometimes I need some extreme
  • I love water
  • I was a crazy child.

As you can see, the essay in the narrative style requires the personal attitude of the writer. If you have a good story, you need to tell it effectively, without overloading it with the unnecessary details. Make the reader feel the atmosphere of your story.

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