Why I need someone to write my paper

Colleges offer pretty hard schedule nowadays. Thereby it is really hard to deal with all assignments. When I get too many academic papers at the same time, I need someone to write my paper, at least some of them. In this case, it is a good idea to use some of the professional writing services on the internet. Online writing services usually have such advantages:
  • Professional writers know how to work with deadlines
  • Online writing services can effectively deal with requirements that students offer
  • Professional writers will offer the paper of highest quality, without typos, grammar mistakes
  • Reputable online writing services guarantee the plagiarism-free result
  • Good writing companies guarantee the total anonymity
  • Writing companies offer discounts to regular customers and flexible prices.
As you can see, if the writing company is reputable, it is quite simple to order a paper and get a high result. However, before you will place an order, you should be one hundred percent sure that the company is qualitative. There are three main sources of information, based on which you can select the perfect online writing service:
  • Students from your college
  • Writing forums
  • Articles about the writing services.

First, ask students from your college, maybe some of them already use writing services. However, most of them usually don't like to share such private information. When you will read reviews at writing forums and articles about writing services, be careful. Nowadays there are too many fake comments on the Internet.

What are main kinds of academic papers?

There are four main types of academic papers that student do during education:o

  • Essay
  • Research paper
  • Summary or Reaction Papers
  • Journal
  • Book Review
  • Synthesis
  • Review of the Literature.
There can also be another classification of writing assignments, by the role of assignment for the author:
  • Problem-referential paper - creative works, written on the basis of several literary sources, suggesting the comparison of data from different sources and on the basis of this own interpretation of the problem posed.
  • Experimental paper - creative work, written on the basis of the execution of an experiment described in science and having a known result. They are rather illustrative, they assume an independent interpretation of the characteristics of the result, depending on the change in the initial conditions.
  • Naturalistic and descriptive paper - creative work aimed at observing and qualitative description of a phenomenon. May have an element of scientific novelty.
  • Research paper - creative works, performed with the help of a scientifically correct method, having their own experimental material obtained with the help of this technique, on the basis of which analysis and conclusions are made about the nature of the phenomenon being studied. The main species of such works is the indeterminacy of the result, which research can give.
  • The project paper – it is a creative activity aimed at achieving a certain result, creating a unique product. Project work involves the initial definition of the deadlines for meeting the planned taking into account the planned resources and the initially considered requirements for the quality of the final product.

Such classification crosses the previous classification. Professional writing companies can deal with all students’ assignments - from different projects to any kind of essays and motivation letters.

Essay writing

Students get tons of essay assignments during college. Sometimes it is a really good idea to give some of them to writing services. However, if you decided to do your papers yourself, you should know more about the essay. The essay is a genre with a long and interesting history. In the literature, the names of Montaigne, Kierkegaard, Emerson, Camus and many other thinkers are associated with it. Unlike the story or novel, which is traditionally attributed to the field of fiction, the essay is also an important educational tool. When you write an essay, each of your thoughts should be independent.

The essay reflects your personal ideas about the world - even if you got them only through increased reading and processing of other people's thoughts. With the help of the essay, you learn to associate facts and statements from different sources, build arguments, make your knowledge clearer and more systematized. The creator of the genre of the essay is Michel de Montaigne, whose essays do not sound like pre-thought essays but seem to fix the thought on the fly.

In many universities and colleges in the US and the UK, the essay is used as one of the main ways to evaluate and teach (especially in the faculties of liberal arts and sciences). The essay, as a rule, is the result of the student's work throughout the entire course of the chosen subject; it is used by teachers to assess the success of their classes.

Research paper writing and project papers

Research papers are the assignments of secondary importance after the essay writing. The fundamental difference between the research paper and the other papers is that the first does not involve the creation of any pre-planned object, even its model or prototype. Research, in fact, is a process of searching for the unknown, seeking new knowledge.

Unlike research, project writing is always practice-oriented. The person who realizes this or that project is not just looking for something new, it solves the problem that really confronts the author. He constantly has to take into account a lot of circumstances, often far beyond the task of finding the truth. Project development is usually creative, but this creativity depends on many external circumstances, often not related to the tasks of disinterested search for truth. Unlike project writing, research is always creative, and ideally, it is a variant of an unselfish search for truth.

A real researcher strives for new knowledge instinctively, often without knowing what the discovery will bring him, and as a consequence - he often does not know at all how to use the information he has obtained in practice. So, for example, Michael Faraday, who discovered the law of electromagnetic induction, to the question of where the results of his discovery can be used, could not say anything intelligible. And only later, in the middle of the twentieth century, his discoveries were applied in radio electronics and electrical engineering. In college, the research paper is not so complicated, however, the principle is still the same.

Completely different things are in the situation of project writing when the creator solves the real practical problem. For example, it creates a model of an alternative energy source, a Technopark, an artificial landscape in an urban environment, etc. Surely, when students do projects in college, this is something less complicated.

The term paper and abstract writing

Some colleges prefer to give abstract writing assignments along with essays and other academic papers. Sometimes this is in the frames of term paper writing. The abstract is a systematic review of the opinions of other authors. It is the method of work, and not the ultimate goal, that differs from the research work. Let's take, for example, such a goal: to identify specific demographic problems of one of the US states. We can achieve the goal by the exploratory way: to consider in the dynamics indicators of demographic processes in the region and in the country as a whole, to compare them and on the basis of analysis to draw our own conclusions. And you can go in an abstract way: to read what scientists, politicians, authorities say about the demography of the region and systematize those problems that they call.

Sometimes the teachers go too far in their striving to distance themselves from the abstract and believe that research work must necessarily have not only literary sources. They ask students to also add some data collected personally by the author. For this, the student is forced to take some additional steps, for example, to conduct a survey that is completely unnecessary in most studies. In this case, the overwhelming majority of works in the field of jurisprudence, literary studies, linguistics, history, and much of the work on economics, demography, sociology and a number of other humanitarian disciplines is based only on literary sources. So, in many cases, it is a good idea to write an abstract, not a research paper.

When I need someone to write my paper, I always try to understand my goal first. If I need to make an abstract writing or the essay, this will be one requirement to the writing firm. If the task is to get the research paper, this will be totally different requirements to the professional writer. The difference between the abstract and the research paper consists not in the nature of the sources, but in the methodology for obtaining the results and conclusions. Ask the question: how to get the main conclusions of the work? If they are logically derived from the materials of the work, this is a research. If you are having any troubles during writing your assignment – sometimes it is a good idea to ask for professional writing help.

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