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Complete Ownership

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Professional and Responsible Writers

Professional and Responsible Writers

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Plagiarism Report is Included

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Refund Policy

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The main thing you need for your business plan is the idea. If you have an interesting idea for some kind of business, then everything else will be possible. When you have an idea, you should find enough information to learn the background of your idea. All this possible, even if you don’t have any talents in writing. However, to finalize the business plan, you need to know how to write it properly. If this is not your strong side, it is better to ask for a professional writing help.

Professional writers are used for a business-plan writing because they can effectively create a paper based on your idea. Thereby, all you need here – is the reputable writing firm. To make sure that the company is reputable, you should learn the feedback on the official website of the company, visit special forums and search on the Internet. When you will have a list of the companies with a good reputation, you should pay attention to the qualification of the writing firm.

In the business plan, you set the main goal for you

Before writing a business plan, it is very important, even at the beginning of the project development, to understand what is the main purpose of the company. For successful implementation of the paper it is necessary to take into account the importance of three significant factors:
  • Awareness of the initial location (what we will start from, the so-called "A" point).
  • Determination of the ultimate goal, the achievement of which will be the most important result (let it be point "B").
  • Making a clear sequence of how to come from the point "A" to the point "B", as well as understanding the mechanism, its elaboration.
  • Determine for whom you are writing a business plan
It is necessary to understand for whom this plan should be written. A lot of things will depend on this choice. Here are two main possible options – for whom you can do the paper:
  • For you
  • For potential investors.

When writing for potential investors, this can be creditors, state organizations that provide grants to the developing business and other useful organizations for you. When writing a paper for investors, special attention should be paid to the evidence base for the consistency of the project being developed. You should also pay attention to the conviction in the effectiveness of the use of the funds provided. This information will be for those who give money as a loan, and for those who give them free of charge (grants).

It is very important to make all your actions logical and consistent. Part of the information can be presented a little embellished for financial support. However, it is necessary to be careful with this. The main parameters of such a project will be such qualities as cleanliness, accuracy, and consistency. All facts must contain specifics, explanations. Details, in this case, are also very necessary. The effectiveness will depend on the presentation to potential investors, it will be necessary to use slides, samples, and results of research.

When writing a business-plan for self-realization

Such paper is drawn up for actions that will be used to achieve maximum efficiency in the self-organization. In this case, it is important to reflect information about the necessary and available resources. The business plan should be very close to what you really have. Be very honest here to achieve the maximum result.

It is worthwhile to understand that writing a business plan for you and for potential investors are completely two different cases that require an individual approach. You cannot make the same business plan for yourself and for potential investors. And of course, it is worth noting that the project for those who can provide financial resources will be more complete and detailed. The most common mistakes made when drafting a business plan are:
  • Ignoring the seasonality of work. Such approach leads to nothing when all the calculations are done. If the business is seasonal, then this must be taken into account when calculating sales. You should try to compensate for the shortage in other months
  • Overstating planned sales (production). Such indicator will also affect the efficiency of fixed assets, workload capacity
  • Wrong calculation of working capital. It is important not only to determine the profit but also the part that will have to be used for the further functioning of the business
  • Mixing of cash flows. This refers to the situation where the company itself finances the project
  • Undervaluation of the discount rate. Also refers to own resources. The mistake is connected with the fact that the possibilities of using money resources are not estimated in the amount in which they could be involved
  • Too much information in a business plan. You do not need to overload the project with unnecessary information
  • Not realistic data. All information must be supported by weighty arguments
  • It is impossible to talk about additional funding uncertainty
  • Incomplete information about financial forecasts. Before the moment of the project payback, all financial data must be specified separately for each month
  • Not proper analysis of the market. You need to thoroughly study the segment in which you are going to work because it depends on the success of the case
  • "Approximate" costs. All of them must be taken into account and be precise because this will determine the profit of your enterprise.

How to make a preliminary analysis?

Work on any project begins with an analysis of the situation at the specific moment. To systematize all available information, describe and fill all sections, you need to study the data and analyze it. If the initial information is not enough, it is necessary to fill it up by contacting specialists or further studying all aspects of the background. Very often, a preliminary assessment of the situation, as well as its analysis, uses a worldwide accepted methodology called the SWOT analysis. It is very popular because it is simple, clear and accurate. If you feel that your knowledge or time is not enough to conduct the analysis of the market, ask for a professional help.

What is SWOT analysis and how to use it in practice?

The name of this technique is deciphered as "Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats". It is used to assess all internal and external factors affecting the company. An important advantage is the objectivity of the SWOT analysis, it displays a really effective picture.

When writing a business plan, you need to seriously consider developing of each of the indicators. At the same time, strengths are the primary advantages of working in this field. Weaknesses are studied to eliminate them. So, for example, if the weak side is the lack of own premises, it is worth considering the possibilities of acquiring them, while eliminating this disadvantage. These two parameters relate more to internal factors because they are conditioned by the position of the organization itself.

But the opportunities and threats are directly related to the external environment. The firm cannot directly influence them. So, having considered the available opportunities, you can use them yourself for good, increasing efficiency or saving on something. For example, you can use it to adapt the packaging design to the consumer market, while increasing the demand for the product itself. But the consideration of threats and the response to them will help to avoid difficulties and losses. It is important to either use the policy of "avoidance", or try to use the existing situation.

After all the aspects of the SWOT analysis have been worked out, it is necessary to start considering separate sections of the business plan. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the evaluation of the resources of the described project, including money, labor, intellectual resources, and temporary resources. This will save considerable time, as well as help to assess the effectiveness and costs of the project in advance. If you have no time to provide all these researchers, it is better to hire the online paper writer and get the business plan for your business idea.

How to write a resume and set goals for a business project?

The writing of any project begins with the writing of the title page, which necessarily indicates: the type of activity, organizational and legal form, the name of the organization, its legal address, as well as information about the founder and location of the company itself.

The business plan starts from the summary section. It contains consolidated information on what will be considered in the project. A summary can be called some kind of "squeeze" from the rest of the project. It is important that in this section the reader gets an answer to the two most important questions:
  • What benefits will potential investors have if they invest money in the project and it will be successfully implemented?
  • What are the possible risks of losses, and also what are their scales (partial or total loss)?
  • In the section "Setting the Goal" it is very important to indicate the goal, tasks, possible problems, actions, deadlines, and arguments that will allow the investor to be confident in the success of the proposed project. Here you can just display the results of the SWOT analysis in a tabular form.

Make the analysis of the market

In this section, it is very important to reflect the current situation by collecting the latest information, rather than using the outdated. It is necessary to make a portrait of a potential customer (objectively assessing the situation), consider the possibility of attracting the other audience.

Describing a product or service

In this section, special attention should be given to goods and services, which will be made due to the business plan. Preliminary it is necessary to make a detailed description of the main and minor goods and services. It is desirable to provide the project with photographs of finished products (samples). Compare the product with the description of the portrait of a potential consumer.

It is worth highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each product, and compare it with competitive products in the industry. Based on the information received, competitiveness is assessed here. Such a detailed examination will help to understand what the specifics of your products and the market in general are. Attention should also be paid to what additional documents will have to be issued (various patents, certificates, copyrights).

Create a marketing plan

Based on the previously obtained results, you can develop a marketing plan. Particular attention should be paid to the tools of product promotion. Here can be such tools as advertising, merchandising, direct sales, sales promotion and others. It is necessary to study in great detail the demand in the segment of the market in which it is planned to work.

In this case, it is necessary to determine the average prices, elasticity (variability) of demand, methods of stimulation. It is also important to study target segments and customer groups. It is worth thinking about the ways of marketing, as well as consumers, whether they are legal entities, individuals or end-users. For each of them, you can develop a separate sales program.

You need to think about the possible ways to attract buyers. In addition, you can think over promotional actions, exhibitions, and etcetera. It is important not to overstate the forecast sales, to make the data look realistic. It is very important here to justify the amount while giving confidence to the creditors. In the end, you can make realistic, pessimistic and optimistic scenarios, justifying each of them.

Consider the risks

After all, you should make the financial, organizational and production plan in your paper. After that, it will be possible to consider the risks. In this section, for clarity, you can create a table in which you will see:
  • Possible risks
  • The probability of their occurrence
  • Ways of avoidance
  • Possible losses.

If you plan any risks to ensure, it also needs to be displayed in the business plan. Do not forget to include the costs of insurance in the financial plan. What is this section for? Everything is very simple. Any investor wants to be sure of the success of the project or at least compensation for losses. Knowing the possible dangers, you can always try to avoid them or reduce losses. The main thing, in this case, is knowledge of the vulnerabilities and their exclusion. If you see that you have no time to write all these sections for your business idea, you should ask for a professional writing help.

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