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The Best ENL Writers

The Best ENL Writers

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Assured Uniqueness of Papers

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Narrative essay helps students to tell their story about some important events in their life. The expressive power of narration lies primarily in the depiction of events. It works so great due to the visual representation of actions taking place in time and space. The purpose of the narrative essay is to report on the evolving events and on their fulfillment in the chronological order. While working on this type of work, students answer the following questions:
  • What did you do?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?
The main role in the narrative essay is played by the verbal forms, they ensure the unfolding of the narrative and clearly represent the successive actions. The paper gives the course of events (phenomena) in time and space and helps the reader to feel it correctly. The personal essay should include such parts:
  • Entry. This element is responsible for the place and time of action set
  • The part where the author shows the beginning of the action. After that, the development goes
  • The highest level of the action. This is the most interesting moment of the essay
  • The intensively of the plot gets lower
  • The final conclusion.
As you can see, the personal narrative essay requires a good story. To understand how correctly work on it, you need to develop it first. To catch the audience, you need to be honest and come up with a true personal story. Make sure that you use the right triggers to catch the audience. Here are the stages you should go through to develop an effective story for your essay:
  • Find the event in your life that caused some important movement in your character, way, purpose, and etcetera
  • Identify the main purpose of the story
  • Set the list of ideas and parts of your memory that will work for the story
  • Make a plan of the narrative essay
  • Develop useful and powerful details for the story.

The example of the personal narrative essay – the story of my art

I always loved to create something of my own: to compose fairy tales, to make appliques, to make toys and decorate their house. But most of the time I took an album for drawing and filled it with colored illustrations - pictures that were born by themselves in my head. Parents have always encouraged my craving for creativity. No birthday was going without a gift connected to my hobby – for example, paints, pencils, and etcetera. At a younger age, I bought coloring books, then - children's textbooks on drawing and books on art. At the age of seven, I started attending an art school. There I found friends and like-minded people, keen on drawing as much as I did.

I like that it is possible to create an image using various tools. Usually, I use a pencil, a brush and an airbrush, but on the mood, I can use colored markers, crayons, and etcetera. Recently I discovered how exciting, though unusual, is to work in graphics editors on a computer. Many people ask me what I like to portray most. It is difficult for me to answer this question. I can only tell you about the difficulties I face in the process of drawing.

For example, it is not easy to create a complete picture. It takes a lot of free time, and unfortunately, it is always not enough. In this case, I simply do sketches of people, objects, animals or plants around them. In addition, it can be difficult to draw from memory and without motivation. I admire the works of experienced artists. If I do not have enough inspiration (without it it's always difficult to draw), I go to the gallery, where a very special atmosphere is. There I do not just relax. Here I'm looking for ideas for personal creativity and learning from masters.

My family still keeps all my children's drawings. When I look at them, I feel proud of myself, because I made such progress in the drawing! This habit has given me a lot of useful habits: mindfulness, perseverance, observation, and also critical, reasonable attitude to my work. Perhaps I will not become an artist, designer or architect, but one thing I know for sure: drawing forever will remain my most favorite hobby.

The personal computer in my life

The computer almost always played a huge role in my life. Now I cannot imagine a day without access to the Internet and other functions that computer technologies provide to me. The computer has already become a big part of me since the younger school. I used it almost every day to answers to my questions. The computer always helped me with my homework. In order to solve the entire task as quickly as possible and understand its essence, I opened the Internet and did searches. In such cases, I understood that computer technologies in my life occupied one of the main places.

My first computer was slow and spoiled my eyesight a lot. My parents did not allow me to sit for a long time on my computer. The explanation was that this had a bad effect on my body. If you understand the usefulness of the computer or not to people, you can note a few pros and cons. Positive sides are the ability to find all necessary information everywhere. It will be structured and located with maximum comfort for the visitors of this site.

Use the personal story in the essay

From positive moments, we can still highlight a more global moment - this is that humanity does not stand still, and we have the opportunity to use the most modern technologies that significantly expand our capabilities. As for the negative aspects, then sitting at the computer for hours, we are always very close to the procrastination. All this is so clear to each of us, but as practice shows - convenience for social activity is in the first place. We are ready to waste some time but to receive new information. The first computers were quite dangerous for our eyesight, but I didn’t take this into account when I was a child. It was awesome to have a computer!

My first computer was really weak – in many times weaker than my smartphone nowadays. However, those days it still was a miracle. The internet was only at the beginning of its way, but it was already very useful for many things. I used my computer for school and for other activities also. The first computer games were awful, but they seem more powerful to me than the modern games with the super graphics. Probably this is because I was a child when I got my first computer and it affected me a lot. I will never forget my first computer.

General requirements for writing motivation letters

The personal narrative essay can be a tool that the college uses to check the applicants. It is often connected to the motivation letter. This kind of writing is highly important for students and requires the personal attitude and the personal story. Motivation letter should consist of the introductory part, the main and final parts. The first paragraph is very important. The main idea, purpose, and the subject of attracting attention should be in the first paragraph, and often in the first sentence. This helps to catch the reader and to push him to read the whole paper. This part is often called the trigger of the essay.

From the first lines of the essay, it should be clear what will be discussed in your paper. Do not start from afar. It is not the best idea to bring the reader to the main idea through the whole paper. If you write the main idea in the final part, the tutor can simply skip it. This means that this can lead to misunderstanding between you and your audience.

In the main part, you must list your knowledge in the field of the subject of interest and academic achievements, as well as describe the correspondence of the previous diploma to the chosen program. In order to characterize your academic skills, list how your training takes. If you have your own articles, speeches, reports or developments in the area of interest to you, they must necessarily be listed in the essay. Be specific, give live examples of your activities, successes, and achievements. Do not just list the facts, but write how hard it was for you to achieve this result. Use professional language and terminology. If because of some reason you cannot write your assignment, you should use the professional writing help. This will give you more time for other assignment and will help to fight procrastination.

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