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This kind of student paper is quite sophisticated and requires several structural elements. persuasive writing. First of all, you need to find out whether or not you need to use your personal thoughts and statements in the paper. This kind of assignment is usually made by teachers, so you should carefully look at the task. If there are any requirements for your personal opinion about this or that event or phenomenon, then you can, without doubt, write the persuasive paper.

However, if you are not sure about what the teacher waits for you, you should pay more attention to the task. If the task is only about how to protect some existing point of view, then you should write a usual argumentative essay. Technically, you also show your opinion in the argumentative essay. However, in this case, this is only your support of this or that existing opinion.

For example, in such controversial topic as “the death penalty”, there are two existing opinions – for and against it. If you are writing the essay about this topic, and want to make it argumentative, then you need to reflect arguments from both sides of the confrontation. Persuasive writingis very different. Here you don't show arguments for both sides. You just continuously develop your own point of view on some topic and try to convince the reader to the same point of view.

How to write persuasive essays

Before you will start writing the essay, it is very important to develop its structure in your head. In persuasive papers it is very important to take a stance from the very beginning. When you get an assignment, you need to give yourself some time to think over the topic. You should form your opinion here. Think about what side you will take in the dispute. Identify your prejudices also, because they can color your arguments. Here are the stages that you need to go through when writing the persuasive essay:
  • Take a stance on some topic, forming your opinion
  • Learn the audience. To successfully argue your point of view, you need to know with what your audience might agree, and with what – not
  • Research your topic thoroughly to provide detailed evidence. Without that it is difficult to disprove the opposing argument
  • Determine the order of evidence in your essay. The order is very important, because it will form the right reaction
  • Use hard facts to support your argument. Everything will be useful here – your personal experience, your observations or research. Use only verifiable statistics, because if you can back up the argument with data, it increases the value of the paper.

Useful topics for the persuasive writing

When you do the persuasive paper, the topic is usually already given by your teacher. In this case, you only need to develop it into your writing (like it was mentioned above). However, when you select the topic yourself, it is important to use the researchable topic. To get the topic that will be useful for the persuasive essay, ask yourself a question about a relevant topic that is on the agenda:
  • Should nuclear weapons be destroyed?
  • Should scholars study fewer years?
  • Should Palestine become independent
  • Should school athletes take drug tests like adults?
  • Should South America unite?
  • The United States did the right thing in Iraq?
  • Should the world society stop Iran from getting its nuclear weapon?
  • Should American families have the rule to limit population growth?

In persuasive writing, you can select any topic that might be interesting for the audience. Try to find something that is on the agenda, and this will give your essay more power.

Should nuclear weapons be destroyed?

Nowadays, nuclear weapons are mostly associated with the policy of the deterrence. In the most abstract form, deterrence consists in keeping an opponent from certain actions by threatening to inflict to him such damage that would exceed all the conceivable benefits from these actions. Military-political deterrence presupposes the prevention of an attack, or other force actions from the side of a potential adversary by presenting him with a threat of the retaliatory strike.

Deterrence is a form of political coercion when one subject compels another to perform certain actions or to refrain from them, threatening him in case of disobedience by punishment in the form of physical force. The range of punishment can be very wide - from applying "surgical strikes" to a limited number of enemy targets (for example, NATO's actions against Yugoslavia in 1999) to total war and the complete destruction of the opponent state.

The concept of deterrence has always been present in international relations. But only with the advent of nuclear weapons, it took center stage in world politics and, consequently, in the theory of international relations. In the pre-nuclear era, states could hope that with the help of their defensive means (army, navy, fortress walls, etc.) they can repel the enemy's attack and prevent critical damage to their own territory and population.

Rocket-nuclear weapons completely abolished this logic. Now, in order to inflict unacceptable damage on the opponent, there is no need to break his defense. A few dozen (or even just a few) nuclear missiles capable of hitting the largest cities and enemy centers are sufficient, so that the deterrence effectiveness is, if not 100%, then at least very high. Many experts say that only deterrence prevented war between the USSR and the USA and maintained relative stability in the period of bipolarity.

In order for the deterrence strategy to be effective, it is necessary to have the ability of a retaliatory nuclear strike. Thereby, states should have a nuclear missile arsenal, at least part of which will survive in the event of a hypothetical first strike by the enemy and can be used for retaliation. Even if several warheads have a chance to hit the enemy's administrative and industrial centers, this will be enough to stop a potential aggressor. Even states with little nuclear potential can successfully apply a containment strategy too much more powerful nuclear powers. Nuclear weapons will reduce the need to increase conventional weapons.

The calming effect of nuclear weapons lies in the fact that with its appearance the strategic significance of the territory has sharply decreased. Previously, the conquest of the territory was seen as an important measure to create a "security buffer" around the state. Now that nuclear missiles are the main guarantor of security, the incentives to expand territorial boundaries have weakened and thus one of the main historical causes of wars has been eliminated.

If people who are for the preservation of nuclear weapons development, in fact, the only central argument about the pacifying effect of nuclear deterrence, then the arguments of the opposite side of the dispute are more diverse. There are three main arguments here:
  • The very essence of deterrence implies the risk of the nuclear exchange
  • The nuclear missile strategic complexes of states are complex systems that, despite not all precautions are taken, are not immune to errors and failures caused either by technical reasons or by a human factor
  • The period of high risk arises when one of the states prepares to acquire nuclear potential.

The very essence of deterrence implies the risk of the nuclear exchange. Therefore, even from this point of view, the nuclear cataclysm cannot be completely ruled out. The opponents of nuclearization draw attention to the fact that the nuclear missile strategic complexes of states are complex systems that, despite not all precautions are taken, are not immune from errors and failures caused either by technical reasons or by a human factor.

The likelihood of such malfunctions increases during crises, when nuclear forces are brought into increased alertness. For example, an erroneous operation of a missile attack warning system may lead to the return of an order for a massive counter-attack. It is known that during the Cold War, the United States and the USSR were on the verge of such situations. The period of high risk arises when one of the states prepares to acquire nuclear potential.

In the early 1950s, Americans seriously thought about a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union, and in the early 1960s, China. The Soviet Union, in turn, was prepared to launch a preemptive strike against Chinese nuclear facilities in the late 1960s. Such preventive measures may well provoke a full-scale war using both conventional and nuclear forces.

The persuasive writing about the Death Penalty

Each state nowadays faces this dilemma: should the death penalty or the principles of humanism be applied as punishment for extra-heavy crimes? In this case, the society is divided into two groups, each of the groups has rather strong arguments. For many people, it is quite difficult to not agree with them. The main arguments of supporters of the use of the death penalty are:
  • The death penalty is a preventive measure, and its use makes it possible to prevent crimes
  • The economic expediency – the society does not consider it right to pay for the maintenance of the killer for life
  • The life imprisonment is not humane, in such sense, the death penalty is an act of humanism
  • Some part of the society believes that the punishment should be equal to the crime, many citizens consider it fair for the particularly serious crimes to be sentenced to the death penalty.
An alternative point of view also has its justification. Their point of view deserves no less attention, since this opinion is held by so many citizens. The main motives for opponents of the use of the death penalty are:
  • The judicial system is very imperfect, and therefore very often there are judicial mistakes, that lead to the probability of the death penalty of an innocent person
  • A contradiction with the international law, which protects the right of every person to live
  • Since murders and other serious crimes are committed often in a state of affect, the preventive effect of the death penalty is leveled
  • The argument is purely economic - the need to maintain a staff of employees whose duties include bringing the execution into effect, in fact, the society pays to the executioners.

Summing up, this is the following: the society is split into two halves. Each of the parties has enough sober arguments in favor of their point of view. What decision can and should be taken in this situation? Many countries have already decided to stop the legal practice of the death penalty. At the same time, some states in the US stay at the position that the death penalty for certain crimes should be in accordance with the law. Therefore, in such complex issues, the responsibility for making a decision rests on the state. And the society is obliged to accept and execute them because the leader of the state is their choice, they entrusted their lives to him consciously.

Why students order persuasive writing

Nowadays, students in college and university have to deal with a very stressful pressure. The tough schedule leads to the inability to meet all deadlines, with gives the sense of guilt. Many students are into the outdoor activities – on campus, on sports challenges, or on the part-time job. Thereby, in such tough schedule, the only way to meet deadlines is to use the outsourced help. Thereby, the reputable companies that offer qualitative writing services are very popular among learners.

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