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Only Qualified and Experienced Writers

Only Qualified and Experienced Writers

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Guaranteed Uniqueness of Papers

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Refund Policy

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Are you writing a research paper? Any problems? Then carefully read our tips, and you will understand that it is not difficult to write it independently if you follow certain rules. This research paper help guideline is designed for students who have already mastered the basics of research and for those students who are just beginning to take the first steps in science.

Academic research papers are written after in-depth research and analysis of the results. If you are concerned that a quality study will require your sweat and tears, we offer you this guide. Do not use conventional tools and methods because you will spend much time on studying the required or irrelevant literature, sorting it, writing a paper and revising it.

Main stages of research paper writing

The process of writing a research paper includes the following stages:
  • Diagnostic (selection of the topic, identification of the purpose and objectives of the research)
  • Prognostic (determination of the ways to solve the problem, the rationale for the relevance and novelty of the study)
  • organizational (collection of information, making of a list of references, processing, and systematization of the material, planning, writing research work, making conclusions, editing, predicting possible questions and answers, public speaking)

Choosing a topic and research writing rules

The initial stage of any research is the choice of the topic. This task is very important as the theme determines the entire course of work. The theme of the research paper should not be too broad or too narrow. However, you should keep in mind that the fewer words are in the title of the topic, the broader it is. Conversely, the more words in the title, the narrower the topic is.

There are basic requirements as to the selection of the topic for a research paper:
  • Relevance and novelty (argumentation of the need for research, the disclosure of the real need for the study of the topic; correspondence of the topic to the current state of a certain field of science)
  • Scientific character (correct use of terms, concepts, and statements)
  • Problematical character (the topic should be research oriented)
  • Accuracy (correspondence to the facts that objectively exist in science)
  • The uniqueness of the idea

Structure of a research paper

The next stage after the selecting the topic is related to the development of the structure of the research work. It is necessary to adhere it to the basic requirements. According to existing rules, the structure of research includes:
  • A title page
  • Content
  • Enumeration of symbols (if necessary)
  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
  • Annexes (if necessary)

In the introduction, you validate the choice of the research topic, substantiate its relevance and novelty, and state the purpose and objectives of the research. Novelty is nothing more than the identification of the research rate of the issue. In other words, it is necessary to show what has been done in this area by others, and what the author needs to do.

The aim of the research is the core direction of research activities it is what in a general sense you have to achieve after researching the issue. When setting some goals you have to answer the question «Why the research is conducted?"

Objectives are consistent steps that ensure the achievement of the goal. The objectives of the study specify the purpose; determine the main content of the work. Objectives are transformed into the names of sections (subsections). When identifying the tasks, it is recommended to use the following verbs: define, reveal, create, identify, develop, establish, argue, etc. it is Necessary to avoid the use of words such as study, analyze, consider, explore, etc., as they convey the process of achieving the goal

The common errors made while writing the objectives are the following:
  • The task is wider than the goal
  • The task is written in similar word as the goal
  • The tasks are set inconsistently
  • Too many tasks for a research paper

The main part of the research is divided into chapters, sections, and subsections, which present the analytical review of the materials on the topic, the analysis of certain scientific phenomena in the aspect of the problem under research. Frequently, an academic research work consists of two chapters: the first includes, as a rule, theoretical material, and the second part is practical. If the research problem is divided into relatively independent parts (sub problems or particular problems), the number of chapters may be larger. In this case, the first part includes theoretical material, and the second one studies each individual problem and may include both theoretical and practical material.

How to improve and manage research writing process

The following tips will help you optimize the writing process and spend much less effort and accordingly improve your results:
  • Clearly formulate the research topic. If you don't know what exactly you are looking for, you may end up taking the time to learn interesting but irrelevant facts. From the beginning, try to make a clear question for your research. Choose an extensive topic, do a quick preliminary study before you state a question. A good research question should be clear, significant and amenable to scientific research.
  • Use search engines for academic issues. If you want to conduct research online you should know what search engines are the best, choose the most convenient to you. In this way you save your time on the research itself. and
  • Data management. While you are doing research, it is very important to avoid the risk of getting lost in a pile of materials. If you find an article that you particularly like, save a link to it; otherwise, you may spend a lot of time trying to find it again thinking that it is the best resource you could have found for your own research paper. Use modern It software to save and sort out the information you have gathered.
  • Make the introduction convincing. Capture the reader's attention with surprising statistical data, uncommon facts, or quotes from outstanding people. The main part of the research work discusses the importance of a particular study. Get to the hearts of your readers by playing with different feelings like fears or selfishness.
  • Count the words. A basic requirement is to spend up to 10 percent of the total word amount on introduction and conclusion. So if you know the recommended number of words, you can make appropriate decisions regarding the number of words to be included in other sections.
  • Consider the objective of each section. The conclusion should briefly summarize the results of your research work. It should be written after your project is completed.
  • Cite your resources. Free online citation generators will be a good research paper help for you as you can avoid making mistakes.
  • Let your ideas flow. If you cannot make any progress in your research work at a certain point, try writing freely. Write in the manner as if you are talking to your fellow student and trying to explain him the main points of the reserarch. This can improve the flow of thought as well as logical reasoning.

What to write in research paper parts

When writing a research paper it is advisable to reflect the following aspects:
  • To define, clarify the terms and concepts used in the research
  • To present the main approaches to the problem under study, to reveal what is known on the subject in science, and what is not
  • To identify the functions and structure of the phenomenon under study
  • To list the features (factors, mechanisms, stages) and of the phenomenon under study.

Writing the main part of the research you should complete each section with a brief summary which will serve as a logical transition to subsequent sections. Depending on the topic, the structure of a chapter can be represented by several paragraphs.

The experimental chapter should include the rationale for the choice of the specific research methods; provide information about the research procedure and its stages. This chapter interprets the results with the respect to the key points of the study.

When the experimental data is analyzed, you should write a conclusion taking into the account the following rules:
  • A conclusion should be consistent with the objectives
  • A conclusion should briefly represent the result of this study, not new speculations and opinions.
  • A conclusion should be concise
  • A conclusion should not contain well-known evident facts

If for some reason you feel that your research paper is not as good as you expected, you may ask our agency for research paper help. Along with the consultancies and editing services, we deliver a variety of academic papers for students.

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