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A Great Team of Writers

A Great Team of Writers

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100% Plagiarism-Free

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Risk-Free Payments

Risk-Free Payments

When you obtain your paper, you should check it. In case, if there is something that you are not happy about, you can ask for free revisions. Your payment will be released after you are fully satisfied.

Satisfying Result

Satisfying Result

We aim at delivering only high-quality papers, and that is why your assignment will be completed by a professional author. The best quality is also ensured by offering free revisions.

Applicants in UC, in addition to the basic package of documents that testify to the education already received, must also submit a motivation letter on the basis of which the applicant can be assessed as a person. Therefore, the writing of such a letter is a very difficult and important task, the approach to the solution of which should be taken with all seriousness. Moreover, the motivation letter is written in compliance with certain rules. While a lot depends on such letter in a career of a student, it makes sense to use the professional writing help.

The algorithm of writing UC essays

The main task that an entrant should solve with motivation letter is to stand out among other applicants and attract attention. Roughly speaking, the entrant must sell himself to the college. In this case, it will be effective for you to follow these steps:
  • Study the requirements of a particular college for motivational writing
  • Draw up the structure of motivational writing
  • Write the text of the motivation letter
  • Check the motivation letter
  • Follow the classical structure of the UC essays.

What does the UC commission expect?

The admission committee wants to see a lively, dynamic, interesting and at the same time brief history of a promising young man. They ask such question to themselves:
  • What is their future student?
  • What does he want to achieve, what are his goals?
  • What can he give to the university and what can the university teach him?
Usually, the admission committee is supportive of the student if it sees the number of effective characteristics. Here are some of them, that you should include in your essay to paint your self-portrait:
  • Keen and interested – use the triggers here
  • Educated – work on the style and correctness, literacy letters, consistency, and logical narration
  • Academically prepared. For example, you can appropriately use narrowly specialized terms, mention profile achievements and successes, internships or working practices
  • Able to cope with difficult tasks. You should remember that if in your history there were moments of overcoming - they can become your main trump cards
  • Communicative, coming in contact with other students and teachers
  • With a strong potential - the commission ideally always seeks students who are able to glorify their university.

The main formats of the motivation letter

There can be a non-structured letter and an essay-interview, which answers to specific questions of the admissions committee. The first case allows you to present your best qualities, achievements and perspectives, interests and goals in a free form. At the same time, the second case gives you limits. You are limited to answers to brief questions on the merits. The first version there can be of three variants of writing UC essays:
  • Yesterday-today-tomorrow
  • I-you-we
  • What-why-for what purpose?
Yesterday-today-tomorrow writing is simple – you go from your past to your future:
  • "Yesterday": I have the experience, talents, and skills to study at your university in the chosen specialty
  • "Today": now I want to get the following knowledge for my personal and professional development
  • "Tomorrow": in the future, the program of your university will help me to achieve the following goals and career heights.
I-you-we scheme is quite similar, but it goes not from past to future, but from single to general:
  • "I": I have the following qualities, talents, abilities, interests, opportunities
  • "You": propose a program that fully meets my requirements, desires, abilities, goals, and ambitions
  • "We": my potential on the program of your faculty and university will be revealed as follows, will be effective for all parties.
When writing in the what-why-for what purpose scheme, this is the way of asking and answering questions:
  • What do I want to learn and learn?
  • Why do I want to study this, what goals do I pursue? Why did I choose this specialty, what is it so important for me?
  • What goals can I achieve by studying on this program, what do I expect from it?

Learn how to correctly format a letter

Be sure to consider the requirements of CA. The university can request different letters for each direction, ask to send exclusively hand-written versions. Be sure to check the official website of the university and thoroughly check all the requirements. The most interesting and winning facts that represent you in the best light, should be arranged in the beginning.

The first part of your letter helps to immediately interest the admissions committee and ensure that your application will be read to the end. Try to start a letter with the original trigger, your own expression or fact in your life - it's an excellent "catchy" thing that arouses a keen interest. Keep track of the consistency of your letter - you must gradually develop as a person in your text.

Use the division into small paragraphs: every essay for the UC should have an introduction, culmination, and denouement and be a small logical story. Avoid florid expressions, complex participial and adverbial spells - your written speech should be simple, accessible and understandable. Of course, this does not apply to the use of highly specialized terms: the appropriate and correct use of them will emphasize your level of knowledge and awareness, interest in the profession

At the end of the letter, in its conclusion do not forget to sum up the essay and summarize the information submitted. Don’t forget to express your hope for a positive decision and further productive cooperation. Your letter should evoke a pleasant "aftertaste" and leave a good, positive impression of you as a potential student in the UC.

How to stop postponing the writing process

Procrastination - the propensity to constantly postpone the affairs, is quite popular among student. It is fixed at the level of habit. Unlike laziness, where a person does not perform a job and does not worry about this, there is a serious concern with procrastination in the situation that often turns into stress. The main problem is that, even in spite of all the experiences, the important matters under pressure of self-justification give way to insignificant and comfortable tasks.

As a result of the stress and self-flagellation gain new strength. Although procrastination as a phenomenon has been known since ancient times, its causes are still not precisely defined. There are many special theories, each of which attempts to shed light on this phenomenon and to disassemble it in detail. But, unfortunately, none of them ever became universally recognized.

Today the six theories about the causes of origin, development, and rooting of procrastination are the most popular. The main theses in each of them are convincing in their own way, but the most holistic picture, in the end, is obtained through their combination among themselves.

How to deal with procrastination?

This is a psychological problem, the solution of which must be approached from a scientific point of view. The reasons for procrastination:
  • Fear not to cope. A person who is not confident in their own abilities and capabilities, begins to seem unrealizable and unbearable the forthcoming business
  • Perfectionism. A person is stuck in one of the first stages of work, trying to bring it to perfection, and then the matter does not move
  • Unloved occupation. Your inner world resists external circumstances, and this translates into an unwillingness to take up work
  • Lack of motivation. You need to understand the purpose of the work
  • Adrenaline dependence. Many simply cannot work quietly and do everything in advance
  • Fatigue. It is useful sometimes to arrange a day off, and with new strength the work will go faster.

Before starting the treatment of procrastination, you need to get rid of the source of the problem. If you think that you are quite capable of defeating it yourself, there are several ways to bit the procrastination. With procrastination, it is necessary to fight, but not to let things go by themselves. And although there are several reasons for its occurrence, you may have some of your factors and ways of treating procrastination. It is possible that the awareness of what prevents you from engaging in important affairs will provide a powerful incentive for further work.

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