How to avoid depression and stress when I write my dissertation?

The dissertation is an academic paper that requires serious efforts during writing. Many students do it during the tough period in college and feel the lack of time. Thereby, some students feel stress or even get depressed. There are two main ways of how to avoid stress – to plan your time effectively, or to ask for a professional help. If you want to get the professional help, you can just place the request in Google - write my dissertation online. To plan your time effectively, you need:
  • Split your main task into smaller assignments
  • Identify your actions not connected to the assignment
  • Plan all your actions on the schedule
  • Schedule breaks for rest
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
  • Identify the reasons for procrastination to fight it.

It is very important to plan your activities in a proper way, otherwise, you can start procrastinating. The other bad thing that can happen because of the lack of planning – the chronic fatigue.

Don’t let yourself into the chronic fatigue

One of the problems that students can face in college is the chronic fatigue. This is a phenomenon when relaxations don't return the full charge to the body. Usually this is the phenomenon of people after thirty, however, students also can face some manifestations of this. If we talk about the causes of chronic fatigue, we can distinguish the following:
  • You are constantly overexerted or in a state of stress
  • You have weakened immunity and weak nervous system
  • Blood pressure is lowered
  • Hormonal problems, the energy balance in the body is disturbed.

Luckily, you can and should fight chronic fatigue. It is recommended to consult a psychologist and undergo a medical examination to identify the cause of permanent fatigue. It is most likely, that you have no chronic fatigue, and this is just a usual fatigue, but it is better to check this to make sure. I will do that when I will write my dissertation, to make sure that everything will be performing at the maximum level of effectiveness.

How to fight chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue is based on the both physical and mental level. To fight it, you need to go through these steps:
  • Release the body from the ballast of harmful substances
  • Eliminate products that cause stress, anxious thoughts, and depression
  • Do not accumulate nervous tension in yourself
  • Rest more qualitative, and what is more important – regularly (I do that when I write my dissertation)
  • Follow a set of rules that help to stabilize and strengthen the nervous system
  • Strengthen your health.

Give a chance to your nervous system to relax

Do not accumulate nervous tension in yourself and do not allow blood and lymph stagnation. To avoid this, you need to do some sports that deliver physical and psychological pleasure - dancing, gymnastics, shaping, swimming. The main thing is that the classes should be regular and without excessive workload. In this case, they will constantly activate many systems, including excretory, due to which the body is released from toxins and other harmful substances. A large cluster of them affects the work of the nervous system and eventually leads to chronic fatigue. It is surprising, but sports helped to write my dissertation.

Eat healthy food

Pay more attention to your nutrition. Eliminate products that cause stress, anxious thoughts, and depression. These include refined sugar, cereals, and products from white flour. This is also bout semi-finished products, confectionery, sweet fizzy drinks and packaged juices. Instead, you should fill your menu with vegetable salads and broths, greens, fruit and berry desserts and natural juices, as well as nuts, pumpkin seeds, gray bread, honey, milk and cottage cheese. In addition, take vitamins twice a year. Their deficiency is one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Walk in beautiful places

To help your mental side to relax, contact nature more often because it helps to relieve tension. Go out of town in the deserted, but picturesque places. Rest among the trees. They absorb the negative that comes from the person and replace it with their positive energy. In addition, contemplate any beautiful things, listen to your favorite music, read, watch humorous programs. To achieve harmony of the body with the environment, you can engage in yoga, auto-training, and meditation. They perfectly eliminate chronic fatigue, improve the emotional state and give physical strength. But to achieve the desired result, conduct the first lessons with an experienced instructor.

Get rid of the toxins

To get rid of chronic fatigue, it is necessary, first of all, to release the body from the ballast of harmful substances. Try to help the body to independently remove toxins and salts, for which regularly visit the bath. The other method, that not all the people can allow – is to 24 hours a week completely refrain from any food. Within such day only water or juices excepted and this helps get rid of toxins. It sounds crazy, but in such days it is even easier to write my dissertation.

Because chronic fatigue often generates a depletion of the nervous system, follow a set of rules that help stabilize and strengthen it. Get up early in the morning. And to facilitate waking up, instead of the alarm clock, set the timer to activate energetic music. To charge vivacity, take a contrast shower or do a wiping with cold water. To not get ready in the morning in a hurry, prepare everything you need from the evening. Plan your day in advance and do not neglect the diary entries. Do not let doubting or depressed people enter your circle of friends. When I work, it helps to avoid most of the stresses.

Improve your health

Strengthen your health, because with good immunity, many viruses, including those causing chronic fatigue, are able to coexist for years with the person, without causing him any harm. And to increase the energy potential, eat healthy food, take moderate sun baths, walk in the fresh air, get enough sleep, please yourself with a massage, visit pleasant places. If you will stick to these rules within a few months, it will imperceptibly relieve the chronic fatigue. And only not having received a positive result, you can see a doctor. However, the above tips usually help students. If nothing helps, you can always ask for professional writing help.

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