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Quick Results

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The research paper is really one of the most complicated tasks, that students perform in college. The main difficulty here is that during this task you don't actually know what result of the research you will get. This task needs a lot of creativity. Sometimes it is a very time-consuming task, so it is really hard to do it on the tough schedule. Thereby, many students decide to ask professional writers to help. Anyway, if you are going to write your paper yourself, you should go through these steps:
  • Understand your deadline and make a time outline for your research
  • Decide on the topic of the research
  • Learn the background of the topic
  • Make the plan of the research
  • Make the research
  • Do the first draft
  • Do the editing
  • Make the final draft.

It is very important to coordinate the topic with the teacher. If you don't have enough time or knowledge to make you research yourself, you can ask someone to help. This can be your friend or professional online writing service.

The difference between the research paper and the project writing

First, briefly: research is an activity whose purpose is to obtain fundamentally new knowledge based on logical inferences based on concrete facts. If instead of gaining new knowledge, your goal is to achieve a previously known result in accordance with a previously known technique, then there is a great chance that instead of research you will get a project. It is really important to understand it in both cases – when you do it yourself, or when you ask for professional writing help. If I need to write my research paper, I always remember the difference between this and the other kinds of writing.

If you draw your own conclusions not from actual data, but from existing opinions of other authors, then, probably, you will write an abstract essay. If you do not rely on a rigorous system of evidence, but express your own ideas and assumptions, then you will get something like an essay for sure.Most often, the research is confused with the project. The reason for this was largely the term "project and research activities". This often leads manystudents to assume that the project and research are almost the same things. In any case, these are the two sides of the same process.

The project writing and research paper very often coexist, but these are different activities. In fact, these different activities often complement each other. For example, a graduate of the Faculty of IT in economic college in his graduation work develops a mobile application for a grocery store. The very development of the application is purely a project activity. But for the qualification work of a specialist with a higher education, programming skills is not enough. Therefore, first the student will need to do such steps:
  • Conduct research
  • Determine the needs of the store
  • Highlight information flows
  • Identify weaknesses that require automation
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of existing programs.

This research becomes the basis of development, and in combination it allows you to test both the research skills and the project skills of the future specialist. In practice, this kind of work is often done by different people. The research is usually carried out by the company's analysts, while the project order is transferred as a technical task to the software company. Thus, research and project can be carried out both together and separately. When Iwrite my research paper, I always try to understand the difference between the research paper writing and the other academic papers.

How to get professional help towrite my research paper

It is quite easy to place an order to get the research paper online, at least it looks so at first. However, it is not so easy, if you don’t know the reputable writing service. If you will try the first one in the list, it may cause not effective result for you. If you want to get the qualitative research paper, you should look for the reputable writing company. Here are the steps that will help you to find the good one:
  • Ask students from your college about the writing services that they use
  • Go through some writing services and read the reviews and comments
  • Read the articles about the best writing services
  • Try to eliminate fake articles, comments, and reviews
  • Make your top five of the writing services accordingly to three sources of information
  • Learn about services of every company on the list
  • Select the best one for you.

It is also very important to read the comments on the website and look through their price policy. It is also important to see the revision policy. If the company offers a few free revisions, it will be quite useful.

Important differences between project writing and research paper

When you do the project, the final result is well known in advance, it cannot be otherwise. At the same time, the purpose of the research is to find new, unknown knowledge. For example, the schoolchild decided that to solve the problem of organizing leisure activities for young people in his city, it is necessary to create a youth music club and develop his business project. In this case, this will be a typical project activity. The researcher would at first ask himself: what kind of infrastructure is the most needed for young people in the city? Perhaps this is not a club, but a sports place, a tourist association or a swimming pool.

The project, as a rule, consists in solving a specific problem according to a well-known and well-formalized methodology. The research involves scientific creativity and scientific search. Even if you used well-known methods with processing and comprehension of the results you will still be independent. Think about the main conclusion you can draw from the results at the end of the research. If words are like this - "the work is done in accordance with the plan, the result is achieved" - it is totally a project. If in conclusion, you can say "as a result of the work, I received the following new knowledge about the object..." - this is a research for sure.

If you will think about how to present your research paper, you should understand that this is a totally special field. For the competition of business projects, it is better to submit the text with the maximum allocated project part. At the same time, to the research writing, it is totally different. For example, if this is a competition or the conference of young scientists – than in the paper the project part should be compressed to a minimum or even moved to the annex. When I write my research paper or order it in the online writing service, I always this about the way of how I will present it.

The structure of the research paper

The presentation of the materials of the research should open such structure:
  • Definition of the topic (problem) and its connection with practical tasks
  • Analysis of new works on the chosen problem
  • Identification of aspects that need to be addressed
  • Formation of research objectives
  • The main part of the research
  • Conclusions.

The difference between the essay and the research paper

The essay treats literary, philosophical, social and other problems not in a systematic scientific form, but in a free form. This sufficiently capacious definition accurately outlines the main differences of the essay from the research paper. However, there are attempts to give the essay the form of research work due to formal signs: the formulation of the goal, tasks, the object of research, etc. But such methods do not change the essence of the work in any way.

The difference between research writing and essay writing is not in the formal structure but in the nature of the argumentation. Research findings should be based on concrete facts and logical conclusions drawn from them. At the same time, the author of the essay can afford free argumentation or even not reasoned personal assumptions and forecasts. An essay is an unsuitable form for scientific work, it can hardly be represented at scientific competitions and conferences.

The main mistake I should avoid when I write my research paper:
  • Use of outdated information
  • The article does not disclose the scientific problem
  • The abundance of scientific and publicist reasoning
  • The weak argumentation of the facts;
  • Incomplete or incorrect description of the research
  • The article is politically biased or with advertising overtones
  • Disagreement with individual scientific facts, theories, hypotheses without substantiating their position
  • The absence of quotations from the works of well-known, authoritative scientists
  • Use of outdated terminology
  • The use of outdated literature
  • The list of sources includes the works of the author himself
  • The inconsistency of the main part and conclusions with the introductory theses
  • The article is not an author's study, but only re-written data from other sources
  • The content of the article does not correspond to the direction of the research.

As you can see, there are many mistakes to avoid. It is not surprising, because the research paper is one of the most complicated tasks that students perform in college. If you want to avoid stresses connected to such assignment, it is better to ask for professional writing help.

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